Top 10 Best LED Chandeliers To Buy in 2022 [With Pictures]

Best LED Chandelier Light

Last Updated on February 25, 2022

A LED chandelier looks perfect when hanged above the bedroom, or dining table. Many popular brands have now infused a vintage chandelier with LED light bulbs, which allows you to see the beauty of those crystals.

Light Emitting Diode or simply the LED lights have taken over contemporary lightings because of their efficiency and low maintenance. They save electricity and cut down your bill by more 70 percent when compared to a regular filament bulb chandelier.

You don’t need an occasion like Christmas to buy your self a beautiful chandelier as you can always dust them to look crystal shiny.

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1. MEEROSEE Crystal Modern Chandelier – 2835 LED Bulbs

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This modern crystal LED chandelier is best for people who love contemporary design. It has 4 crystal rings that which has built-in LED lights inside it. Those light bulbs do not dim with time and spread a perfect white ambiance in the surrounding area.

You can hand it on the ceiling just above your bed, dining table, office table, living room or literally any place in your house and this amazing LED chandelier will glow-up the whole area with white light.

It consists of 2835 LED accumulating a MAX 74W of power, which is really amazing according to the electricity bill. You will get a very low bill for it and you won’t have to compromise with the overall look of your room.

Suggested Space To Hang: Bedroom, Dining Room, Girls Room, Living Room, Hallway, Proch, Hotel, Staircase, Foyer, Hallway, Office, and Kids Room.

2. Saint Mossi LED Crystal Chandelier – Amazing Raindrop Design

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This beautiful crystal Raindrop LED Chandelier has 6 bulbs that provide the shine to all the pendants and crystal corners. It lightings are energy efficient so you don’t have to worry about expensive electricity bills.

The entire unit is securely wrapped and comparatively easy to install. It is a ceiling light fixtures whose dimension is: Height 32 in x Diameter 18 in. So it will look like a giant ball of shining raindrops.

All the raindrop crystals are help together with strong stainless steel wires. You can hand them in any room and let the wire hold them all together. Those pendants are not going to move.

This Saint Mossi real crystal chandelier is made from high-quality electric materials and company assure you that they have only used real crystals to make the pendants. It is also backed by a company warranty.

3. Saint Mossi Flush Mount LED Ceiling Light Chandelier

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Saint Mossi is one of the leading home decor brands in the world, which is why they always bring new designs of the chandelier and other decorative stuff. This Flush Mount LED ceiling light fixture has 9 G9 Bulbs that spread light throughout the crystal structure.

It has two layers, where the base is thick cylindrical crystal which hides the LED lights from open view and has hollow ways which carry the light beam.

It is a self-installable round light chandelier that you can fix or hand in any part of your house. Looking at its design I preferably would hang it above my dining table or just above the living room sofa.

4. GDNS Firework LED Chandelier Lamp – Beautiful Crystal Pendants

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Do you like the light show of a firework? If yes, then this Firework LED chandelier is perfect for you to decorate your house.

The entire crystal structure is connected to a center black metal ball that holds the unit together. It is designed in such a way that you can see the effect of a firework when you will switch on the light bulbs in it.

The entire chandelier contains 16 LED lamps which lumen white color. They are of type G4 bulbs and has 5watt of power(each). You can replace the white bulb with other color lamps, however, just make sure that you buy G4 type bulbs for your chandelier.

5. Double Drop Crystal Raindrop Chandelier – 9 E12 LED Bulbs

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This is another excellent LED chandelier by Saint Mossi. It has 3 base layers made from real crystals that glow or say spread the light coming to our form the lamps very beautifully. The light spread across the surrounding area.

Its beautiful design is one of the major selling factors behind this unit. It consists of 9 E12 lamps that glow throughout the night giving you an unforgettable show of light just above your head.

Its dimension is Height 11 inch x Width 20 inch. Looking at the dimension of this chandelier, you can easily install it above your bathroom vanity table, dining room, bedroom, living room, or on the ceiling of your house entry.

6. Golden Sputnik Chandelier Ceiling Light Lamp

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This beautiful Golden Sputnik LED Chandelier is perfect for use in living rooms, bedrooms, hotel rooms, restaurants, and kitchens.

It is made from 12pcs of LED candelabra bulbs with E14 silver base which is potent enough to spread the light effectively. The light bulbs are spread evenly throughout the dimension of this unit.

The Sputnik design has made it even more popular as it has 360 degrees of arms spread out. It is another excellent energy saving electric chandelier which not just only saves on your bill but also protect the environment because of its low power consumption rate.

7. Modern 6 Rings LED Crystal Chandelier Lighting – DIY Design Rings

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This 6 rings modern chandelier is one of the most beautiful chandeliers available in the market.

Made from Clear K9 crystals it justifier the lumens of its LED lamps. The crystal does not hold back any beam of light and spread them evenly throughout every corner and cuts of it.

This Galaxy series, DIY crystal Pendant Lighting Fixture is perfect to blow your guest mind. They won’t be able to take their eyes off from this beautiful home decor piece.

The entire chandelier is made from 6 rings held together with the help of stainless steel wires. Ring diameters (8″+12″+16″+20″+24″+28″)

It comes with Not dimmable Cool White LED Bulbs (5000-6000K) spread across the rings. The buyer can DIY the rigs and can make their own chandelier design.

8. BONLICHT Sputnik Chandelier Lighting with 10 LED Lamps – Contemporary Starburst Design

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This Sputnik Chandelier has 10 large LED bulbs that spread its lumen across your room ceiling. It is a perfect light fixture for dining room, bedroom, office, kitchen, and hallways.

If you like dim light then with the help of a dimmer switch you can fully dim the lights of this chandelier and enjoy your sleep without worrying about lights.

With the E26 Bulb Base, it is compatible with LED, CFL, Edison, halogen bulbs, and incandescent lamps. However, we recommend LED bulbs to save energy and reduce electricity bill.

It is easy to install a chandelier because its arms come pre-assembled and with the help of a screwdriver you can add them together in less than 10 minutes. You also have the advantage of choosing the hanging height.

9. Saint Mossi LED Ceiling Light Fixture Pendant Lamp – Reverse Pyramid Style

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This is another excellent Crystal LED chandelier from Saint Mossi. It is a reverse pyramid raindrop light fixture which has 9 GU10 bulb base. Keeping it simple and clean, use LED lamps for better luminous and brightness.

The unit dimensions are Height 47in x Width 24 in x Length 2 which says it all that you need a medium to high ceiling to install this light fixture.

I personally like it above my head in my office, and it will go seamlessly above your dining table. the kitchen cabinet, or above the living room coffee table.

Due to modern crystal design, it is also popular in restaurants and hotels to improve the panoramic view of their place.

10. Contemporary Led Hanging Chandelier – DIY 3 Ring Shape

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Did you like the above mentioned 6 rings light fixture but does not have enough ceiling height? Don’t worry we got your back. Try this 3 ring LED chandelier light. You can easily change or adjust the position of these 3 ring pendants. The design and look of the chandelier is 100% DIY and depends upon the user.

It has NON-DIMMABLE Cool White (6000K-6500K) Built-in LED light source. The entire unit is connected through long adjustable cable up to 47.2″.

It is a great home decor unit which can be used in your grand foyer, kitchen, above the dining table, kids bedroom, or in your bedroom.

You can hang these 3-tier rings in a circular shape, sphere shape, or irregular mix. Such modern design gives you the flexibility to enjoy your lighting fixture at its fullest.

Gone are the days for vintage chandeliers where the user has to light a fire. In this modern era of home design and interior, modern LED chandelier is a great choice that not only makes your room look amazing but also save energy. is reader-supported and a part of the Amazon Affiliates Program. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Read our disclosure for more information.

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