Top 10 Best Outdoor Propane Patio Heaters in 2020 (Full Review + Buyer’s Guide)

We all love to spend time in our patio no matter what season it is. But cold weather makes the place inconvenient due to fall in temperature. And not to mention, but a single jacket is not enough to keep you warm during chilly winter days. So it becomes necessary to get an outdoor patio heater. And here we are with our 10 best outdoor propane patio heaters to keep you warm while you spend your valuable time with your loved ones.

The reason why propane or gas patio heater is widely used in patio or decks is that it provides heat fast. Also, it covers a good area in a short span of time and effectively warms up space. Another major reason is, propane tank is easy to replace.

Apart from that, some of them are portable patio heater which you can shift around your house.

List of Best Outdoor Propane Patio Heater 2020

Fire Sense Patio Heater4.3View On Amazon
Dyna-Glo DGPH201BR 48000 BTU4.3View On Amazon
AmazonBasics Commercial Patio Heater4.2View On Amazon
Belleze 48,000BTU Premium Heater4.3View On Amazon
AZ Patio Heater HLDSO1-WGTHG4.1View On Amazon
BestMassage Garden Heater4.3View On Amazon
AZ HLDS01-SSHGT – Portable4.0View On Amazon
XtremepowerUS 96054 Floor Standing4.1View On Amazon
Thermo Tiki Outdoor Heater4.1View On Amazon
Giantex Steel Outdoor Patio Heater4.0View On Amazon

1.Fire Sense Outdoor Patio Heater – Unpainted Stainless Steel

Fire Sense Patio Heater

We start our reviews with fire sense propane patio heater. Its wide heating range of up to 18 feet in diameter covers a large area. In addition, its heavy duty stainless steel burners along with double-mantle heating grid make it durable. Also, the unpainted stainless steel body easily matches your patio and makes it look beautiful.

This 46000 BTU propane patio heater evenly throws out warm air, making your patio cozy. Plus the aluminum reflector hood at the top ensures even airflow in all directions. It comprises of an electric ignition system, basically a push button which helps to start the device easily. The ignition runs using a battery which you need to buy separately.

Overall, it is a heavy unit but no need to worry, as it contains wheels in the bottom for ease of movement. A standard 20 lb tank is all you need in order to run this product. Thus, making it one of the best propane patio heater for both commercial and residential use.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Easy to assemble and set-up
  • Heats up fast
  • Works silently
  • Durable and lasts up to years
  • Simple yet attractive design


  • Hard to find one
Key Features
  • Emits 46000 BTU of steady warmth
  • Pilot-less single-stage ignition
  • Stainless steel body and burners
  • Aluminum reflector hood
  • Wheels at bottom
  • Requires standard 20 lb propane tank

2. Dyna-Glo DGPH201BR 48000 BTU Premium Hammered Bronze Patio Heater – Top Rated

Dyna-Glo DGPH201BR 48000 BTU ronze Patio Heater

Spending time outdoor becomes more fun if the place is warm and quiet. This hammered bronze finish patio heater enhances the beauty of your patio. Further, 48000 BTU is enough to heat up quite a large space.

The electronic ignition catches fire simply by pushing the button. Besides that, you can set the intensity of heat by manually adjusting the knob. For safety purpose, this unit features an anti-tilt design. This, in turn, reduces chances of accidental tilting of the device. Or by chance, if the heater is knocked over, it automatically shuts down. Thus, making the product more safe and reliable.

This budget-friendly heater runs on a standard 20 lb propane tank. Dyna-Glo DGPH201BR 48000 BTU also have wheels at the bottom for easy mobility. Therefore, you can easily move the device indoor during the off-season and bring it out during chilly days.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Robust construction
  • Even heat distribution in all directions
  • Easy to change the tanks out
  • Affordable outdoor heater


  • Assembly of the product requires time
Key Features
  • 48000 BTU
  • Heat control knob
  • Electronic ignition start
  • Anti-tilt safety feature
  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • Wheels at base

3. AmazonBasic Commercial Patio Heater For The Money

AmazonBasics Commercial Patio Heater, Havana Bronze

This outdoor propane patio heater provides all basics features of an ideal unit under budget. This 46000 BTU natural gas patio heater is what you want in your home. It effectively heats up small to medium size space. Apart from that, It is also powerful enough to keep you warm for a long period of time.

Piezo ignition system eases the start of the unit. Therefore, you just need to push a red button once to start the device. Further, an adjustable temperature control knob allows you to manipulate the heating intensity of the unit. It also features a shut-off tilt valve which automatically shuts down the device in case it gets tipped over.

Cost of this item is not too high. And similar to other models, it also has wheels at the base to easily move the unit. Plus the stainless steel construction is strong and sturdy which can last for years.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Cheap outdoor patio heater
  • Wide heat coverage up to 18 feet
  • Consistent heat delivery


  • The rim of the heater catches fire during high temperature so keep the distance
Key Features
  • Heat output of 46000 BTU’s
  • Auto-shut off tilt valve
  • Simple push button start
  • Heat-control knob
  • Wheels for easy mobility

4. Belleze 48,000BTU Outdoor Patio Heater Review – CSA Certified

Belleze 48,000BTU Premium Patio Heater

Next on our list, we have CSA certified propane patio heater. If you want a stylish looking product which makes your patio look beautiful then this is perfect. Apart from its attractive look, it emits 48000 BTU of heat. Thus, provides heat to a wide area.

Just like the majority of the models, this unit also has an easy ignition start. Also, the variable heat-control knob allows you to set the temperature from low to high or vice versa. And in order to increase the safety of the device, it features anti-tilt automatic shut-off mechanism. Therefore, which prevents hazardous accidental events in case of wind.

The only flaw we find in this unit is, the bottom section of the neck and top part does not fit well. There are only two screws to hold both the parts together, which we think is responsible for non-parallel alignment. This is not a major flaw as you can barely notice. Or else, this is one of the best outdoor propane patio heaters.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Easy to assemble
  • Puts out great heat in short time
  • Stylish look


  • Middle joint is slightly wobbled and is not perfectly parallel
Key Features
  • Heat output of 48000 BTU
  • Pilot light
  • Anti-tip turn-off
  • Knob to set heat intensity
  • CSA certified
  • Wheels at base

5. AZ Tall Patio Heaters Review

AZ Patio Heaters

Now, this unit is really a head-turner. This az patio heater has perfect design along with great heating capacity. It is 89-inch tall and comprises of two-piece quartz glass tube surrounded with sturdy metal frame. This, in turn, reduces the possibility of tipping over. Thus, makes the unit strong and reliable.

Here the variable-heat knob and ignition start button are present inside the bottom cover. Besides that, it runs on a standard 20 lb propane tank which can last up to 10 hours on high. And it has wheels at the end for easy mobility.

Assembly of this heater requires a lot of time as it comes with many parts. It might take 30 minutes to an hour if you are assembling the unit all by yourself. Apart from it, the parts are easily available in case they get damaged.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Strong, sturdy and attractive design
  • Easy to start and turn off
  • Enhances the beauty of your patio


  • Assembly requires time and patience
  • Takes time to warm up space
Key Features
  • 40000 BTU
  • Tall design measuring 89-inch height
  • Hammered bronze finish
  • CSA approved
  • Thermocouple and anti-tilt safety device

6. Tall Propane Patio Heater – Hammered Finish

 Patio Heater Tall Hammered Finish Garden Outdoor

Moving ahead, we have a simple, easy to use outdoor propane patio heater. The main reason to include it in our list is its perfect finish and use of quality materials. Though its heat output is 41000 BTU, the wide reflector at the top evenly spreads heat in all directions.

Unlike other models, this one does not have a base at the end to fill sand or water. Therefore, you compulsorily need to anchor it on the ground or else it will tilt due to heavy winds. Apart from that, all other features such as startup, setting temperature, etc is easy to perform. Also, it requires very less time to make the product stand up.

It runs on a 20 lb propane tank which is easily available. In addition, placing and removal of the tank is not hard at all. You can use the heater continuously for 10 hours with a full 20 lb tank. Hence, which is enough to keep you warm all night.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Great quality
  • Very easy to assemble and start
  • Throws out continuous heat


  • Water/sand base not present which means you need to anchor it down compulsorily
Key Features
  • 41000 btu of power
  • Ignition system
  • Wheels at bottom
  • Solid construction
  • Auto shut-off tilt valve

7. AZ HLDS01-SSHGT – Tall Stainless Steel Patio Heater with Table

AZ Patio Heaters HLDS01-SSHGT Tall Stainless Steel

Spending time outdoors becomes more convenient if the temperature is warm and cozy. But the fun doubles when you have a tall propane patio heater with table and wheels. In addition, this little table has enough space to place a set of wine glasses. Moreover, you can adjust the height of the table without the need of any tools.

Heat output of 41000 BTU is enough to keep you warm if you’re sitting near to the unit. Besides that, this product is easy to assemble. It requires 30 minutes at most to put all the parts together. After that, all you need to do is, purchase a standard propane tank, place it in the unit, make the connection and start the unit.

What we love the most about this outdoor propane heater is its minimal noise generation. It work quietly on low and medium setting. Even on a high setting, the sound of the gas is barely audible. Thus, enjoy a warm and peaceful evening with your loved ones.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Easy to assemble
  • Inexpensive
  • Operates quietly
  • Small round table can hold a set of wine glasses


  • Average heat coverage area
Key Features
  • 41000 BTU
  • Tall propane patio heater with table
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Wheels at bottom
  • CSA approved
  • 1 year warranty

8. XtremepowerUS 48,000 BTU Premium Floor Standing Outdoor Propane Patio Heater

XtremepowerUS 48,000 BTU Premium Floor Standing Propane Outdoor Patio Heater

This XtremepowerUS unit is a powerful outdoor propane patio heater with great performance. If you’re buying a patio heater for the first time then in our opinion, this is one of the best models.

First of all, the average heat output of this unit is 47000 BTU’s. At maximum, it can reach up to 48000 BTU. Therefore, this much amount of heat can warm up relatively large space without the need to stay too closer to the heat source. Plus the unit heats up fast and aluminum reflector hood is responsible to spread warm air in all directions.

So conclusively, it offers all features of an ideal outdoor patio heater. It is easy to start, safe to use, includes wheels at the base and has an auto shut-off feature. Thus, all you need to do is, assemble all the parts, start the unit and enjoy a warm temperature.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Generates a lot of heat
  • Easy to set up
  • Budget-friendly patio heater


  • Changing tanks can be tricky for the first time users
Key Features
  • Maximum 48000 BTU
  • Reliable ignition start
  • Stainless steel burners
  • Safety valve
  • 2 wheels at base

9. Thermo Tiki Outdoor Propane Patio Heater – Excellent Natural Gas Porch Heat Source

 Thermo Tiki Outdoor Propane Patio Heater

If you’re looking for a beautiful outdoor propane patio heater for your backyard and patio then here’s a perfect model. Its unique pyramid flame structure gives a beautiful look and creates a cozy environment. And when you turn on the unit, you get to see the dancing flame of fire. Thus, which produce brilliant light which is quite pleasant to look at.

Construction of this model is strong and sturdy. In addition, it weather-resistant parts have rust, fade and corrosion-resistant finish. Therefore, which means this propane heater can withstand extreme climate conditions such as extreme sun, salt air, etc. Hence, making it worth the price.

Regarding the safety of the heater, it has protective mesh surrounding the ceramic-glass. Further, it comprises of pilot light for safe start and shut-down. It also complies with ANSI, CE, CSA standards and specifications. Meaning, the product is reliable and safe to use.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Comes with pre-attached flexible hose
  • Product is worth the price
  • Assembly of parts is very easy


  • Complains about missing screws and bolts
Key Features
  • 38000 btu heat output
  • Pilot ignition
  • Unique stylish design
  • Includes wheels at bottom
  • ANSI, CE and CSA certified

10. Giantex Steel Outdoor Natural Gas Patio Heater with Accessories – Supports Propane and  LPG gas

Giantex Steel Outdoor Patio Heater Propane Lp Gas Waccessories

This patio heater has an easy ignition start and temperature control knob which allows you to change the intensity of heat coming out from the top. And lastly, the reflector hood at top evenly spreads warm air in all directions.

Speaking about its construction, as the product is cheap, it compromises in quality of materials. No doubt, it has a stainless steel body but you need to take utmost care of the unit to avoid any dents. Otherwise, it has beautiful appearance and assembly of the parts is quite easy. You can easily set all parts by yourself in under 30 minutes.

This outdoor propane heater has a heat output of 41000 BTU. This much amount of heat can warm up persons near to the heater. Besides that, it contains wheels at the bottom to move the device easily. Thus, keep the unit indoors when not in use and enjoy the warmth during chilly weather.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Inexpensive patio heater
  • Easy to put together


  • Minor issues with pilot lightning system
Key Features
  • Heat output of 41000 BTU
  • Simple push button start
  • Heat-control knob
  • Wheels at base
  • Safety tilt shut-off valve

So now you have a list of best outdoor propane heaters, let us focus on its safety tips. And not to mention, safety is very much important when dealing with fire. So go through below tips to avoid any accidental damage.

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Propane Patio Heater Safety Tips:

Here are some of the safety tips that you can follow(1):

  • Never move the patio heater while it is on.
  • Propane heaters are meant for outdoor use only. Never use them indoors as they release carbon monoxide which causes suffocation.
  • Double check the connection of propane tank. Make sure the gas does not leak.
  • Keep propane patio heaters away from flammable materials.
  • Add proper weights at the base to ensure the product stays firm.
  • Do not place heaters too close to the wall. Maintain a safe distance between them.
  • Ask your children to stay away from the unit. Also, make sure they do not touch them while they are on. They might get burn as the outer surface of heaters are usually hot.

Buyer’s Guide:

1. Can I use a propane patio heater in my garage?

As we already mentioned in safety tips, propane heaters releases carbon monoxide. This gas is toxic and causes suffocation. So in our opinion, never make use of propane patio heater in the garage. As the garage space does not have proper ventilation, the toxic substance cannot escape easily. This, in turn, makes the air inside the garage harmful to inhale. So always use it in an area having good ventilation.

2. How to light a propane patio heater?

Follow the below given steps to properly light a propane patio heater.

  • First of all, properly attach the regulator to the tank using your hand only.
  • Now, turn on the propane tank fully.
  • Next, turn the knob in pilot position, press it down and hold it for 45-60 seconds.
  • Press the red ignition button to start the unit.
  • Hold the knob in pilot position for 10 seconds more before letting it go.
  • Now you can adjust the heat intensity and enjoy warmth coming out from the heater.

3. Infrared patio heater vs propane?

People have a lot of confusion about what type of heater is best suitable for their patio. And generally, they get a hard time choosing between infrared patio heater and propane patio heater. Both of them holds their advantages and disadvantages. Below points will let you know how propane patio heater is better than infrared when it comes to outdoor heating.

  • Flexible: Propane heaters are more flexible as compared to infrared ones. You can easily move them from one place to another without any hassle. Whereas, in the case of infrared models, they are not much flexible.
  • Heating: When it comes to heating, propane units never fails to provide you warmth. They heat up the surrounding air and circulates evenly in all directions. But in the case of infrared heaters, they heat up all the things similar to that of sun’s ray. Also, propane units heats up faster than electric ones.
  • Power Source: It requires a 20 lb propane tank to make the unit run. This is one of the major factors which contributes to its flexibility. While infrared heaters require a proper connection and continuous power supply in order to supply heat constantly.
  • Cost: Initial price of propane heaters are a little bit more than electric ones. But the running cost of propane models are less than that of infrared.

4. How long does a patio heater propane tank last?

Generally, a standard 20 lb propane tank lasts for 10 hours if it runs on high setting. The average running cost of a unit that generates a heat output of 40000 BTU ranges from $1.60-$2 per hour. Therefore, the running cost is dependent upon the heat output of the unit and varies according to it.