Top 12 Best Zero Gravity Chairs For 2022 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Best Zero Gravity Chairs Review

Last Updated on February 25, 2022

We all are very well aware of increasing stress in our day to day life. And we often seek products that can relive our stress. So today homestuffpro presents you the best zero gravity chair reviews. Purpose of zero gravity chairs is designed to distribute body weight equally so that you can feel lighter(1). Though it might not be possible that such products help to relieve stress completely. But it definitely proves to be a helping hand at a great extent. And keeping this in mind, we are here with our best zero gravity chair reviews.

People generally confuse between a massage chair and a zero gravity chairs. So before beginning with best zero gravity chair reviews, we would like to clear the main difference between both of them. Therefore, not all zero-gravity chairs are massage chairs. But it is possible to have a zero gravity massage chair.

While some brands offer both recline position and massage feature, some only offer recline position. And it is very obvious that a chair having both features is more beneficial than one with a recline position. But let us make it clear that neither of them defies gravity. You will still remain on the ground with full recline position. So without any other sentence let us begin with best zero gravity chair reviews and say goodbye to back pain.

Here are the Top 12 best zero gravity chairs reviews.

Timber RidgeCheck on Amazon
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Timber RidgeCheck on Amazon
Forever RestCheck on Amazon
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1. Timber Ridge – Best Zero Gravity Outdoor Chair (Suitable Oversize)

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The main purpose of any zero gravity chair is to provide comfort to the user while relieving back stress. And if you’re buying such a chair for the first time then you might not want to invest a huge amount. Yes, we understand the reason behind it, so first on the list, we have timber ridge zero gravity chair. First of all, the price of the product is not too much to burn a hole in your pocket.

Secondly, quality built-up is one major reason to have timer ridge first on the review list. Sturdy construction of this unit will last for many years. Speaking of which, timber ridge also offers a removable headrest pillow, wooden armrest, and a large cup holder. All of these features simply increases the comfort of a user which makes it best zero gravity lounge chair.

Oversize nature of timber ridge XL zero gravity chair suits everyone. It posses the capacity to hold up to 350 lbs of weight. Whereas, the full length of recliner is 72 inches. Good width and height of this over-sized zero gravity chair make it suitable for everyone to use. Even larger guys having the height of 6’3″ can easily fit into the chair without much hassle.

The unit does not have any fix reclining position so you have the freedom to adjust it according to your comfort. And in order to maintain the position, timber ridge provides 2 small clamps. Lock these clamps after setting your perfect position and enjoy the feel of relaxation then after. Overall, it is budget friendly, comfortable and the best zero-gravity folding chair from timber ridge.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Length of the chair when fully reclines is 72 inches which is sufficient enough to fit large guys
  • You can start using the chair right after unpacking it
  • Detachable cup holder on the right side is big enough to fit large cups
  • You can slide down headrest pillow to convert it into a waist pillow. Or else you can also take it out completely
  • Clamps on side of frame lock position into place
  • As the item is fold-able, it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use


  • You need to buy a cover individually in case you’re planning to keep it in your patio or backyard
Key Features
  • 29-inch back height
  • 350 lbs loading capacity
  • Steel frame
  • Adjustable reclining
  • Wooden armrest
  • Adjustable headrest pillow
  • 2 small locking clamps
  • Large cup holder
  • 1-year manufacturers warranty

Bottom Line: Timber Ridge has a long reputation in crafting outdoor lounge chairs such as this zero gravity chair which you can use it indoors or keep it in your backyard or poolside. Fairly priced and adjustable reclining position has won the customer trust and made it one of the top Amazon choice product!

2. Best Choice Products Set of 2 Adjustable Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Recliners For Patio and Pool  – With Good Cup Holders

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Two heads are better than one. With this proverb in mind, we present you best choice products set of 2 zero gravity chairs. Surprisingly, price of the product is very low. You can say, its like getting 2 units at cost of one. So if you love having company while reclining then this item is perfect for you. Also both of the units are foldable so that you can carry it outdoors without much hassle.

Weight of an individual unit is around 16 lbs. And such lightweight of the unit makes it easy for you to shift it from one place to another. No doubt why it also falls under the category of best zero gravity lawn chairs. In spite of less weight of items, they possess the capacity to carry up to 250 lbs each. Whereas, lying length ranges around 65 inches which makes it perfect for people having a height around 6 feet.

In order to provide you more comfort, best choice products zero gravity chairs comprises of double bungee system. The elastic cords surrounding the frame allows the chair to conform to the body for supportive comfort. Plus, you can even replace old elastic cords with new ones in case they get loose in the future. By this way, the item never gets old and continuous to provide you utmost comfort.

UV-resistant material of seats allows you to place this unit under direct sunlight. However, you should always close it after use to ensure the longevity of the product. Apart from that, both of the chairs comprises of cup holder trays. You can make use of this tray to keep phone, magazines or drinks. Overall, it is the best zero gravity lawn chair in terms of lightweight and cost.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • The lightweight of both items makes it ideal to carry it with you during camping, picnic, etc
  • Elastic cords are the reason behind the unit’s more comfort
  • The accessory tray is big enough to hold phone, magazine and other small items
  • Best choice products offer you 6 color choices
  • High-grade material reduces heat transfer which makes it comfortable to use even in the midst of summer
  • You get set of 2 zero gravity chairs for the price of one


  • Less footrest distant might not be comfortable for tall people
Key Features
  • 32-inch back height
  • Weight capacity of 250 lbs each
  • Removable headrests
  • Replaceable elastic cords
  • Cup holder trays
  • Position lock
  • 90-day warranty

Bottom Line: Best choice gives you 2 Adjustable Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Recliners for Patio, Pool and indoor uses. However, in our review, we find it to be the best budget patio chairs that you can buy.

3. Timber Ridge Oversize Zero Gravity Patio Lounge Chair – Excellent Adjustable Recliner

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Curved ergonomic design provides zero gravity experience at fully reclining. Here comes another timber ridge zero gravity chair but this time with a good size side table. Timber Ridge is a popular brand for its quality products. So it is no big surprise why their items last longer. This item is best for people who love comfort with style. While its stylish look will enhance the beauty of your patio, its ergonomic design will provide utmost comfort. Therefore, you will get the benefit of style along with comfort with this timber ridge zero gravity chair with side table.

Ground-to-seat height of the unit measures 43.5 inches. Other than that, its sturdy aluminum tubes firmly hold the unit and prevent it from tipping over. Also high-quality material of seat holds up to 350 lbs of weight. Its length to width measurement makes it ideal for tall people. But its full-padded seating is like a cherry on the top of the cake that provides you with utmost comfort.

Large side table allows you to keep mobile phone, magazine or beverage. It can even fit a small bowl of food. In case you do not wish to use the side table, you can simply fold it away under the chair. Similar to other models, this timber ridge zero gravity chair also provides adjustable headrest. You can slide the headrest down to make it a waist pillow. This will support your back better as well as relieve stress.

The dual finger locking system of this timber ridge zero gravity chair is more convenient to use. Unlike other products, the lounge chair’s position lock is present just beneath the armrest. You just need to turn lever forward or backward to fix and release the lock. Plus you can stay in any position from sitting up on this timber ridge zero gravity chair. Conclusively, it is a strong, sturdy unit worth your hard earned money.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Large side table of the unit holds many small items
  • The lounge chair folds up easily for transport and storage
  • 21 lb weight of unit allows you to take it to camp, beach, courtyard, etc
  • The oversize seat meets the requirement of different body types
  • You can fold wayside table right under the seat if not in use
  • Foot bar allows you to rest the foot while you enjoy reclining


  • Bit costly
  • Fully padded seating comes in single color only
Key Features
  • 72-inch height when fully reclined
  • 350 lbs weight capacity
  • Full padded seating
  • Removable pillow
  • Large side table
  • Bungee suspension system
  • Dual fingertip locking system
  • 1-year manufacturers warranty

Bottom Line: If size matters to you and you can not fit in any of those skinny chairs then it is the perfect choice for you. It is another excellent oversize zero gravity patio lounge chair from Timber Ridge. The seat and back support are padded. It comes with headrest supports and a cup holder.

4. FOREVER REST FR – Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair (New)

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Treat your aching back with this zero gravity massage chair by forever rest. This massage chair is really helpful for people suffering from severe or frequent back pain. All thanks to its position that sets you true zero gravity recliner. This position results in better blood circulation all over the body. Ultimately it provides more relaxing, deeper and more effective massage. It also helps to prevent or reduce varicose veins that are the main reason behind pain in legs.

In total it offers 10 massaging techniques of which 7 are manual modes and rest 4 are automatic massage programs. Manual mode offers massages like knocking, kneading, rolling, shiatsu, tapping, vibration, and combo tapping with knocking. And with one touch from your remote, you can enjoy 4 automatic massage programs. These programs include stretch, relax, swing and recover mode. Thus, it is one best zero gravity massage chair in terms of money.

Unlike other costly products that only offer you acupressure massage, this chair offers you more. It gives you fool rolling along with foot and calf acupressure. This way you can relax your legs after walking, jogging or ease varicose vein pain. All you have to do is press a button on the remote and relax. Leave all your stress upon this zero gravity massage chair.

You can push out the footrest in case your height is more than normal height. In total it will extend up to 8 inches(approx.) from its normal position. But you need to take care of the product’s weight as it weighs 245 pounds. The company provides curbside delivery only so you have to gather people before to take it to the final destination. Otherwise, it is sturdy, comfortable and best zero gravity massage chair to relieve stress and body pain.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • The back pad has a built-in heat system to give you ultimate back massage
  • You get a 10-day return policy from the day you receive unit
  • True gravity recline results in better blood circulation
  • Simply push out footrest to extend the length of leg massage
  • Gives you best deep massaging experience
  • The product is a great to help for people suffering from severe back and leg pain


  • Expensive
  • Suitable for indoors only
Key Features
  • 51-inch height
  • 285 lbs weight capacity
  • 7 manual massaging modes
  • 4 remote control massage modes
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Rolling foot massage
  • 5-year warranty on steel frame and body
  • 3-year warranty on electronic parts

Bottom Line: If you work a 10 hours desk job and has a good budget then pick this best zero gravity massage chair that will help you relax after long working hours. Comes with built-in heat that soothes sore muscle and gives you an exceptionally relaxing experience.

5. Luckyberry Deluxe Oversized Padded Zero Gravity Chair – Suitable For Outdoors, Yard or Beach

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For some people, outdoors are best when it comes to relaxing. And relaxing becomes more fun if you have a perfect companion. So here comes best oversized zero gravity chair to double your joy of relaxing. Fully padded XL seat provides you more comfort as compared to non-padded ones. Its 1.2-inch padding in combination with polyester fabric is responsible for the long life of the product.

The heavy-duty steel frame of zero gravity lounge chair has a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs. Whereas, its seat width measures 23.2 inches. This good width-to-height ratio along with weight carrying capacity makes it best zero gravity lounge chair for large guys. And similar to many other models, this unit also includes a detachable head pillow. Also, let’s not forget about sturdy wooden armrest to rest your arms while you enjoy reclining.

Non-slip mat holds the unit firmly to the position if the floor is slippery. So no matter where you place your zero gravity lounge chair it will always stay in position. Be it a patio, pool, indoors or outdoors. Other than that, it also consists of strong double bungee rope. In the future, if these elastic cords get loose you can even replace them.

By simply turning lever you can lock the seat into zero gravity position. And simply turn in into reverse direction to release the lock. Besides that, the item weight of 24.9 pounds makes it easy for you to shift it from one place to another. You can even fold it away and store it in the backside of the car.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Adjustable angle of seat improves blood circulation and helps to relieve pressure from lower back
  • Thick padding on the seat provides more comfort while you are reclining
  • Side table with cup holder allows for phone, magazine and a cup
  • Non-slip mat at bottom of steel tube frame firmly holds unit even if the floor is slippery
  • The polyester fabric material of seat will last for years
  • It is extremely easy to fold and unfold this zero gravity lounge chair


  • Comes in a single color only
  • It is not a good idea to keep unit outdoors during rain or snow as the frame is built from non-alloy metal
Key Features
  • 32.48-inch back height
  • Weight capacity of 350 lbs
  • 1.2-inch padding
  • Non-slip mat
  • Wooden armrest
  • Detachable head pillow
  • Double bungee rope

Bottom Line: If you are big size person then Luckyberry oversized padded zero gravity chair is best for you. This XL size chair comes with a cup holder and can support up to 350 lbs of body weight.

6. Best Choice – Best Canopy Zero Gravity Recliner Lounge Chair (Folding Canopy Shade and Cup Holder)

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It is very obvious that the best season for relaxing outdoors is summer. As there is no more snow or rain, you can soak up in as much sun as you want. However, you might not like much exposure to your face in direct sunlight. So for all those summer lovers, we have zero gravity chair with canopy in our review list. While rest parts of your body enjoy warm rays of the sun, canopy shades your face. This way it protects your face and neck from harmful rays of the sun. Also, you have the option to remove canopy if you do not wish to use it.

Extra-wide seats of this zero gravity chair with canopy helps to seat comfortably. And with a weight capacity of 250 lbs, it can easily fit person with average or above average height. Apart from that, it provides an adjustable headrest that you can slide down and convert into waist pillow. Or else you can totally remove it from the seat. Whereas, electric cords adjust according to the body’s size as soon as you sit on this zero gravity lounge chair.

In spite of having a full-padded seating, it provides a smooth mesh seat rest. And minute spaces in between mesh allows passage of air. This prevents sweating on back due to warm rays of sun falling you during summer. Also, UV-resistant material of seat and canopy will not fade away easily under sunlight. Your zero gravity chair with canopy will keep looking new for many years.

A cup holder tray is big enough to place drinks, magazines, phone or tablet. It is spacious enough to hold small items for convenient accessibility. So have fun and relax this summer with this best zero gravity chair with canopy from best choice products.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • You can remove canopy in case you do not wish to use it
  • The zero gravity chair with canopy locks in different positions very well
  • You get 7 different color choices
  • The unit folds up easily for transportation and storage purpose
  • Comes with detachable cup holder tray which is spacious enough to hold many small items
  • Less price of the product makes it best zero gravity chair under $100


  • Not suitable for very tall people above 6′ 3″
  • You might need another pillow for more comfort
Key Features
  • 36-inch length
  • 250 lbs weight capacity
  • Canopy on top
  • Replaceable elastic cords
  • Cup holder tray
  • Removable head pillow
  • 90-day warranty

Bottom Line: This is the best canopy zero gravity chair that can handle the big weight and has a cup holder. You can use it while watching any sport in field or soccer ground. The material used is UV protected which means UV are safe in scorching sunlight.

7. Le Papillon All Seasonal Zero Gravity Chair That Has Removable Suede Cushion

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Next, on our best zero gravity chair reviews, we have a perfect product for people with average or below average height. Its time for them to relax their back with their personal unit. Not only does this product helps to relieve back pain but its true gravity position improves blood circulation. So it will benefit your entire back and lower back while you enjoy reclining on it. Let us not forget about the beautiful look of this zero gravity lounge chair. No matter where you place it, be it a patio, poolside or backyard, you will get tons of appreciation.

Unlike many models who have padding or mesh layer, this zero gravity lounge chair has a suede cushion. This suede cushion is 3 cm thick as well as completely removable. While the material of the cushion keeps you warm in winter, its breathable Textilene fabric keeps you cool in summer. So no matter if it is summer or winter, this comfy zero gravity recline chair will always relive body stress.

Yet another unique feature of this product is the presence of dual straps on the back. These straps are helpful in keeping headrest pillow in a specific position. Even if you move your zero gravity patio chair, the position of the cushion will remain firm. Also, the unit is strong enough to hold up to 330 lbs. All you get is the next level of comfort while reclining.

It’s easy to use locking system allows you to lock your zero gravity patio chair in any position. Unlike lever or knob, you need to push a switch inside to lock the seat into position. And simply pull it out to unlock it. Moreover, as the unit weighs only 22.6 pounds it becomes easy for you to carry and shift it. Plus you can fold it away when not in use.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • The thick suede cushion provides utmost comfort while reclining
  • Suitable to use during both summers and winter season
  • Straps and special design of back firmly holds headrest cushion
  • The locking system allows you to lock the patio chair in any position
  • You can fold away unit for easy transportation or storage
  • The lightweight of the item allows you to easily shift unit


  • No padding on the armrest
  • It is not too much wide, skinny people might not like it
Key Features
  • 18.5 inches from seat to floor
  • 330 lbs weight capacity
  • 3 cm suede cushion
  • Dual straps on the back
  • Removable cushion
  • Switch locking system
  • Tubular steel frame

Bottom Line: Do you want something that not only goes out in summer but can be used all season? then this Le Papillon unit is the best zero gravity recliner chair in the market. It comes with a removable suede cushion for ultra comfort.

8. EVER ADVANCED Oversize XL Zero Gravity Patio Chair with Adjustable Headrest Support

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Beach, pool or patio, these names are enough to bring joy to our mind. And nothing is better than having a reclining chair beside them. So we present you oversize zero gravity chair by ever advanced. Design and look of this product go very well with beach, patio and poolside. And apart from having an attractive look, it is a very strong unit. All thanks to its sturdy steel construction which is also responsible for the long life of the product. While its look will gather your compliments, its 21-inch wide seat width will allow you to sit comfortably.

Full length of this oversized zero gravity chair while in reclining position measures 72 inches. This much length can easily fit people having a height between 6 feet and 6.2 feet. No need to worry about weight as a product’s maximum loading capacity is 350 lbs. Furthermore, full padding on seat and back of the zero gravity lounge chair provides more comfortable to the user. So this year enjoy your vacations as well as let this zero gravity recliner relive your back pain.

You can start using the product right after unpacking it. As all parts come pre-assembled there is no need for product assembly. You only need to attach headrest or not if you do not wish to use. In addition, this oversized zero gravity chair comprises a side cup holder. In spite of removing cup holder completely, it easily slides down beneath seat when not in use. This sliding-down function prevents misplacing of the tray.

Easy switch locking system locks the unit into position in a snap. Similarly, pulling the switch back unlocks it. Plus you can easily adjust this oversized zero gravity lounge chair to any position from 0-170 degrees. Its strong double rope distributes weight evenly as well as transforms according to body shape.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • The dual fingertip locking system allows you to stay in any position
  • A foldaway side table can hold many small items including a large size beverage can
  • Extra-large armrest allows you to comfortably place your arms while you are reclining
  • The overall look of the product is very attractive
  • Its skid-proof frame holds the unit firmly on slippery surfaces
  • Easy folding and compact size makes it travel-friendly


  • Costly
  • Single color choice only
Key Features
  • 30-inch back height
  • Loading capacity of 350 lbs
  • Fully padded seating
  • Adjustable pillow
  • Side cup holder
  • Skid-proof frame
  • Double rope
  • Item weights 21 pounds

Bottom Line: Extra large zero gravity chairs are comfortable for all types of people. Ever advanced as even backed it up with padded headrest and coffee cup holder for more outdoor fun. This is the perfect patio furniture to stretch some legs in any season.

9. Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair – Rated and Popular Zero Gravity Chair

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Caravan sports infinity zero gravity chair is among best seller units on Amazon and for a strong reason. And the reason is its extremely low cost. But not let the low cost of unit fool you with its quality. In spite of such less price caravan offers a quality product. Its durable texteline fabric is good to use in all seasons. However, you should keep the products indoors during harsh weather as it might rust steel frame. Otherwise, its double bungee system provides excellent comfort which helps to reduce back pain.

Just like the rest of the models in our best zero gravity chair review list, this unit also provides a removable pillow. You can slide headrest pillow downwards to support your lumbar. This is beneficial for people suffering from extreme back pain. Apart from that, the chair weighs only 18 lbs which are the lightest product till now. Due to its extreme lightweight, it makes easy for you to take it to beach, patio, lawn, etc. You can even fold it away and easily store it in backside of your car. Thus, it is the best portable zero gravity chair.

The dual fingertip locking system allows you to lock your zero gravity lounge chair in any position. Just lean back, lock your position and relieve your back pain. Similarly, to unlock from the position, pull the finger lock up towards the armrest. This way it becomes easy for a user to operate the unit in a snap.

In case you have a partner to share your leisure time with, caravan offers a set of 2 zero gravity chairs. Also, you get a total of 6 color choices all of them having a strong steel frame. So no need to worry about the durability of the product. But above all, the low price of the product makes it one of the best zero gravity chairs under $50.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • It is one of the best selling products on amazon
  • Cheap price of the product makes it suitable for gifting
  • The dual fingertip locking system is very convenient to use
  • You get 6 color choices
  • Perfect for backyard, beach or sporting event due to its extreme lightweight
  • Pillow is ideal for both headrest or lumbar support


  • No padding on seat or back
  • The product can expose you to chemicals
  • Looking at its quality it can handle only up to 250 lbs, though the company claims to support 300 lbs
Key Features
  • 25.5-inch back length
  • Supports up to 300 lbs
  • Double elastic cords
  • Dual fingertip locking system
  • Strong steel frame
  • Multiple recline positions
  • Adjustable headrest
  • 90-day warranty

Bottom Line: This is one of the most popular sports patio chair in the market. The major reason is it durability and low price. Apart from being comfortable and strong it even has dual finger tip locking system to keep it locked all the time no matter what ever your weight is. To be on safe side, it can handle 250 pounds of weight without any issue.

10. Just Relax Zero Gravity Chair with Pillow, Canopy, and Multiple Reclining Positions

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The canopy on top of the chair is the best way to shade your face and neck from strong rays of the sun. So here have another zero gravity chair with canopy on our review list. Yes, it is necessary to get your vitamin D from the sun but as the skin of the face is more delicate you need to take extra care of it. You always have option to cover your face using a hat or scarf. But there are high chances of them blowing away due to high winds. So a reclining chair with canopy is the best alternative to both of them. Or you can even go for patio umbrellas in case you’re planning to relax this summer in your patio.

The strong steel frame of the zero gravity lounge chair can hold up to 330 lbs of weight. And its length-to-width ratio easily fits a person having 6-6.2 feet of height. Plus there’s a double bungee system that articles itself according to your body shape. This, in turn, gives you utmost comfort while recline position helps in a better blood circulation of the body. And better blood circulation on the back helps to reduce back and lower back pain.

Good width of the headrest pillow is beneficial for both short and tall people. And you always have the option to slide it down or up according to your comfort. You can even use it to support your lumbar if you’re suffering from severe back pain. However, you cannot remove pillow of this zero gravity chair with canopy. This is generally not a big issue for many buyers.

The clip-on table allows you to place a drink and phone along with some small items. As the table is clip-on you can completely remove it when not in use. Overall, it is best zero gravity chair for back pain having a canopy on top.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Strong steel frame of the product is the reason behind its durability
  • Comes with a pillow headrest and canopy to shade your face
  • Durable fabric of seat will continue to provide comfort for many years
  • You get 5 different color choices
  • In case you do not wish to use a table, you can remove it completely
  • Wide seat of the unit is comfortable for large guys


  • The headrest pillow is not removable
  • Bit costly
Key Features
  • 69-inch long when fully reclined
  • 330 lbs weight capacity
  • Canopy
  • Strong steel frame
  • Double bungee system
  • Clip-on table
  • Pillow headrest
  • Weights 23.6 pounds

Bottom Line: If you are looking for some canopy outdoor chairs then it is one of the best picks you are going to make. Just Relax Zero Gravity Chair with Pillow and Canopy can be bought anything near $100. At this low price it another top pick that you won't regret buying.

11. Artist Hand Big Capacity Zero Gravity Heavy Duty Outdoor Folding  Chairs with Snack Tray

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Now this product on our best zero gravity chair reviews is specially for those who cannot compromise on comfort anyway. Rather be indoors or outdoors, they simply need their personal source of relaxation. So here comes a heavy duty zero gravity chair weighing only 18 pounds. This lightweight of unit makes it suitable to place it outdoors. It can be your lawn, porch, backyard or patio. You can even carry it with you on beach or during camping. All thanks to its lightweight of the product.

UV-resistant material protects seat and back of the zero gravity lounge chair from harmful sunlight. However, do not keep unit under direct sunlight for long hours when not in use as it fades away color. This is because the material is UV-resistant and not UV-proof. There's a huge difference between both the terms. Likewise, mesh material of the seat is also water-resistant. It dries up quickly in case it gets wet due to rain or after washing.

Instead of having skid-proof material at the bottom, it provides square tube supports at each corner. Square tube support is equally stable and strong as skid-proof material. You can hassle free place this zero gravity lounge chair on any surface, be it smooth or solid. Apart from that, you get reclining angle from 90-150 degrees that help to relax your back.

Artist hand zero gravity lounge chair comes in 2 different seat widths. One is 19 inches wide whereas other one is 22.83 inches wide. All other features are similar no matter how much wide the seat is. Also, there is no need for assembly as you can use chair right after unpacking it. Overall, it is study zero gravity chair recliner with good weight carrying capacity.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Square tube support firmly holds it in place and prevents it from slipping
  • 2 different seat width available
  • Steel frame along with durable mesh material offers a long-lasting use
  • The reclining angle from 90-150 degree helps you to relieve back pain
  • The lightweight of the unit makes it perfect zero gravity patio chair for camping, gardens, beach and poolside
  • Folds flat design for easy storage when not in use


  • Cup holder tray is not up to the mark
  • Comes in gray color only
  • Width of standard seat not suitable for people with wide hips
Key Features
  • 70.8-inch long when fully reclined
  • 350 lbs weight capacity
  • Removable pillow
  • Detachable cup holder
  • Elastic latex string
  • Fingertip lock system
  • Breathable mesh material

Bottom Line: The brand Artist Hand has made it with a strong frame and high fabric which can handle up to 350 lbs without any issue. It is another excellent cheap lawn patio reclining chairs available in the market.

12. Goplus Zero Gravity Chair Set 2 Pack Adjustable Folding Lounge Recliners Under $100

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Get a set of 2 quality zero gravity chairs at the cost of one. Strong and durable, these zero gravity lounge chairs are perfect for leisure time with a partner onside. Thanks to its sturdy aluminum seat posts and steel leg posts that can hold up to 300 lbs. Also, the weight of a single chair is just 15.9 lbs including tray which is very light. And this lightweight allows you to take the product to beachside, pool, patio or anywhere without much hassle. In addition to that, it folds away very easily which helps in easy storage or transportation.

Cup holder tray of this zero gravity lounge chair has space for 2 cups including phone and other small items. Therefore, you can completely remove the table in case you do not wish to use it. Other than that, it includes a detachable headrest which you can convert into a back pillow by sliding it down. This way you can support your lumbar to reduce back pain while reclining.

The breathable material of seat and back is best for summers. Your back won't get sweaty even after reclining for long hours. However, you need to put some extra cushion during winters to prevent airflow. Simple cushions at home work fine but you can even get special cushions for zero gravity lounge chairs. Hence, you can choose a number of pillows according to your comfort.

The length-to-width ratio of the chair is perfectly fine for tall people under a height of 6.2 feet. Plus, wide and curved armrest allows you to comfortably place your arms while you enjoy reclining. All in all, less price and quality construction makes it best zero gravity lounge chair for indoor and outdoor use.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • You get 2 folding zero gravity reclining chairs under $100
  • The breathable seat material is suitable to use during summers
  • Cup holder tray has place to keep 2 cups apart from mobile phone and magazines
  • You can remove the pillow and wash it in case it gets dirty
  • Select your favorite unit from 6 different color choices
  • Lightweight of the product allows you to easily carry it from one place to another


  • Not ideal to use during winters until you put extra cushions
  • Frames rust easily during the rainy season
Key Features
  • 35.5-inch back length
  • Weight capacity of 300 lbs
  • A cup holder tray
  • Detachable headrest
  • Aluminum seat posts
  • Steel leg posts
  • Item weights 15.9 lbs

Bottom Line: Looking for buy one get one free cheap zero gravity chairs for your backyard? then you are going to love the material quality GoPlus is giving just under $100.

If you more like an outdoor person then you might like our list of best riding lawn mowers that can help you trim the grass. Combine them with outdoor bistro set for more space and seating area.

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Buying Guide

1. What is a zero gravity chair? What are the benefits of zero gravity chair?

A zero gravity chair sets you in a position where you almost feel weightless. So does this chair defy gravity? No no, of course not. It simply raises your feet to be at the same level as your heart. This, in turn, relaxes your back by improving blood circulation throughout body. But it especially helps people with back problems such as severe back pain or lower back pain. They can benefit a lot by using zero gravity chairs. Not only it can reduce your back pain but they are best to reduce overall body stress. People take them along with themselves at camping, beachside, star gazing, etc to double the joy. Thus, health benefits of zero gravity chair, as well as affordable price, makes them perfect for leisure time.

2. What is the best zero-gravity outdoor chair?

You should look for a product with lightweight when searching for best zero gravity outdoor chair. But do not compromise on quality even if chair is extremely light in weight. So in our opinion, this Timber Ridge Unit is perfect to use outdoors. It is both, light in weight and durable as well as attractive in look. Wide width and great weight carrying capacity make it one of the best zero-gravity outdoor chairs in our review list. Plus, its full padded seating doubles the joy of reclining outdoors.

3. What is the best indoor zero gravity chair?

If you're planning to keep the unit indoors then all you seek is utmost comfort. And no one can provide more comfort then full padded seating. So we have La Papillon All Season Indoor Zero Gravity Chair with suede cushion. The suede cushion is way more comfortable than normal padding when it comes to reclining. Also, high-quality material of this suede cushion keeps you warm during winters and cool during summer. Plus its easy locking system and sturdy construction make it best indoor zero gravity chair for use all around the year. is reader-supported and a part of the Amazon Affiliates Program. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Read our disclosure for more information.

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