5 Best Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans with Lights [2022 Reviews & Guide]

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans with Lights

Last Updated on February 25, 2022

There was a time when no much importance was given to ceiling fans. But nowadays, ceiling fans are more like a statement. The room feels incomplete without installing a stylish fan. And whenever we talk about stylish fans, one brand that comes in mind is Harbor Breeze. They offer quality construction at such a reasonable price. So today we are here with 5 best harbor breeze ceiling fans to add a touch of elegance to your room.

Before beginning with ceiling fan reviews, let us know more about the brand. Harbor Breeze is a brand of Lowes store. And most of its parts are manufactured by the Litex Industries Company. They deliver a high-quality product at a relatively lower price. And most importantly, the majority of harbor breeze ceiling fans are energy-certified. So it may cost you a bit initially, but it will surely save your money in the long term.

So its time to give your room a stylish look by installing a harbor breeze ceiling fan. And below are some of the best products that will definitely brighten up your space.

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Harbor BreezeCheck on Amazon
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1. Harbor Breeze Mazon 44-in 3 Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light Kit and Remote

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The brushed nickel flush mount ceiling fan is a great replacement for your old traditional model. It does not include any downrod as it is a flush mount model. Such design is ideal for many contemporary and modern room decors. Moreover, the size of blades measures 44 inches that are perfect to circulate air in small rooms. You can install it in the kitchen, dining area or office with room size up to 100 sq feet. In spite of small size, its powerful motor delivers excellent results.

This harbor breeze small ceiling fan offers the highest speed airflow of 4545 CFM. And in total, you get 3 different speed settings. You can easily change any of its settings by making use of remote control. Its convenient handheld remote control with wall cradle allows you to operate fan and light from anywhere in the room. Speaking of light, the fan comprises of an integrated 18-watt led module. These much watts are enough to brighten up rooms with low ceilings.

Key Features:

  • 44-inch
  • 3-speed reversible motor
  • 18-watt led light
  • 4545 max CFM
  • Flush mount installation
  • Handheld remote control
  • Frosted glass bowl
  • Limited lifetime warranty

2. Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze Ii 74-in Large Outdoor Downrod Ceiling Fan

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Spending time outdoors brings joy to us. But no of us love to sit outside just to get wet in sweat. So the best way to ensure proper circulation of air is by installing an outdoor ceiling fan. And here we have a unique design of outdoor fan by harbor breeze. Design and appearance of the unit are such that it will gather you a lot of compliments. Thanks to its stylish oil-rubbed bronze finish that goes well with a variety of interior decors. Whereas, its 6 brown wicker blades simply add a touch of elegance.

Instead of having a single motor, this harbor breeze fan comprises the dual motor. Therefore, it is a double ceiling fan with 3 blades on each of the motor. Both these units are connected with a horizontal rod having a light bowl in the center. Moreover, a 4-inch downrod makes it suitable to install unit easily on high ceilings. In fact, the large size of the unit is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use with space over 400 sq feet. Two 60 w candelabra bulbs create a comfortable environment while you enjoy gazing at the night sky.

Key Features:

  • 74-inch dual ceiling fan
  • 6 reversible blades
  • 3 reverse air flow speeds
  • Frosted glass bowl
  • 4450 CFM
  • 60-watt incandescent bulbs
  • Pull chain switch

3. Harbor Breeze Lynstead 52-in Specialty Bronze Indoor Flush Mount Ceiling Fan with Light Kit

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If you’re looking for a traditional ceiling fan that can make your traditional room decor complete then here’s a perfect harbor breeze product. This 52-inch lynstead model goes exceptionally well with traditional interiors. Credit goes to the details all over the fan body. From flush mount to blades to pull chains, you will find beautiful details everywhere. In addition to that, the oil-rubbed bronze finish is enhanced with beautiful cast flourishes on the motor housing. Thus, this is one of the best indoor ceiling fans for traditional styles.

The flush mount style is ideal for rooms with low ceilings. And to change speed or turn on/off lights, it comprises of pull chains. Besides that, its quiet-motor technology doesn’t make annoying wind sounds while the unit is on. You’ll barely hear a ‘humm’ sound on highest speed settings. The 3-speed settings deliver optimal airflow. Besides that, it is energy-star certified which means it will not consume much electricity. Hence, you can enjoy a cool breeze on sunny days without worrying about the electricity bill.

Key Features:

  • 52-inch
  • 5 reversible blades
  • 3-speed reversible motor
  • 4443 CFM
  • Quiet-motor technology
  • 2 led bulbs
  • Energy-star certified
  • Pull chain switches

4. Harbor Breeze 4 Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light Kit

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The harbor breeze Armitage ceiling fan with led lights is perfect for small to medium size rooms. The white color of the unit goes well in light color rooms. In case you get bored with plain white color fan with time then not to worry. Simply reverse the blades to get a different look. Just like the majority of harbor breeze fans, blades of this model are also reversible. But instead of a single color on both sides, it features white on one side and blonde finish on another side. Thus, complimenting a variety of styles.

Its globe-style light bowl illuminates light very bright. Also, it supports the use of led light which brightens up more and consumes less energy. However, it is not compatible with wifi or remote control. You need to pull chains in order to change speed or turn the light on/off. It is not a high-end model but does it work very well. You get all basic features including light for a harbor breeze ceiling fan under $50.

Key Features:

  • 42-inch diameter
  • 4 reversible blades
  • 6.5 watt led bulb
  • 3 motor speed
  • Reverse air flow
  • 1185 CFM
  • Pull chain switch style
  • Marbleized glass bowl

5. Harbor Breeze Lake Placido 52-in Aged Iron Outdoor Downrod or Flush Mount Ceiling Fan with Light Kit

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The quiet motor of harbor breeze lake Placido outdoor ceiling fan is loved by many. Even on the highest settings, you’ll barely hear any noise. Thus, making your relaxing time more peaceful and fun. But quiet working isn’t the only feature of this flush mount ceiling fan. Apart from the quiet-running motor, it has a beautiful, award-winning old-world design. Style of the product is such that it looks great on rustic or lodge style decors.

Besides the beautiful design, its light kit with clear glass shade provides attractive illumination. Glass cuts and iron rods on light bowl radiates light off the walls and ceilings instead of throwing it down. Select a proper mounting method as it comprises of pull string to change settings. You can either install the unit using downroad or flush mount as per your convenience. Conclusively, it is a beautiful, stylish and durable ceiling fan that will last for years.

Key Features:

  • 52-inch
  • 5 reversible blades
  • Black iron finish
  • 4-inch downrod
  • Flush mounting kit
  • 5100 CFM airflow
  • 3-speed reversible AC motor

Buyer’s Guide

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans Replacement Parts

While some of the fans come with additional accessories, you need to look for them separately in other models. For a smooth installation, experience selects a unit that includes a complete set of accessories. And by accessories we mean, both the types of mounting system, a light kit including bulb, etc.

Or you can just bu the main unit and look for accessories online. You can find most of its accessories on Amazon or Lowes. Similarly, ceiling fan replacement parts are also easily found online.


The number of blades plays an important role in determining the airflow capacity of a fan. But it also hugely depends on the size of the blades. A ceiling fan with 5 or 4 blades will provide more air flow as compared to the unit having 3 blades. But a model having 3 blades is light in weight than 4-6 blades.

Choose the best unit according to your room size and ventilation. A room with good ventilation might not need a high power motor. Whereas, you might need a powerful and quiet motor with more number of blades in a room/office with low ventilation.

The shape of blades must also be taken into consideration. A perfect balance between blades and fan size will give your optimal output. Also, it will wobble less and make no annoying sound while it is on.

Light Bulbs

A ceiling fan with light is best for rooms where you need both good airflow and light. And nowadays people are shifting towards fan having lights on them. Three main types of light used in ceiling fans are led, candelabra bulbs and fluorescent bulbs. But it is important to understand what type of light will suit your room.

For example, if you’re planning to install the unit in a sturdy room then choose a harbor breeze ceiling fan with more number of lights or the one that supports high watt bulbs. A ceiling fan with led light is best for areas that need bright light. On the other hand, a low watt bulb on a fan is enough for a cozy feel.


Permanent Split Capacitor Motor is commonly found in most ceiling fans. In simple words, a capacitor is used to change the speed of a fan(1). It helps you rotate the unit at different speed by winding start switching and insert them into phases.

Signs of Bad Capacitor in a Fan:

  • The motor hums and turns freely by hand but will not spin
  • Certainly, your fan speed is down
  • No matter on which speed mode you keep it, your fan runs slowly or not at all
  • Speed issue comes only on certain speed mode

Remote Control

If your ceiling is too high to operate fan using pull chains then take help of remote control. Your harbor breeze fan with either come with a remote control or you need to get a universal ceiling fan remote. Thanks to the convenience of remotes that allow you to change settings from anywhere in the room. You can dim the lights, change speed or simply turn on/off fan using remote control.

Installation and User Manual

Installing a ceiling fan by yourself is much cheaper than calling an electrician. And most of the products includes a user manual so that the buyer can easily carry out the installation process. Just be careful to turn off the main power supply of your house before carrying out any electric activities on your own. Clear and step by step instructions on the manual will help you to assemble fan in minutes.

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A good quality ceiling fan will provide optimal airflow. And harbor breeze ceiling fans are known to provide quality fans with a reasonable price tag. It provides with all basic and advanced features such as speed controls, light kit and of course, beautiful design. And some of them even includes remote control and supports wifi. All you need to do is, find a perfect unit and install it to your ceiling and enjoy the cool breeze of harbor breeze fans.

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