#16 Best Toddler Beds in 2020 (Reviews + Buyer’s Guide)

The first birthday of your little one is coming up and now your child is going to enter ‘toddler-hood’. You’ll see your baby taking its first steps and your excitement is all over the moon. This is the time when your baby is going to transition from the crib to a toddler bed.

You will notice that babies soon don’t fit in their cribs which is why you are going to need a small bed designed to fulfill your toddler comfort needs.

Toddler beds are spacious enough to let your baby sleep comfortably. And the good quality of sleep is very much important during growth stages. Plus, by the time your little munchkin gets 1-2 years old, you are very well aware of their likes. So you get a variety of toddler bed sets to select the best one for your beloved child. But not every bed for toddlers is worth your money. There are many units out there which are good in looks but lack quality. So here we are with our 16 best toddler beds for boys and girls to get you a perfect unit.

Best Toddler Beds ReviewsBefore beginning with reviews, let us understand why it is important to shift your baby from crib to toddler bed. Though might find a crib is more secure while your baby still fits in it but it might not turn out true every time. First of all, the crib is small in size and will only get smaller day by day as your child grows. Also someday they’ll try to escape long rails of the crib and hurt themselves. So it is better to get them a toddler bed as your child is now becoming their own person. Bunk beds are also a great option if there are any older siblings. While your little one sleeps comfortably on the bottom bunk, the older sibling will enjoy sleeping on the upper bunk.

Top 16 Best Toddler Beds in 2020 – Reviews

Now its time to read our toddler bed reviews to decide which one do you want to buy.

1. Toddler Bed with Soft Tufted Headboard, Kids Wood Bed Frame with Half Side Rails

[amazon box=”B00YJ0DDHY” title=”Orbelle Toddler Bed With Side Rails*”]

Parents know this very well that how a steady sleeping toddler can turn into ninja warrior during sleep. And obviously, as a parent, you want to make sure that your child does not get hurt while sleeping on a toddler bed. So first on the review list, we have a wooden toddler bed with soft tufted headboard. Not only does this enhance the beauty of the entire unit but it also protects the head of your little one while he or she conquerors battle in the dream. Similarly, it comprises of footboard on the other side to ensure the safety of your child.

Half side rails on both the sides reduce chances of a toddler falling out from the bed. While the small height of the bed makes it easy for the child to enter and get out of bed. Moreover, its solid wood and microfiber polyester construction make it worth the money. Your baby can freely jump and dance over bed till she gets tired and sleeps there comfortably. No wonder why it also stands as best rated toddler bed on Amazon. Plus the white color of the bed is suitable for both boys and girls.


  • It hardly takes an hour for a person to assemble this unit
  • Solid wood frames of bed are strong, sturdy and completely safe
  • Tufted gray headboard and footboard with crystal-like inset buttons is beautiful to look and safe for kids
  • The perfect length of side rails reduce chances of a child falling out from the bed
  • The unit is not high off the ground so your baby can easily walk in and out
  • Best for 2-5 years old toddlers


  • Does not include mattress

Suitable For:

  • Both boys and girls

2. Dream On Me Classic Design Toddler Bed  – Best Rated Toddler Bed

[amazon box=”B001OW6K2A” title=”Dream On Classic Kids Bed*”]

Assembling a toddler bed is not a work of hassle. But things become a little difficult if you do not have proper assembly tools. So this dream on me classic toddler bed comes with all necessary tools for proper installation. Not only does it make assembly of bed a fun task but also saves your time. Speaking of construction, this wooden toddler bed is ergonomically designed and structurally sound and stable. Thanks to its solid wood frames that are strong enough to bear jumping and hopping of your little one.

The low profile of the unit is easy for a child to go in and come out. In fact, such less height of base from floor ensures a child’s safety. And to make things more secure, dream on wooden toddler bed features 2 side rails. Smooth edges of these side rails are best when it comes to toddler’s safety. You do not have to worry about serious accidents by sharp edges with this durable toddler bed. In addition, all their units meet the CPSC and ASTM standard as well as are JPMA certified.


  • Includes all tools for proper assembly of the unit
  • Sits low to the floor so that your child can easily enter and leave the bed
  • Smooth rail edges ensure no serious injury takes place
  • Sturdy wooden construction handles jumping and hopping of little one
  • The unit is safe to use for kids as it is free from phthalates, latex, lead and BPA
  • 16 different color choices give you the freedom to choose your kid’s favorite color


  • Some units do not include mattress

Suitable For:

  • Variety of color choices makes it ideal for boys and girls

3. Delta Children Canton Toddler Bed

[amazon box=”B00OGOWPFY” title=”Canton Toddler Bed By Delta*”]

The timeless design of canton beds easily matches with any type of background. And that’s the reason behind them being so popular among many people. If your kid doesn’t care much about having a cartoon or car bed, then this unit is just perfect. Apart from having a beautiful canton design, it is made from strong and sturdy wood. In addition, all its wooden edges such as side rails, footboard and headboard have a smooth finish. Such a smooth finish not only gives a touch of class to the entire unit but ensures the safety of your kid.

Similar to many other models on our best toddler bed reviews, this unit is also built low to ground. Apart from that, the wood is tested for lead and other toxic elements to meet government and ASTM safety standards. Also, it is JPMA certified which means it meets the safety standards set by CPSC and ASTM. All these tests simply indicate that this delta toddler bed is completely safe to use for your kid. In fact, it is strong enough to hold up to 50 lbs of weight. Thus, you can sleep peacefully after tucking your little one.


  • Solid wood construction is both safe for kids and structurally sound
  • Sleigh-style silhouette compliments the interior of any room
  • Smooth edges reduce chances of your child getting hurt badly
  • 2 guard rails on the upper side of the unit help kid transition from crib to toddler bed
  • Wooden frames can easily hold up to 50 lbs of weight
  • The unit stands as best rated toddler bed on Amazon with over 200 positive reviews


  • 2 color options only
  • Silver screws are visible at some points after you complete assembly process

Suitable For:

  • Gender neutral color is perfect for girls and boys

4. Big Oshi Contemporary Design Toddler & Kids Bed – Sturdy Wooden Frame for Extra Safety – Great for Boys and Girls

[amazon box=”B00MPSNOYY” title=”Strong Toddler Bed By Big Oshi*”]

As a parent, you make sure that your child does not expose to harmful chemicals. So you try your best to keep them away from things that contain such chemicals. But do you know that paint on wooden frames also contains harmful chemicals that might be not healthy for your child? But not to worry with big Oshi contemporary wooden toddler bed as the unit is JPMA certified. This certification implies that paint coating on wood is completely safe for your kid. Low content of harmful substances gives you peace of mind as your child comfortably sleeps on it.

Sturdy slats of pine wood are capable of holding a minimum of 35 pounds and a maximum of 60 pounds of weight. Plus, two side rails makes it less likely for your kid to fall out during nighttime. And smooth edges of the rails adds a layer of protection and safety. Above all, it is an inexpensive kids bed. Therefore, which makes it excellent cheap toddler bed in terms of safety regulations and construction.


  • Big Oshi puts your child safety first by ensuring low amounts of chemicals in wooden coatings
  • Comes with all necessary tools to put parts of the unit together
  • Solid pine wood construction can hold up to 60 pounds of weight
  • Right height of toddler bed allows your kid to comfortably go in and out
  • Meets ASTM safety standard requirements and safety regulations
  • Budget-friendly price of the product along with solid construction makes it worth the money


  • You need to drill slats as not all stats are pre-drilled

Suitable For:

  • Excellent toddler bed for boys and girls as it is available in 11 different colors

5. Delta Children Plastic Toddler Bed, Nick Jr. PAW Patrol

[amazon box=”B01LXVIT67″ title=”Cartoon Toddler Bed By Delta*”]

Let us agree that kids love to be around their favorite cartoon character. Be it in the form of a toy, dinner plate or even bed. So here comes delta plastic toddler beds with paw patrol print. The great color combination along with a print of paw patrol character over headboard and footboard will definitely attract your little ones. Plus, you get a number of other different characters to choose from apart from paw patrol. Therefore, delta features mickey mouse, cars, ninja turtles, etc choices for boys. Whereas, there are some cute options such as Dora, Minnie mouse, frozen, etc for girls.

Sturdy steel frame and high-quality plastic construction can hold up to 50 lbs. And just like wooden units, this cheap toddler bed features 2 guardrails. These guardrails of plastic have a smooth curve on end so as to ensure the safety of your kid. And as most of the construction is of plastic apart from the frame, assembling is the fun part. In no time you’ll put all the parts of the unit together. Thus, you can worry free tuck your baby in and kiss her good night.


  • Colorful graphics on headboard and footboard makes the kid fall in love with their bed
  • Plastic edges and boards are safer as compared to wooden material
  • Less height of the frame to the floor helps the child easily go in and come out
  • Even though the majority of its parts are made from plastic, it can hold up to 50 lbs of weight
  • Steel frames are the reason behind the product’s durability and sturdiness
  • With over 1200 positive reviews it stands as best cheap toddler beds on Amazon
  • Very easy to install this toddler bed


  • You have to apply stickers on boards which is not at all difficult
  • Steel frames are not rust proof

Suitable For:

  • Special cartoon characters on the headboard and footboard are best for both, boys and girls

6. House Bed Frame Toddler Bed PREMIUM Wood

[amazon box=”B01N9NSYPO” title=”Cute Design Toddler House Bed*”]

As a kid, we all wished to have our own small house one day. And so does our kids do. So next on the review list we have premium wood toddler house bed. The shape of the unit resembles the small wooden house. For kids, this will be their own little space where they can play and sleep comfortably. Thanks to its unique house design that allows you to decorate frames. You can either hang lights on a piece of wood in the center or decorate it with pompoms. Whichever way your child loves, you can redecorate it accordingly.

Normally this wooden toddler bed will come in standard design which is of a house. But you can customize it by selecting options such as chimney or slats. You can even a picket fence in case you want to make your toddler’s bed more beautiful. Though the house is made from quality wood, it does not come painted. But on the positive side, you can easily paint the frames using your kids favorite color. Plus it is very easy to paint it using a 4″ roller. Or you can also make use of paint sprayer to give it a professional touch. Just make sure paint is free from lead and other heavy chemicals as you do not want to harm your baby.


  • House shape of the bed is desired by most of the children having age in between 2-6 years
  • You can add chimney, slats or picket fence and make the unit look more beautiful
  • The product has an extremely low profile which makes it safe for kids who toss and turn a lot
  • 3-rail style makes sure your child doesn’t fall out from the frame
  • All wood pieces are smooth and pre-drilled to ease the assembly process
  • You can easily decorate this house-style unit with lights, stickers or other decorative items


  • A little expensive
  • Comes in the natural wood finish without any layer of a paint coat

Suitable For:

  • Gender neutral design. You can decorate it according to your child’s gender.

7. The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed Portable Inflatable Air Mattress Bed for Travel, Camp or Home Use

[amazon box=”B001EQ66WK” title=”Best Portable Toddler Bed By The Shrunks *”]

If you love to travel a lot and have a kid with you then it becomes important to take care of his sleep time. And as a parent of a toddler, you know he can sleep anytime and anywhere irrespective of place. So to the rescue comes this portable toddler bed which is as comfy as a regular mattress. Its low profile design ensures your child remains safe. And it’s signature guard rail design on both sides help prevent the baby toddler from rolling off the bed. In all means, this inflatable toddler bed is just as safe as any other regular unit.

In order to ease the task of inflation, shrunk provides a jet-air electric pump. This mini yet powerful pump can inflate the travel toddler bed in approximately 30 seconds. So in no time, you can give your kid a safe area to sleep comfortably all night. And to conveniently carry this small inflatable bed from one place to another, shrunk provides with a carry bag. You can easily decompress the unit and store it inside the lightweight nylon bag. Let us not forget to mention its sheet-tuck feature that tucks sheets and blankets neatly and keeps them in place.


  • You can easily fit all standard crib size sheets on this inflatable unit
  • Soft flocking on top eliminates squeaky sound when your child toss and turn during nighttime
  • Its unique design easily tucks in right size sheets and mattress into the inner air mattress
  • Shrunk provides a 2-year limited warranty on the product
  • More than 1300 positive reviews on Amazon make it as one of the best portable toddler bed
  • Includes powerful electric pump that can inflate the unit in nearly 30 seconds


  • Does not include sheets

Suitable For:

  • Excellent travel toddler bed because of it’s travel-friendly design

8. Storkcraft Mission Ridge Toddler Bed Gray – Fits Standard-Size Toddler Mattress – Meets or Exceeds All Federal Safety Standards

[amazon box=”B0781Z5Q13″ title=”Safe Ridge Toddler Bed By Storkcraft*”]

Make your child’s transition from crib to toddler bed simple and fun with Storkcraft. Its high-quality pine wood construction can hold up to 50 pounds of weight. Therefore, let your baby jump and hop freely as this durable toddler bed will not break so easily. Also, 2 guardrails on sides ensure child safety while they’re asleep. These strong rails keep your kid from falling out of the bed. And to make things safer for kids, this unit comes in the non-toxic finish.

You do not need to worry about mixing the style of this unit with room background. It is because its clean lines and modern paneling compliments almost any type of room decor. In fact, design and safety features of the product earned it women’s choice award in 2018. This award makes it stand as America’s most recommended baby furniture. Apart from that, support slats can fit any standard size of mattress easily. Though you need to buy a toddler bed mattress separately.


  • Made from high-quality New Zealand pine wood and composites
  • The built-in guardrail on both sides make it less likely for a child to fall off
  • The wooden construction of the unit is strong enough to hold up to 50 lbs
  • Clean lines along with modern paneling easily mix product to various room interiors
  • Non-toxic finish of the wood is safe and good for kids health
  • Winner of women’s choice award in 2018 as America’s excellent baby furniture


  • 2 color choices only(both dark)

Suitable For:

  • Gender neutral color, good for boys and girls

9. Dream On Me Emma 3 in 1 Convertible Toddler Bed

[amazon box=”B0194QVVGM” title=”Excellent Convertible Toddler Bed by DreamOn*”]

If you’re planning to buy kids furniture for the long term then convertible is the key to look for. The benefit of buying a convertible toddler bed is, you can accommodate the ever-changing needs of your child’s room. So we present you with the dream on me 3 in 1 convertible furniture. Initially, it comes as kids bed which is no doubt structurally sound and stable. Thanks to the solid wood construction and use of premium grade materials. In addition, the unit is free from phthalates, latex, lead and BPA which makes it even safer.

As your child grows up, you can easily convert your baby’s bed into 2 child-sized chairs or sofas and a table. For girls, this set of furniture is the best place to throw a tea party for parents. However, you need to buy a conversion kit separately which is not much costly. This sturdy wooden unit is available in 6 different brilliant finishes to easily match the theme of your child’s bedroom. So in short, you can happily meet the growing needs of your kid that too under budget.


  • The 3-in-1 convertible feature easily converts from a toddler bed to into 2 child chairs and a table
  • Pinewood construction is strong and sturdy to hold weight up to 50 pounds
  • Comes in 6 beautiful finishes to match with your kids room
  • It is the best budget friendly toddler bed for parents looking to accommodate long term need of kid
  • Meets ASTM and CPSC safety standards
  • The product is free from latex, lead, and other such heavy chemicals


  • You need to buy a conversion kit and bedding stuff separately
  • Assembling the unit needs a good amount of time and patience

10. Regalo My Cot Deluxe Portable Toddler Bed – Includes Sleeping Bag

[amazon box=”B009FRKXKG” title=”Portable Toddler Bed By Regalo*”]

Portability of kids bed should be your first priority if you travel often. And apart from being portable, the unit should be comfortable and sturdy enough to hold the weight of your toddler. And possessing the same qualities we have Regalo deluxe portable toddler bed. The gender-neutral dark blue color of the unit suites boys and girls. And most importantly, it is light in weight which means you can easily shift it from one room to another. With Regalo, you will never have your baby out of sight as you can take unit anywhere with you.

Thanks to its feature of turning into a fraction of its original size that allows you to carry it conveniently to camping, picnic, etc. To make things comfier, Regalo travel toddler bed includes a deluxe sleeping bag and a pillow. This bedding set fits perfectly in the frame and gives your little one comfortable sleep. Furthermore, you can easily wash canvas material using damp cloth and soap solution. Whereas the fitted sheet is safe to wash inside the machine on delicate mode. So conclusively, it is the best portable toddler bed in terms of value for money and durability.


  • Includes sleeping bag and a removable pillow that fits perfectly over the canvas surface
  • This lightweight product makes it convenient to carry along with you
  • Let your kid eat and drink over sheet comfortably as you can easily wash it in a washing machine
  • Steel frame and good quality canvas material is the reason behind the beds durability
  • It folds and unfolds in less than 20 seconds
  • You can start using it right after unboxing as it does not require any assembly


  • Not ideal for kids above 6 years because of its small size
  • Canvas material does not provide a cool sleeping surface in summers

11. Orbelle Trading Toddler Bed – Crafted From Solid Wood

[amazon box=”B00NMDF0L6″ title=”Orbelle Toddler Bed*”]

Make your kids transition from crib to toddler bed fun with this beautiful Orbelle product. The contemporary design of the unit looks elegant in modern style bedrooms. And the outer layer of grey coat simply enhances the beauty of the entire product. But apart from having great looks, Orbelle modern toddler bed posses some wonderful qualities. Made from solid wood this sturdy unit can easily handle a minimum weight of 30 pounds and a maximum of 60 pounds. Therefore, let your kid jump freely over as strong legs of the unit will not break that easily.

Orbelle comes with all the necessary tools in order to ease the assembly process. Simply follow instructions on manual to complete the project in less time. Besides that, you get a pair of guardrails to install on sides. But unlike other units on the review list, these set of guardrails are detachable. Personally, we would not recommend removing rails unless and until you are confident your child won’t roll out of bed. Plus it is no harm in keeping side rails as they will simply help to protect baby from falling out.


  • The contemporary look of the unit compliments modern rooms
  • Includes all necessary tool to assemble your toddlers bed
  • Solid wooden construction can hold a maximum of 70 pounds of weight
  • You can easily detach side rails in case you’re confident your kid will stay right in place
  • Low profile helps toddler easily get in and out from the bed
  • Smooth edges ensure no serious injury occurs while your baby jumps on the unit


  • Comes in grey color only
  • Wooden parts are heavy to handle alone while installation

12. Dream On Me Toddler Day Bed

[amazon box=”B002GWVZCW” title=”Solid Wood Toddler Bed By Dream On*”]

Do you kid love to hear bedtime stories before falling asleep? Then here an excellent product the from Dream-On-Me. This toddler bed with storage drawer is just perfect to store all your kid’s favorite storybooks. The bottom storage drawer is divided into two sections. While one section is perfect for storing books, you can utilize other parts to store baby’s nighttime essentials. And most importantly the design of storage drawer is hard to open by a child. This, in turn, reduces chances of baby’s finger getting smashed between drawer and panel of wood.

Daybed design of this dream on me wooden toddler bed is safe for children 18 months to 5 years old. Thanks to its sturdy construction and low profile design. While less space in between frame and ground makes it easy for kids to go in and come out bed, its solid pinewood construction can handle up to 50 lbs of weight. Thus, you can worry free tuck your child and continue with other activities. Its daybed design features guardrails on 4 sides with space on one side for the convenient entrance. Such designs are perfect for kids who toss and turn a lot while asleep.


  • Roomy storage drawer underneath the bed is ideal for storing story books
  • You get 4 brilliant non-toxic finish choices apart from the white color
  • This daybed toddler bed is best for children who roll over to sides during sleep
  • Built with sturdy pinewood, this unit can easily handle weight up to 50 lbs
  • The product is free from harmful and heavy chemicals such as latex lead, etc
  • Smooth edges of guardrails on all sides make it safe for kid’s use


  • Assembly instructions are little confusing
  • The bottom drawer is not too deep to store mattress

13. Donco Kids 790AAG_750C-TB Louver Loft Bed – Twin Toddler Bed

[amazon box=”B01MEEO8XM” title=”Twin Bunk Style Toddler Bed*”]

Toddlers love to build their own castle by stocking up a pile of pillows. But playtime gets even more fun if they get their own little space. And this Donco toddler twin bed offers a good amount of play area underneath. And as it is a twin bed, it provides enough room to fit 2 toddlers comfortably. Further, its mattress ready slat system makes it easy for you to place a standard twin size mattress(thickness<9″) conveniently. This unit is excellent for parents having 2 kids with no great difference in their age.

Donco includes canvas fabric with tent-like appearance. This tent perfectly fits around the wooden frame due to the presence of Velcro. The velcro eases installing and taking off canvas tent. Moreover, sturdy stairs help toddler climb to upper berth easily. In fact, you can even install a slide on small space present on either side and convert it into a toddler bed with a slide. But do not worry as the height of this toddler bed is not too high like a standard bunk. Plus, there are guardrails that keep your kid safe and reduce the chances of falling.


  • Mattress ready slat system eases placement of twin size mattress
  • Comes with a blue canvas tent which you can easily attach all around the wooden frame
  • You can easily attach slide on small space to make this toddler bed more fun for kids
  • The height of this toddler bed is not too tall as compared to a bunk bed
  • It is a perfect product for parents with two little ones close in age
  • You can either use space underneath berth as a play area or place another mattress


  • You may need a hand to put all parts of the unit together properly
  • Two color choices only

14. KidKraft Airplane Toddler Bed – Fits Most Crib Mattresses

[amazon box=”B00IEH9FQG” title=”Toddler Bed With Storage Space by KidKraft*”]

This KidKraft airplane toddler bed is especially for kids who just cannot have enough of planes around them. Design of the unit is such that it looks very similar to that of a toy plane. Your child will throw fewer tantrums to go to bed as she’ll fall in love with the unit once you assemble it for her. But great looks aren’t the only feature of KidKraft. It does offer some wonderful features which make it stand on our best toddler bed reviews. Made from solid wood, the item easily handles the weight of 4-5-year-old kids.

While the headboard of this wooden airplane toddler bed is simple and sturdy, the footboard offers storage space. This space is great for storing toys and other stuff. Plus, it is very easy for a toddler to access storage space. And the weight of the wooden cover is not heavy to cause injury to your little one. Apart from that, a propeller on the front does not remain steady, it actually spins. And there are no sharp edges to injure your baby’s little fingers when they happily rotate the propeller. So give your little pilot bunch of joy by gifting him KidKraft airplane bed.


  • Beautiful, fun patterns all over the body enhance the beauty of the product
  • This unit is no less than a blessing for kids who love planes
  • A solid slat support system can fit most of the crib size mattress
  • The wooden propeller on front spins smoothly
  • Storage space near footboard is ideal for storing books and toys
  • Wings on sides can double as side shelves


  • It will take a good amount of time to assemble the product as it has a lot of small pieces
  • Guardrails could have been a little longer

15. Bonnlo Contemporary Wooden Toddler Bed Sturdy Bedframe with Guard Rail Bedroom Furniture for Kids

[amazon box=”B07DRCP7JH” title=”Contemporary Toddler Bed by Bonnlo*”]

One important thing to consider while buying kids furniture is, there should be no sharp edges. As pointed corners double the risk of your child getting injured seriously. And as a parent, you will not take such a risk. So next on the review list comes Bonnlo contemporary wooden toddler bed. The contemporary design of bed easily mixes with modern style bedrooms. And besides having a beautiful design, it is completely safe to use for kids. Thanks to its smooth curves on headboard, footboard, and guardrails.

9 wood slats effectively hold a standard crib mattress. Whereas, wooden construction of frames is strong enough to handle the average weight of an adult. So yes, you can cuddle and kiss your baby goodnight without worrying about any damage. Similar to many other units on the review list, this model also features guardrails of good length. In addition, it low to ground design is convenient for a child to climb in and out of bed. It is one of the best cheap toddler bed in terms of construction and durability.


  • Bottom of the wooden frame does not make any type of irritating noise when your child tosses and turns over the mattress
  • It is less likely for your child to get seriously injured because of its smooth edges
  • Your baby will learn to go to bed on her own, thanks to its low profile design
  • High-quality pinewood and plywood construction will not break so easily
  • Clean lines and modern paneling compliments various room decor


  • Average quality side rails
  • Instructions for assembly are not to the point

16. Delta Children Wood Toddler Bed – Low To The Ground

[amazon box=”B07MFQDKT8″ title=”Transitional Style Toddler Bed by Delta*”]

The transitional design of furniture always wins our heart. So last on our toddler bed review list, we present you delta toddler bed having the transitional touch. This simple yet sturdy unit from Delta is made from high-quality wood which is meant to last for years. Plus, molded detailing on headboard and footboard makes it pretty for kids. The molded design on edges is soft and safe for kids as compared to a simple frame structure. So let your kid freely jump and hop over it as quality materials are not going to break that easily.

Two guardrails on sides ease the transition from crib to a toddler bed. These strong rails keep your baby from falling out the bed. Furthermore, support slats go across the bottom and support full-size crib mattress. These slats can handle 50 lbs of weight without breaking. And most importantly, the unit meets ASTM safety standards which ensure it is free from toxic substances and lead. Therefore, chemical free composition and high-quality built up of Delta wooden toddler bed makes it worth the money.


  • Transitional style design with molding on headboard and footboard compliments most of kids room decor
  • Easy to install toddler bed
  • Use of high-quality materials and solid construction is the reason behind its longevity
  • The low-to-ground design makes it easier for kids to get into and come out from bed
  • 2 sturdy side rails ensure child’s safety while he’s deep in sleep
  • You get a great quality product without spending too much


  • No bedding set included
  • Available in light grey color only

Toddler Beds For Boys and Girls

You Might Also Like To Read:

Toddler Bed Types: Options You Can Choose From?

Toddler bed comes in various material and designs. Which is a good thing for parents that can now decide which one is the best one for their child. Some are attractive and some are built from solid materials.

Convertible Toddler Beds: If you are tight on budget, then buying a convertible bed sounds more reasonable. As kids grow quickly you will be able to make this entire unit in a full bed which can be stacked with a large mattress.

Sleigh Beds: They are made of solid woods and has curved or scrolled foot and headboards. The whole unit looks like a sled or sleigh which gave the name to this style of bed.(wiki)

Cartoon Character Toddler Beds: Every kid love watching animated Disney cartoons such as Mickey Mouse or Cars. Which inspired people to make small beds that resemble these popular cartoon characters.

Toddler Day Beds: It is a type of cribs for grown kids with three sides of railings. This protects them from falling or coming out from the crib.

Why You Should Transition Your Baby From Crib to Toddler Bed

There can be many reasons which can make parents think of buying a toddler bed. However, at some point, you have to get one of these because of the safety issues.

Strong Built: When your baby grows older than 20 months or say 2 years they don’t fit in cribs. Which is why buying a toddler bed sounds sensible. And moreover that, these are stronger than a common crib and has better weight lifting capacity.

Small Place: Living in a small apartment comes with its own disadvantage for parents having more than 1 children. So when your newborn gets little older then its time that siblings share the room. And placing a toddler bed seems to be the optimal solution that takes cares of both safety and comfort issues for any kids under 5 years old.

Escape Artist: While growing kids are full of energy and the small crib cannot hold them back. They want to explore the new world and escaping from the crib becomes easy for them.

Features You should look while buying a toddler bed

Your toddler is going to sleep in this bed, play on it and might try to escape it. Which is why it is important to make sure that the kid’s bed are rigid, strong, and comfortable.

Look For Strong Construction:

In our review, we made sure to list only those bed which is built from solid hardwoods or strong metal frames. These mini cribs which can be converted into a full-size sleeping bed should be built strong.

Any bed which can strongly withhold a weight in the range of 30-100 lbs is good for your child.

Safety Of Your Child

Strong constructions directly complement your child’s safety. It can balance their growing weight and can handle their jumps inside the bed. Having a unit that fulfills ASTM and CPSC standards is cherry on the top in the matter of your toddler’s safety.

Convertible Bed

If you are on a budget or your kid is growing fast then buying a convertible toddler bed sounds good. You will be able to change the bed in a separate bed or make it a big crib with side rails for escape artists.


Most of the good toddler beds are designed for external mattresses. Some of them come with built-in crib mattress and some allow the user to change them according to their need.

You should look for a spacious stylish and rigid bed which can support your kid’s growth. Comfort is not just about having the best cushion mattress, it is also about the freedom of bodily movement.


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