Top 3 Best Teak Bench for Garden To Buy in 2022 (with Pictures)

Best Teak Bench for Garden Reviews

Last Updated on February 25, 2022

For many people, their garden is the favorite part of the home. And why not? There are several ways to decorate your garden according to your wish. Add flowers, use colorful pots, etc to enhance the beauty of the garden. And to sit in your beautiful garden you’ll need a good quality garden bench. So we’ve compiled some of the best teak benches for the garden.

Teak is considered a great hardwood that does not wear up after some time. In fact, natural oils of teak protect it against insects and rot. Therefore, which makes it the best wood to use in the shower, the deck of a ship, and outdoor furniture.

Apart from its high water-resistant property, teak wood needs very little maintenance. Simply apply a coat of teak oil or wax on the teak wood and your outdoor bench will shine like brand new. Also, teak wood benches look great outdoors with plants and trees around. It gives a more natural feel as well as teak will not rust or corrode like metal garden benches.

Best Teak Bench for Garden Reviews

Best Garden Teak Bench

Amazonia Newcastle Teak Bench48x26x35 Inch40 Pounds
Cambridge-Casual AMZ-150051T65.75x 23.5 x41 Inch45 Pounds
Highwood AD-BENW2-CGE52x35x25 Inch45 Pounds

Here are the top 3 picks of the garden teak bench that will improve your overall outdoor experience.

1) Amazonia Newcastle Patio Bench |Made of Real Teak – Perfect for backyards, Gardens or Parks, Light Brown

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Spend time outdoor comfortably with Amazonia Newcastle patio bench. Made of 100% teak wood this furniture shows excellent weather-resistant properties. Be it sun, rain or wind, you can keep the garden bench outdoor in all seasons. It resists rot and decay which makes it ideal to use in the backyard.

Unlike complex structures, Amazonia patio bench has a classic design. The benefit of such design is it blends well with various outdoor decors. Whereas, the natural light brown color of the bench gives you a sturdy feel. Thanks to slatted back and seat that lets you spray paint the patio bench and apply teak oil easily.

The unit does not come assembled so you need to take some time to put it together. And no need to worry as assembling this garden bench is no big deal. You can finish it putting it together under 30-40 as some of its parts come pre-assembled. Plus, there are easy instructions that will help you assembly.

Our Observations


  • All pieces are made of high-quality Indonesian teak that will last years on very little maintenance
  • Simple yet sturdy outdoor furniture
  • A natural appearance that blends perfectly in your garden
  • Reasonably priced product
  • There are no sharp edges or corners that can possibly injure you
  • The hard plastic feet on the bottom allows you to balance the bench on even surfaces
  • Some parts come pre-assembled for easy assembly
  • Ideal for 2 persons to sit comfortably
  • Easy to paint or apply teak oil due to slatted design if back and seat


  • There are no clear instructions about weight limit but the unit can hold up to 200 lbs without any issues

Key Features:

  • Seating dimensions: 42 W x 18.5 D x 16.5 H inches
  • 100% teak wood construction
  • Plastic feet
  • Smooth ends
  • Natural teak color
  • Weighs 40 pounds

2) Cambridge-Casual AMZ-150051T Lutyen’s 5′ Garden Bench, 5-Foot, Natural Teak

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Many people love to do an English style garden. This type of landscape consists of a path, a small pond, and flowers, a lot of them. And the Cambridge-Casual natural teak garden bench will be perfect for your English landscape garden. The sophisticated rolled arms and arched back design looks beautiful and classy.

The natural teak color of the bench makes it ideal for both the backyard and patio. You can keep it as it is or apply any color of your choice. Use spray paint for better results. Moreover, sturdy mortise and tenon construction will not loosen or wobble with time. Also, you need to assemble the product which will hardly take 30 minutes. For the convenience of users, Cambridge-Casual provides an installation manual.

Our Observations


  • Best teak wood bench for English landscape gardens
  • The product does not have any artificial color or stain expect being finely sanded
  • Assembling the unit is a breeze
  • Comes with all the necessary hardware
  • Provides ample space to seat 2 people comfortably
  • Made from fine quality teak wood
  • Safe to keep outdoors during all seasons
  • Comes in 2 colors, natural teak, and teak


  • Heavyweight; Moving or shifting the unit requires at least 2 persons

Key Features:

  • Seat dimensions: 56 W x 18.5 D x 18.25 H inches
  • 5 foot
  • Natural teak color
  • Mortise and tenon construction
  • Rolled arms
  • Arched back
  • Weighs 45 pounds

3) Highwood AD-BENW2-CGE Lehigh Outdoor Garden Bench, 4 Feet, Coastal Teak

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The excellent craftsmanship of the Highwood Lehigh garden bench makes it worth every single penny. Unlike natural teak finish, it features a colored look. Therefore, the coastal teak color of the wooden garden bench is perfect for people who seek dark color furniture in their garden.

Not only the patio bench is beautiful in looks but extremely sturdy. It features durable, fade-resistant material that is suitable to leave outside all year round. And no need to worry as the teak wood will not rot or decay no matter if it gets wet multiple times. Therefore, this says a lot about product quality and construction.

Just like above 2 units, this wooden patio bench also comes with necessary hardware for proper assembly. Thanks to the 304-grade stainless steel hardware that will not rust and degrade the look of your garden bench like a cheap outdoor bench. Thus, from the ice of Alaska to the heat of Arizona, this wooden outdoor bench is ideal to use throughout the year.

Our Observations

Key Features:

  • 4 foot
  • 500-pound weight capacity
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Slatted back and bottom
  • 1-year commercial warranty
  • 12-year residential warranty

Care for your outdoor teak wood furniture:

  • Using warm soapy water and a soft-bristle brush, clean the teak wood bench thoroughly. Remove all bird dropping, webs, dirt, and dust.
  • Let the wooden bench dry completely. You can use a blower to dry the wood fast.
  • Lightly sand the teak wood if you observe any splinter or rough surface.
  • Now its time to apply teak oil or brightener on the wooden surface. Allow the oil to soak completely before you apply another coat.
  • Wipe off excess oil and look for loose screws or bolts. Tighten them if necessary using the right tools.
  • Your teak wood patio bench is all clean and ready for use.

Tip: Cover the bench while not in use. This will protect the material from external elements which will help elongate its life. Other than that, dry the area of your teak garden bench that accumulates water. This will prevent rotting and decaying of wood.

Coat the wooden surface once every 12 months for long-lasting performance.

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Teak wood furniture such as chairs, tables, or deck box can last over 70 years if correct care is provided. It has always attracted people with taste. Teak furniture has become something of a status symbol(1).

If you want a strong and environment-friendly material to complete your garden landscape then a teak wood bench is a way to go. Teak wood is strong, water-resistant, and needs very little maintenance. Applying a teak oil once a year is enough to maintain its new shiny look. Yes, it is quite an investment but totally worth it on a larger picture. You do not need to paint or stain a teak wood bench multiple times a year. Also, they are ideal to keep outdoors all year round and still will resist cracking and splinter. is reader-supported and a part of the Amazon Affiliates Program. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Read our disclosure for more information.

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