5 Best Sunjoy 10×12 Gazebo To Buy in 2022 (with Pictures)

Sunjoy 10X12 Gazebo

Last Updated on February 25, 2022

Nothing can be more comfortable and spacious like a gazebo. And when it comes to comfort, you seek a beautiful gazebo which is large enough to shade more number of persons. So here we are with one of the best brands which make strong and durable products. The sunjoy 10×12 gazebo collection below will definitely make your outdoor look beautiful. And apart from that, the quality construction lasts for years and years.

Before beginning with our best gazebo 10×12 reviews let us answer why we are focusing on this brand. Sunjoy is well known for its outstanding products especially for outdoors. And when it comes to patio gazebo, they perform all quality test before delivering the item. Plus the replacement parts are very easily available. Therefore, which made us write a review particularly on sunjoy 10×12 gazebo.

Here is 5 Best Sunjoy Gazebo 10 X 12

Product Type Price
Sunjoy 10×12 Chatham Steel Hardtop View On Amazon
Sunjoy L-GZ401PCO-1D Two-Tier Hardtop View On Amazon
Sunjoy L-GZ798PST-E Mosquito Netting View On Amazon
Sunjoy L-GZ815PST Canopy View On Amazon
Sunjoy L-GZ215PST-5B Soft Top View On Amazon
Sunjoy 10×12 Monterey Double Canopy View On Amazon

1. Sunjoy 10 x 12 Chatham Steel Hardtop Gazebo

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First, on the list, we have an extremely beautiful Chatham gazebo. If the price is not a barrier and you want a product which can last for years with very low maintenance, then here’s a perfect model. This 10×12 hardtop gazebo is strong and long-lasting. As a result, the hard rooftop can easily withstand strong winds or thunderstorms. Now, this feature is really beneficial for the people who live in areas with a frequent encounter of high winds.

The powder coating on the steel body of this sunjoy 10×12 gazebo prevents it from rusting, corrosion and chipping. Also, the presence of vent at the roof ensures airflow beneath the space is proper. Hence, it ultimately helps to maintain cozy temperature by throwing off warm air.

Speaking of its assembly, all the parts are easy to assemble on your own. But if you wish to speed up the work, ask your friends for help. Proper wrapping of all parts ensures no piece gets damages during shipping. Furthermore, you can also nail the unit down in your backyard. This, in turn, gives extra strength and keeps the 10×12 gazebo stable. Besides that, the four support post consists of ‘L-shape’ brackets. These brackets are useful if you wish to install gazebo on deck.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Can withstand all seasons
  • All the parts come in a single box and properly packed
  • Easy to assemble the unit by yourself
  • Includes mosquito netting on all four sides


  • Expensive
Key Features
  • 9.9 ft tall
  • Hardtop steel roof
  • Single wind vent
  • Powder-coating on all ports
  • Weights 412 pounds

If you are looking for a durable patio gazebo then this is the best choice. It will last long for several years. Spending money in the right product is the smart buyer sign. Don’t buy cheap outdoor gazebos which you will have to change every year. This Sunjoy model is the best in its class and value for money.

2. Sunjoy 12′ x 10’Two-Tier Hardtop Gazebo – Matt Black Poles

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The matt black poles of this sunjoy 10×12 gazebo will definitely earn you tons of compliments. This model is especially for people who love to spend most of their time outdoors. The benefit of choosing matt color over the shiny one is, rusting and chipping occurs slow. Also, it makes the outdoors look more beautiful and you can easily fit any color furniture.

Similar to the previous product, this 10×12 gazebo canopy has hard-top. This two-tier hardtop canopy protects you against harmful UV rays. In addition, the wind vent at the top maintains proper airflow inside the shade. This, in turn, keeps the temperature inside the gazebo cool and comfortable.

Strong steel and aluminium construction along with rust-resistant powder coated finish makes the unit weather-resistant. Therefore, it means you can enjoy the cool shade in all seasons irrespective of the weather. Besides that, it features a hook in the center of the canopy wherein you can hang the light. Plus the criss-cross design at the wind vent makes the whole unit look more attractive. Thus, a perfect product to shade people during the daytime and BBQ dinner party.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Matt black finish gives an amazing look to the entire unit
  • A rich amount of protection against UV rays because of two-tier poly-carbonate top
  • The instruction manual is easy to follow which makes assembly of the parts easy
  • Hook in the center is convenient to hang a LED lantern or light
  • Comes with anchors to make it stand onto a concrete patio


  • It does not come with mosquito netting
  • No rail to hang curtains
Key Features
  • About 10 ft tall
  • Two-tier hardtop canopy
  • Single wind vent
  • Powder-coated aluminium and steel frames
  • Weights 357 pounds

Buying a hardtop outdoor gazebo can be a smart buy as it will protect the tent head from falling apart. It is another value for money product that you can buy with confidence.

3. Sunjoy L-GZ798PST-E Regency II Gazebo with Mosquito Netting – Under $300

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Mosquito outbreak is common in areas receiving a good amount of rainfall. And these tiny creatures make it hard to spend time outdoors. So next on the list is the most purchased product on the Amazon. This sunjoy 10×12 gazebo with mosquito netting is exactly what you need to save yourself from itchy bites.

The beautiful 10×12 canvas gazebo includes plant rings at the corners. This, in turn, helps to stabilize the gazebo. Also, it makes the unit look gorgeous. Furthermore, it also consists of corner shelves wherein you can place small plants. And at the center hook, you can hang light or fan. Thus, all these features contribute to making gazebo more comfortable to spend time in.

In order to maintain proper air circulation beneath the canopy, the unit consists of dual wind vent. Except for maintaining proper airflow, the double wind vent also increases the stability of the product. Therefore, the unit remains firm during heavy winds and rainfall. Conclusively, this is the best product in budget having an expensive look.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Includes mosquito netting on all fours sides
  • To enhance the beauty of the unit it includes plant rings, corner shelves and a center hook
  • Water and fire resistant canvas canopy
  • It hardly requires 30-35 minutes to put all parts together


  • Lightweight of this product cannot withstand extreme winds (hurricane)
  • Does not include privacy curtains
Key Features
  • The total height of 8 feet 7 inch
  • 100% polyester canopy
  • Rust-resistant steel frame
  • Double wind vent
  • Weights 95 pounds

This is one of the best gazebo with mosquito netting that you can buy on discount right now. It is very affordable and we call it one of the cheap sunjoy gazebo that you can get under $300.

4. Sunjoy 12′ x 10′ Sonoma Wicker Gazebo – Large Size Brown/Gold Trim

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If you love spending time outdoors and need your private space then this product will amaze you with its features. This sunjoy 10×12 gazebo with privacy curtain allows you to enjoy the time in your backyard in solitude. Apart from that, privacy curtains protect you from bright sunlight during the day. As a result, the temperature inside the shade remains cool during the daytime.

The benefit of having gazebo increases when it comes with privacy curtains and mosquito netting. And in order to give you full comfort, this sunjoy 12×10 gazebo offers you both curtain and bug net. While the privacy curtain allows you to enjoy the lone time, the netting inside keeps the mosquitoes and bugs away.

The open-weave rattan design makes the product look more attractive. It easily mixes with any brown color outdoor furniture. Besides that, robust construction with a powder-coated finish on the frames resists fraying, rusting and peeling. Thus, making it one the best 10×12 gazebo having a privacy curtain and mosquito netting.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Includes privacy curtain, netting and ground stakes
  • Low maintenance design
  • Built-in hook underneath the center of canopy wherein you can hang light or fan


  • Not suitable to use during rainy season or snowfall
Key Features
  • 77.04 inches tall
  • 100% polyester material of canopy
  • Durable steel construction
  • Dual curtain rods
  • 2-tiered domed top
  • Item weights 124.6 pounds

Beautifully design with netting and private curtains this is the best backyard renovation investment you will make.

5. Sunjoy L-GZ215PST-5B 10 x 12 Hampton Gazebo with Mosquito Netting & Privacy Panels

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Our best 12×10 gazebo list ends with this sunjoy soft top gazebo. Again this sunjoy 12×10 gazebo includes mosquito netting and privacy curtain. Both of which are essential if you live in an area with frequent mosquito outbreak and need some private space. Apart from that, it consists of a ground stake which adds more strength to the product. Thus, prevents the unit from getting collapsed due to a sudden breeze.

Speaking of its interior, it contains a hook at the center just underneath the canopy. Use the hook to hang fan or light to make the interior cozier. On the downside, the support bars at the top are not strong enough. But on a positive note, the double roof construction provides maximum airflow ensuring heat escapes from the shade. Also, the fire retardant coating onto the canopy material prevents fire accidents to a certain extent.

Assembly of the product needs a lot of patience. You might need 2-3 persons to help to put all the parts together. Also, the process is a little time-consuming. But when you will finish with the assembly, you will end up with a magnificent looking shade. In case the canopy gets damage during assembly, you can easily order gazebo replacement canopy of 10×12 online. Plus all other replacement parts are also easily available.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Comes with mosquito netting and 4 privacy panels
  • Includes ground stakes and center light hook
  • Fire-retardant canopy coating
  • Grommets for water-relief


  • Do not stretch canopy as it can cause small pin-type holes in it
  • Difficult to put together all by yourself
Key Features
  • 9’6” peak height
  • Double roof construction
  • Weather-resistant coating
  • Rust-resistant powder-coated steel frame
  • Weights 130 pounds

With the added privacy panel, you can have your own modern tent with all amenities to enjoy nature at its best.

6. Sunjoy 10′ x 12′ Monterey Gazebo with Netting, Gray with Black

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Updating our 10×12 Sunjoy gazebo list with this all-new popular Sunjoy Monterey Gazebo with mosquito netting to help you keep insects, bugs, garden flies, and mosquitoes out from the interior.

It is a beautiful soft-top gazebo with the curved metal pattern on each of its corner pillars. Such improvement gives it an amazing upscale look. Thanks to the NEW AIM system design you can assemble this Sunjoy gazebo in just few minutes.

To keep the interior ventilated the soft-top canopy provides some well-placed air vents to maintain air circulation while saving you from harmful UV rays. This Sunjoy 10′ x 12′ Monterey Gazebo is perfectly designed to withstand windy conditions. However, remove the canopy your area experience heavy snowfall.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Quality mosquito netting for bug-free environment
  • Sturdy, safe, steel construction for durability
  • Ventilated soft-top canopy
  • Easy assembly
  • Metal grommets
  • Low-maintenance design
  • One year warranty


  • Have to give special care when snowing
Key Features
  • Full-sided Mosquito netting
  • Size: 10′ x 12′
  • Modern design
  • Durable steel construction
  • Dimensions 8 x 22 x 80 inches
  • Weight 93 pounds
  • 12-month limited manufacturer’s warranty

Modern design with four-side netted curtains that provide privacy. It makes a great outdoor place for a family get together, dine, friends over, and relaxed conversation.

If you like to decorate your garden or backyard with outdoor furniture, then try some patio umbrella and bistro sets to complement your outdoor gazebo.

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Buyer’s Guide

Why Choose Sunjoy Gazebo?

Choosing the right gazebo is always tough as you have to consider lots of features. Sunjoy is the name which is reliable due to its high-quality products. Here are some of the features that you will get in this gazebo brand.

Material Quality: With the brand name sunjoy, you do not need to worry about the quality. They thoroughly pay attention to quality by performing various tests before making it available for the public. Especially the frames on which the whole unit rely is built using sturdy steel or aluminum. Sunjoy’s hardtop gazebo 10×12 in size delivers excellent performance for years and years. All this is because they make use of quality materials.

Netting Feature: This is certainly an important factor while choosing a gazebo. Netting is important in order to keep tiny deadly creatures from entering shade, especially during rainy season. And sunjoy offers mosquito netting as well as privacy curtain on most of the products. Even in our best 12×10 gazebo list, 3 products includes netting. And rest 2 products have the option to include the same.

Amazing Gazebo Design: As you can see in the best 10×12 gazebo review list, sunjoy offers spectacular gazebo designs. Be it hardtop or soft-top, all you get is an amazing looking unit. Also, some of the products consist of corner shelves to enhance the interior beauty of the shade. In the end, all you will get is tons of compliments from your guest because of the great looking unit.

Multiple Size Option: Sunjoy gazebos are available in many different sizes apart from 10×12. They also include sizes like 10×10, 8×12, 8×10, 12×16 and many more. Thus, you have a wide range of options to select from.

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