Top 9 Best Portable Dishwasher Reviews 2020 (Portable + Countertop)

Imagine all your dirty dishes and cutlery getting clean while you rest, watch tv or do your favorite activity. Sounds so relaxing right? But it is really possible to make this dream come true by getting yourself a best dishwasher. And to help you in search of your best model, we present you best of the best portable dishwashers on amazon. The reason why we specially wrote about portable and countertop dishwashers is because of their low price. Not only they are cheap but they deliver excellent performance and posses capacity to clean good amount of dishes.

Another benefit of buying a portable dishwasher is its ability to shift it from one place to another. Especially if you own a RV, a portable dishwasher will literally benefit you. Also compact size and light weight of portable units makes them great choice for small spaces. People living in dorms or small apartments always select devices which are mini and powerful which is very obvious. And just like big homeowners, they also seek a device which reduce their work effort and provide excellent result. And to ease you work in finding a best dishwasher, we present the best portable countertop dishwashers of 2020.

List of Best Portable Countertop Dishwasher of 2020

ModelRack SpaceFeaturePrice
hOmeLabs HME010033N6 Place Setting RackPortable + Mini Size
SPT SD-2202S6 standard placeDelay Start
EdgeStar DWP62SVSix (6) Rack CapacityEnergy Star Rated
Danby DDW621WDB6 place settingVery Portable
DELLA 032-DW-626SL1 rack - 6 setting6 Washer Cycles
SPT SD-2225DWStandard RackStand Alone
Magic Chef MCSCD6W36 place settingCheap
Koldfront PDW60EB6 place capacityEasy Drainage
BLACK+DECKER BCD6W6 Place SettingHigh Efficiency

1. hOmeLabs Compact Countertop Dishwasher – Best Portable Mini Dishwasher in Stainless Steel Interior

hOmeLabs Compact Countertop Dishwasher

Stainless steel interior of this portable countertop dishwasher makes it stand #1 on our best dishwasher review list. Compact size of this unit needs less storage space as well as easily fits on countertop. Along with dish basket it comprises of a cutlery section wherein you can put spoons, knives and forks. Not only that, it also consists a section specially to place mugs and glasses. Therefore, despite being a small portable dishwasher it posses great holding capacity. All you need to do is, place all your dirty dishes, bowls and cutlery in appropriate racks and let this powerful portable dishwasher do its work.

This small unit comes with 6 wash cycle options, each of which is for different dish-washing needs. Therefore, choose from heavy, normal, eco, glass or select speed of rinsing. Apart from that, this small portable dishwasher have an option to postpone wash cycle. Simply press the delay button present on top panel of the unit to pause the cycle. Besides that, it uses 1.14 to 3.30 liters of water depending upon the mode you choose. Also it is not necessary to connect this portable dishwasher with hot water hook-up as the unit heats water itself.

As a courtesy, HomeLabs unit provides a male/female thread connector for hassle-free connection. Other accessories includes a inlet and drain hose and a faucet adapter which is compatible with round-shaped water outlet. Thus, water connection becomes breeze if you have a round-shape faucet outlet with removable aerators. Other than that, it features a rinse aid dispenser which helps to dry plates and mugs without leaving marks. To get best result every time, only make use of rinse aids made for automatic devices. Not only it provides brilliant output but cause less harm to your portable countertop dishwasher.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Best seller product on amazon and decently priced
  • Small, attractive looking unit with LED display
  • On completion of cycle, the buzzer will sound for 8 seconds in order to inform you about same
  • Option to pause cycle for later washing
  • Sturdy stainless steel interior remains intact for long time as well as elongates device’s life
  • The unit comes along with many accessories so that you can connect it easily with standard faucet
  • 6 wash cycle options cleans dishes excellently while leaving good shine


  • You need to attend dishwasher once the cycle is over
Key Features
  • 6 wash cycle options
  • LED display
  • 6 standard place setting capacity
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Includes inlet and drain hose
  • Rinse aid dispenser
  • Weights 44.1 pounds
  • 2-year limited warranty

2. SPT SD-2202S Countertop Dishwasher – Faucet Adapter Included

SPT SD-2202S Countertop Dishwasher with Delay Start

Again we present you a small portable dishwasher with stainless steel interior from spt. Similar to above product, this SPT SD 2202s countertop dishwasher provides 6 wash cycle options. You can choose from heavy, normal, light, glass, soak and set speed of the jet. And from options itself it becomes clear what option to set for very dirty to mildly dirty plates. But if you’re a first time buyer, then do not worry as SPT portable dishwasher comes with a user manual. This user manual contains information about different washing cycles so that you can flawlessly operate device. Thus, making it best portable dishwasher for first time buyers.

The SPT SD 2202s consists of a knob, using which you can set wash cycle. Whereas, a simple button is present to turn the device on/off or delay washing time. Further, it features a delay start of 2,4,6 and 8 hours for user convenience. A led light indicates the timer setting. Similarly, another led light turns on during absence of water inlet. And up to 6 standard place setting capacity is enough for small to medium size family. Therefore, easy operation and descent capacity makes it best dishwasher for small family.

Quiet working is one another attractive feature of this SPT portable dishwasher. Apart from silent operation, the unit is small in size which makes it perfect to place on countertop. Also, the device comes with faucet adapter for quick and simple connection. Furthermore, no permanent plumbing is necessary with this unit. This in turn, makes it a best dishwasher for RV’s, dorms and small apartments.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Compact size of unit easily fits on countertop as well as makes it ideal for RV
  • Best model for beginners because of its simple controls
  • Comes with a faucet adapter for easy connections as well as works without permanent plumbing
  • For user convenience, the unit offers up to 8 hours of delay start
  • Durable stainless steel interior ensure performance of the device remains intact for years
  • Maximum water consumption of the unit ranges in between 0.66 to 3.83 gallons depending upon mode


  • Little expensive (but worth every penny)
  • Cycles are long especially when you choose Econ mode
Key Features
  • 6 wash cycles
  • Up to 8 hours delay start
  • Includes a faucet adapter
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Knob to set wash cycle
  • Up to 6 standard place setting capacity
  • 1-year warranty

3. EdgeStar DWP62SV Energy Star Rated Portable Countertop Dishwasher

EdgeStar DWP62SV 6 Place Setting Energy Star Rated Portable Countertop Dishwasher

Washing plates automatically become much more relaxing if a portable dishwasher can fit plates of good diameter. And this EdgeStar portable countertop dishwasher has the capacity to hold plates up to 10.5 inches in diameter. Hence, this quality of EdgeStar made it rapidly popular in the industry. Along with a great space for dishes, it also consists of different sections for cutlery and mugs. Overall, it provides 6 standard place setting capacity which is enough to clean a good quantity of dining accessories. And similar to the above products, this unit also has a sturdy stainless steel interior which will last for years. Apart from that, EdgeStar portable countertop dishwasher is available in 3 different colors. Thus, you can choose the color from black, white and silver according to your kitchen background.

Its 7 wash cycle options make this portable countertop dishwasher different from the majority of the models. While 7 modes help in perfect washing, built-in rinse agent dispenser reduces spotting on dishes. Moreover, an internal water heater in combination with a powerful spray arm kills bacteria and germs present on items. This internal heater has the capacity to boost water temperature up to 149 degrees Fahrenheit. So one thing you surely get on using this EdgeStar portable countertop dishwasher is hygienic and sparkling clean plates.

This EdgeStar model comes with a quick connect faucet adapter and 5-foot long hose to ease hook-up. In addition, low-profile of this countertop dishwasher easily fits under most cabinetry without the need of permanent installation. Plus, the water consumption rate stands at 2.85 gallons on normal mode. Besides, the unit uses 200 kW per year which is 61% less than that of other similar models. So conclusively, it is the best energy-efficient portable dishwasher on the review list.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • The unit provides a total of 7 modes which is more than the majority of models.
  • Apart from being energy-efficient, the device consumes less water which makes it best dishwasher for the money
  • Plate holding capacity of 10.5 inches in diameter makes dish-washing easier
  • A powerful spray arm ensures a deep and thorough cleaning of all your dirty dishes
  • It comes with an in-built water heater which helps to kill germs and bacteria present on the items
  • It comes with a drain hose which you would simply place in the sink for it to drain
  • You get 3 different color options to choose from


  • You might have to rub dry clothes on dishes (sometimes)
  • Difficulties during hook-up
Key Features
  • 7 wash cycles
  • Digital display
  • 6 standard placing capacity
  • Stainless steel interior
  • In-built heating element
  • 52.3 dB noise level
  • Includes a faucet adapter
  • 1-year warranty

4. Danby DDW621WDB Portable Countertop Dishwasher – Best Customer Review


Danby DDW621WDB Countertop Dishwasher

A small portable dishwasher with a great plate holding capacity reduces so much effort. So we present you Danby portable dishwasher which is compact in size but can clean so many items in one go. One of the benefits of owning such a model is, you do not have to refill the device multiple times. This, in turn, saves water as well as cuts down the cost of electricity. As a result, you save a lot of money while getting a good amount of sparkling clean dishes in a single wash. Furthermore, Danby portable dishwasher includes an option of intensive mode. In case, your plates are too oily or sticky, select this mode and wait for the cycle to complete. In the end, all you will get is a smooth, sparkling and hygienic plate with no trace of oil.

Just like most of the models, this Danby portable dishwasher also offers 6 wash and place setting options. In addition to that, it also consists of a silverware basket wherein you can place items such as forks, spoons, knives, etc. This silverware basket along with great item placing capacity makes it the best dishwasher for medium to large size family. Besides, do not worry about water wastage with this compact unit. It will automatically turn off the water supply even when the device is working. However, you should always maintain the habit of turning off the water inlet in order to increase the life span of the dishwasher.

Now you might wonder, this portable dishwasher would be expensive as it offers so many features. But surprisingly, it costs relatively low as well as it is easy to hook-up to any tap in your kitchen. Once you set up the device, it is very easy to operate using its press buttons. Plus you get 3 delay option from 2, 4 and 8 hours. Overall, it is mini, convenient and easy to set-up unit from Danby.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • The unit posses capacity turn off water input by itself, thus, saves water
  • It is extremely easy to hook-up this device to any tap in your kitchen
  • Includes a silverware basket wherein you can place dishwasher-safe cutlery
  • The product is not very expensive
  • Includes 12-month warranty on parts and labor
  • Energy-star compliant unit consumes less energy while generates less electric bill


  • Do not use an extension cord as it will void the warranty
  • You will have to buy another dishwasher after 5 years
Key Features
  • 6 wash modes
  • Energy-star compliant
  • 6 place setting capacity
  • 1 silverware basket
  • LED display
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Auto detergent dispenser
  • 1-year warranty

5. DELLA Apartment Countertop Small Kitchen Portable Dishwasher

DELLA Compact Dishwasher Countertop Small Kitchen Portable Dishwashers

Things become a lot easier when the device set-up is a breeze. So here’s a portable countertop dishwasher from Della with extremely easy hook-up. Not only its connections are easy to perform but is equally easy to operate because of user-friendly controls. Also, light indicators inform you about the ongoing wash cycle. And just like the majority of models, this unit also incorporates 6 modes of washing. Select from heavy, normal, ECO, speed, glass and rinse according to washing needs. Furthermore, you also get an option to delay start the device by 2,4 or 8 hours. Thus, making it the best dishwasher in terms of user-friendliness.

Temperature raises up to 148 degrees Fahrenheit in combination with powerful spray jet deliver excellent water-force. This in turn also kills bacteria, microbes, and bacteria present on plates and cutlery. Therefore, every time you wash plates using this portable dishwasher, you get a hygienic and clean output. Apart from that, the small size of the unit easily fits over the kitchen platform. Also, light weight makes the device makes it perfect for RV’, dorms, boats, and small size apartments.

If you love traveling and like to keep basic amenities with yourself, then this portable countertop dishwasher will not fail you. It comes with a quick-connect kit, using which you can temporarily connect a device to kitchen faucet. This temporary kit also drains water directly into the kitchen sink. Thus, reduces effort while making itself the best dishwasher in respect of user-convenience.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • It’s a breeze to hook-up the device because of its quick-connect kit
  • The light weight of the unit makes it best for RV’s, boats and small spaces
  • In-built heater along with powerful spray jet washes plates thoroughly
  • Compact size easily fits over the countertop and acquires less storage space
  • Simple to use control panel with light indicators makes the device look attractive


  • The quick-connect kit is only for temporary connection
  • No information about the warranty
Key Features
  • Program selector with 6 washing modes
  • Option for delay start
  • Powerful spray arm
  • Quick-connect kit
  • Easy to fill rinse aid dispenser
  • 5.0 A heater
  • CSA certified

6. SPT SD-2225DW Countertop Small Dishwasher

SPT SD-2225DW Countertop Dishwasher with Delay Start

Here comes another SPT portable dishwasher with a beautiful exterior. Not only does it have a goof look but this compact unit is also energy-star compliant. And by that it means, the device consumes less energy while gives best results. Ultimately, it reduces the electricity bill and saves money. Moreover, with this SPT dishwasher, you can choose to delay start from 2,4,6 and 8 hours. These are by far more delay options a unit can provide. Further, instead of setting wash cycles by a knob, it provides simple buttons to choose appropriate options. You can choose washing mode from heavy, ECO, glass, normal, speed and rinse. All of these features contribute to making it best dishwasher along with the beautiful exterior.

LED display along with electric control further enhances the overall look of the dishwasher. This light indicates current mode as well as remaining time. Also, the unit also includes a water supply warning and rinse aid warning indicator. This, in turn, helps to know when you need to fill rinse aid or turn off the water supply. In short, you do not have to remember anything like the unit itself will let you know by a glowing light. Conclusively, it is the best SPT portable dishwasher with a digital display.

A universal faucet adapter is responsible for quick and easy connection. Attach this adapter to any of your kitchen faucets and let your portable dishwasher clean your dirty plates. Furthermore, it features automatic detergent and rinse-aid dispenser to make your work easier. All you need to do is, fill both chambers with the right amount and wait till you get sparkling clean plates out from your SPT portable dishwasher.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • This energy-star compliant unit makes it fall under the best dishwasher for the money
  • Universal faucet adapter eases hook-up on almost any kitchen faucet
  • The small size of a device easily fits on the countertop as well as under cabinetry
  • The great plate holding capacity cleans a good number of items at one time
  • Different warning indicator lets you know when its time to refill
  • Brilliant design enhances the beauty of the kitchen, RV, or wherever you place the unit


  • Quality of hook-up adapter could be better
  • Quite expensive
Key Features
  • 6 wash cycles
  • The option of delay start
  • Universal faucet adapter
  • Electric controls
  • LED display
  • Water supply warning indicator
  • Rinse-aid warning indicator

7. Magic Chef MCSCD6W3 – Cheap Portable Dishwashers Under $200 – $250

Magic Chef MCSCD6W3 6 Place Setting Countertop Dishwasher

Next, on our best dishwasher review list, we have a brilliant product from Magic Chef. This portable countertop dishwasher has a large amount of plate holding capacity. Therefore, you can clean a good amount of plates in a single cycle. Ultimately, it saves energy, time and water, all of which helps to saves your hardly-earned money. Especially if you’re using too many electric appliances, one thing you look for sure is its power consumption. However, this unit consumes 680 watts which are not too less or high. We cannot exactly classify it as an energy-efficient portable dishwasher but it does have great cleaning capacity. And 6 place setting has enough room to fit a number of plates.

A knob allows you to set wash cycle according to washing needs. You get a total of 5 modes options to choose from. Other than that, this Magic Chef countertop dishwasher features residual drying system. Therefore, it dries plates and cutlery by the method of convection or evaporation as soon as cycle is over. As the process generates stream, open door of dishwasher slightly and let steam escape. Otherwise, the items will remain wet even though they receive hot air.

One great positive point about this portable dishwasher is, it provides excellent results even on cold water supply. Therefore, you do not have to necessarily supply hot water in order to get sparkling clean and dry plates. It works really well with cold water inlet but can do much better if water is hot. And this feature of Magic Chef makes it best dishwasher for small apartment, RV, and dorm.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Presence of floating switch detects the level of water and therefore stops your sink from flooding
  • LED display with simple to rotate knob makes the device more user-friendly
  • The unit contains automatic detergent and rinse-aid dispenser
  • Residual drying system dries items by convection/evaporation
  • Works very well even if you have cold water inlet
  • Includes a quick set-up kit to ease hook-up


  • Expensive
  • Hose retains water which makes it difficult to purge it after disconnecting from sink
Key Features
  • 5 programs with quick wash
  • Floating switch
  • Simple to use knob
  • Residual drying system
  • 6 place setting
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Power consumption of 680 watts

8. Koldfront Portable Countertop Dishwasher

Koldfront 6 Place Setting Portable Countertop Dishwasher

No color looks as attractive as black. And if you love black, then this portable dishwasher is just for you. Though it has a brilliant exterior, black color adds more beauty to whole unit. Not only the unit is good-looking but it does posses many other attractive features. One such feature of this black portable dishwasher is its easy installation. It includes everything you require for standard set-up. Therefore, you can get your unit running within few minutes after unpacking and connecting it properly. Apart from that, Koldfront dishwasher uses 200 Kw per cycle which is 61% less than other standard models. As a result, you can save a lot of money which you would probably pay for high electricity bills using non-energy-efficient models.

Presence of powerful spray arm ensures you get deep and through cleaning every time. Further, a rinse-aid dispense makes sure plates come out spotless. While heavy wash cycle effectively wash plates, internal heater heats up water for more precise cleaning. In addition, temperature boost up to 149 degrees F eliminates bacteria and germs. As a result, you get deeply clean and hygienic plates every time you make use of this black portable dishwasher.

This portable dishwasher easily fits on countertop, tabletop or under cabinetry because of its relatively less height. In spite of having total length of 17-inch, it can easily hold plates up to 10.5 inches in diameter. Apart from that, it includes a knob to set washing modes. Turn the knob to most appropriate mode according to the washing need and get shiny bright dishes. Hence, this Koldfront unit is a best portable dishwasher in terms of color, look and ease of use.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • The unit has brilliant black exterior
  • Compact in size but does posses capacity to hold plates up to 10.5 inches in diameter
  • Easy to understand and use control buttons
  • Hooking up the device is very easy as it comes with all necessary parts for connection
  • Large holding capacity of unit makes it suitable for medium size families


  • No delay timer
  • High water consumption as compared to other models on review list
Key Features
  • 6 wash modes
  • In-built heater
  • 6 place setting capacity
  • Built-in rinse-aid dispenser
  • Includes cutlery basket and cup shelf
  • Powerful spray arm
  • Heat drying option

– 9. BLACK+DECKER BCD6W Compact Dishwasher

BLACK+DECKER BCD6W Compact Dishwasher

Our best dishwasher review list ends with this Black + Decker portable unit. If you have kids in your house who loves to explore digital things and unknowingly interrupts working mechanism, then this portable dishwasher solves the problem. And this is possible because of its child lock feature. Not only the unit posses attractive features but it also wins heart by its exterior design. It has LED light display with electronic touch controls. These controls are very easy to understand and select by simply pressing on the button. It comes with total of 7 wash programs to select from. Therefore, select most appropriate mode from intensive, normal, ECO, glass, 90 minutes, rapid and soak.

This portable dishwasher from Black and Decker is energy-start certified. As a result, it saves lot of electricity which ultimately cuts down cost of electric bill. Apart from being energy-efficient, this unit posses high efficiency rating which makes it one of the best portable dishwasher. And higher efficiency means great output. Thus, you will surely get throughout clean plates every time you turn on this mini unit.

Delay start of 24 hours adds point to user convenience. Therefore, you can pause the cycle in between and continue later accordingly to your comfort. Besides that, the unit posses capacity to accommodate plates up to 10 inches in diameter. And loading and unloading plates is easy because of its slide-out dish rack. Simply pull out the rack and place items in their appropriate place and push it back. So conclusively, it is a best dishwasher in terms of user-control and comfort.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • High-efficiency rating makes it best dishwasher in terms of washing capacity
  • Offers more wash modes as compared to majority of models
  • Includes child lock to keep unit safe from unintentional interruption
  • Sliding dish rack makes it easy to load and unload items from the unit
  • Compact size of device easily fits under kitchen cabinet or on tabletop
  • Electric controls along with led display enhance the overall beauty of the unit
  • You can make use of regular dishwasher pods


  • Front glass may easily break if you’re not careful while opening and closing door
  • Very expensive
Key Features
  • 7 wash programs
  • Child lock
  • LED display
  • Electronic touch controls
  • 6 place setting
  • Energy-start certified
  • Delay-start option

Why trust us? we have reviewed these dishwashers personally. HomeStuffPro spent own money on more than 15 products from Amazon.Com then reviewed it personally. Also, check out our reviews on dishwashers under $500 on Food Dehydrators.

Buyers Guide

1. How does a portable dishwasher work?

The main thing that contributes to the proper functioning of a portable dishwasher is hoses and faucet adapter. Many of the models in our best dishwasher review list come with basic connection kit which helps you to easily hook-up the device. Secondly, spray arms are responsible for powerful delivery of hot or cold water depending upon model type. These rotating spray arms also throw out washing detergent in order to clean your dirty plates. Then after, dirty water is drained out from the machine and after that begins the rinse cycle. Finally, the drying process begins which is responsible to dry the plates properly. And in order to reduce sports and marks of water while drying cycle, many portable dishwashers feature rinse-aid. Rinse-aid reduces surface tension on water which in turn helps to reduce spots.

2. How to hook up a portable dishwasher?

A dishwasher hook up is not as tough as it looks. Follow below steps for smooth hook-up of the portable dishwasher to sink.

  • First of all, you need to loosen and remove aerator from the spout of the sink. Make sure to keep it in safe place as you will need it later after disconnecting unit.
  • Secondly, make use of faucet adapter which comes along with a portable dishwasher and fix it onto threaded faucet spout. Even if some models does not provide a faucet adapter, you can buy it separately as they are cheap.
  • If your unit demands hot water supply from sink faucet itself, you need to turn on tap and wait till hot water starts coming out. Then after, attach the hose of your portable unit into faucet spout by adjusting collar and collar ring.
  • Turn on faucet, switch on device, load items inside unit, select wash mode and relax. Let the mini machine do its wonder.

3. What are the benefits of portable dishwasher?

Portable dishwasher are becoming more famous as days are passing due to numerous reasons. Although washing power of an in-built dishwasher is definitely high these small units are also not less. Below are some benefits of buying portable dishwasher.

  • Space: People living in small spaces often seek a device which works powerfully and  acquires less space. And using a portable dishwasher simply solves issue of huge storage space. These kind of units easily fits over countertop, tabletop or even under kitchen cabinets. Thus, saves a lot of space.
  • Portability: If you live in a RV, boat or on rent, you will always prefer to buy units which are easy to carry. And portability is one such factor which makes small dishwasher so famous.
  • Hook up: Many of portable dishwasher includes faucet adapter as well as quick-connect kit to ease-up connection. Also they do not need permanent plumbing which ultimately saves your money.
  • Clean: Cleaning a small portable dishwasher is not a work of hassle as much as cleaning an in-built dishwasher. Therefore, small size of unit is easy to clean as compared to big dishwashers.
  • Cost: Certainly, portable units cost much less than in-built models. The average cost of a portable dishwasher is $230, whereas it goes up to $480 in case of in-built devices.
  • Installation: You can easily install a portable dishwasher having basic plumbing skills. However, this is not always possible in case of in-built models.


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