Best Spray Paint for ar15 – All You Need to Know to Buy!

best spray paint for ar15

Last Updated on February 25, 2022

Want to put a new finish on your AR-15? You can spray paint and change the way it looks! It is a fast, affordable and effective way to not only enhance the appearance of your gun but to protect it with weather-resistant coatings.

With several spray paints out there, it can get a bit hard to select the best spray paints for AR15 rifles. To make the buying process a breeze for you, we have put together a list of the best spray paint for ar15 in this article.

Best Spray Paint for ar15 for 2022 Review: Key Features, Pros, and Cons

The million-dollar question is: How to choose the best spray paints for ar15 when there are hundreds of them available in the market? This list of the best spray paints for firearms is the answer.

The in-depth reviews below will help you make the right choice while the buying guide will let you know which features to be on the lookout for.

ImageBrandColorFinishVolumeSurface RecommendationPrice
Krylon Camouflage KhakiUltra Flat11 Fluid OuncesMetal, Plastic, Wrought Iron, etc.
WheelerFlat Dark EarthCeramic FinishBare metal, Blued steel,
Anodized aluminum, etc.
Rust-OleumRedGlossy Finish12 ouncesMetal, Concrete, Wood, etc.
Rust-OleumBlackGlossy24 ouncesMetal, Concrete, Wood, etc.
Krylon Basic BlueSemi-Gloss12 ouncesMetal, Plaster, Ceramic, Wood, etc.

1. Krylon K04291000 Camouflage Paint


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If like us, you are in love with camouflage paint, then this Krylon K04291000 Camouflage spray paint will definitely lure you in. It is ideal for use on metallic, plastic, and various other surfaces.

The ultra-flat color will help your ar15 blend in with the outdoor terrain, It is perfect for late-night and early-morning stealth. The spray paint has a quick drying time of 20 minutes. For best results, apply the paint on a layer of primer.

The spray paint is ideal for hunting expeditions. It comes with detailed instructions so that you know how to use it properly.

Our Observations

Highlighted Features:

  • Surface Recommendations: Wood, Metal, Wicker, Wrought Iron, Plastic, Hard Vinyl, Glass, Plaster, Ceramic, Paper, Paper Mache
  • Finish: Ultra-Flat Non-Reflective Finish
  • Color: Camouflage Khaki


  • With the any-angle spray feature of the paint, you can spray this paint in any direction, including upside down.
  • The spray tip has a wide finger pad that reduces finger fatigue so that you can spray continuously.
  • The paint has a very fast drying time and you don’t have to wait for hours before you can use your firearm after painting it.
  • The non-reflective finish ensures maximum stealth.
  • It can easily cover 7 sq. ft. per spray can.


  • The color is slightly lighter than what you would.

2. Wheeler Cerama Coat-Spray On Ceramic Coating


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If you are looking for a specifically formulated spray paint for guns that provides a highly durable coating, Wheeler Cerama Coat-Spray on Ceramic Coating is the choice for you. It is highly resistant to chipping, scratching, and gun solvents.

The non-reflective matte finish colors ensure maximum stealth. This spray-on metal finish will give new life to your old guns, without having to do an extensive paint job using expensive equipment.

The modern formula gives your gun ultimate durability, weatherproofing, protection against rust, and wear resistance. Simply degrease the item you want to coat and spray the parts with three light coats.

Our Observations

Highlighted Features:

  • Ceramic Infused Coating
  • Color: Flat Dark Earth
  • Highly Resistant to Chipping
  • Easy to Use


  • To cure the finish, you will have to bake it in the oven at 350 degrees for about an hour.
  • The ultra-fine ceramic molecules cross-link and bond to the base material strongly.
  • It works with ferrous metals, stainless steel, alloys, synthetics, and various other materials.
  • It is 100% weatherproof.


  • To cure properly, you have to bake the gun accessory and this is not always possible depending on the type of plastic your firearm has.

3. Rust-Oleum 7762830 Spray Paint


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Want to protect your gun, but don’t want to break the bank? You should go with the Rust-Oleum 7762830 spray paint. When it comes to spray paints and protective coatings, Rust-Oleum has a stellar reputation and this product certainly lives up to its name.

This spray paint has weather and corrosion-resistant formulation which keeps your ar15 safe and sound while you are using it in harsh weather conditions. Moreover, the oil-based spray paint comes with excellent rust preventive properties as well.

The paint takes about two to four hours to dry. One can of spray paint covers up to 15 sq. ft. surface area. With a single coat of this spray paint, you get excellent resistance to fading, chipping, and abrasion.

Our Observations

Highlighted Features:

  • Finish: Glossy Finish
  • Color: Red (other colors available as well)
  • Oil-Based paint
  • Rust-Resistant


  • The glossy finish of this spray paint gives a fresh shine to your old guns.
  • High-output tip works perfectly at any spray angle.
  • The spray paint provides excellent coverage and has a fast drying time.
  • The color retention and the fine gloss make your rifle look sturdy and attractive.


  • If you don’t clean the tip regularly, it tends to get clogged.

4. Rust-Oleum 334128 Spray Paint – Best Rust Protection Spray Paint

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The list of spray paints from Rust-Oleum is endless. The Rust-Oleum 334128 is another excellent spray paint that gives your guns a long-lasting shine. The large size of this spray paint ensures that you can use it several times without having to buy a new can.

It dries quickly, within 2 to 4 hours. This means you can spray paint your gun in the night, and by the time you wake up in the morning, it will be ready for use! The spray paint is resistant to abrasion, chipping, and doesn’t dull even after a long time.

It is an oil-based paint that can be used on metal, concrete, plastic, and various other surfaces. One spray can easily cover 20 sq. ft. of surface. The glossy finish not only makes your guns look good but is durable as well.

Our Observations

Highlighted Features:

  • More Paint Output in Less Time
  • Color: Black
  • Finish: Glossy
  • Oil-Based Paint


  • The spray paint prevents rust, which makes it perfect for outdoor use.
  • This paint is abrasion resistant, which is a great feature when it comes to spray paints for guns.
  • The application process is simple, straightforward, and hassle-free.
  • It gives a durable, weatherproof, glossy shine to your firearms.


  • The nozzle malfunctions at times and paint can spill out of it.

5. Krylon K06901400 Spray Paint – Best Quick-Drying Spray Paint

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Going out hunting and didn’t remember to spray paint a protective coating on your gun? The Krylon K06901400 spray paint is there at your service. With a fast drying time of less than 8 minutes, you can get your gun painted in no time!

You don’t have to use a primer with this spray paint. It adheres directly to the metallic surface of your gun for effective corrosion protection. The advanced formula ensures that the spray paint bonds strongly with the gun and doesn’t chip or peel off.

The spray paint comes in a variety of colors and you can choose the color which suits your needs, requirements, and personality. You can use this spray paint on a variety of surfaces. This rust preventative paint is second to none, and is a personal favorite!

Our Observations

Highlighted Features:

  • Cure Time: 2 Hours
  • Finish: Semi-Gloss
  • Drying Time: 8 Minutes
  • Recommended Surfaces: Metal, Wood, Masonry, Concrete, Wicker, Ceramic, Glass, Plaster


  • The spray paint has a smooth and durable rust-preventive finish.
  • It has a semi-gloss finish that makes your gun look shiny without compromising your stealth.
  • The Krylon rust protector leaves behind a flawless finish with an unbeatable level of corrosion protection.
  • The spray paint dries to a smooth and durable finish in 8 minutes, which is the fastest drying time of any available spray paint.


  • You will need two or three coats for acceptable coverage.

best spray paint for ar15

Buying Guide

When you are buying spray paint for your ar15, you can’t simply select the first one that is available in the market. Spray paint for firearms is specifically formulated so that the paint doesn’t crack or peel off easily.

Moreover, the paint should be weather-resistant as well, amongst several other things. Let’s see what are factors you need to be on the lookout for while buying spray paint for your guns.


Durability is the first and most important factor that we consider when we are buying high-quality spray paint and so should you. The best spray paint for guns needs to be durable and strong enough to bear all kinds of weather conditions.

Whether you are using the gun in rainy conditions or in a hot, blistering desert, the paint should be weatherproof. If it is not durable, the paint will start to crack or peel off. This is not what you want.

Durability includes scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, UV protection, and a lot more. You need a product that will not only make your gun look good, but will protect and preserve it as well.


The best spray paint should easily and firmly stick to the gun’s surface. The adhesive properties of spray paint will tell which surfaces it can be used on, and how well it will hold up. Not all spray paints are compatible with firearms, so make sure you pay attention to this when you buy spray paint.

Firstly, find out the material of your gun. Figure out whether you have a metal mag or a polymer one, etc. Select a spray paint that will work on the surface your gun has. Apart from this, you need to know what kind of preparation you have to do to ensure the paint adheres properly.

Some paints can be sprayed onto a clean surface directly while others need a lot more surface preparation. Read the user reviews and see if the paint cracks or peels away easily. Spray paint with excellent adhesion will be scratch and impact resistant and will not come off easily.

Heat Resistance

When you fire a gun, it will produce a lot of heat, and you don’t want this heat to affect your gun paint job. Therefore, make sure that the spray paint you choose can bear high temperatures.

A good option would be to select spray paints that are compatible with automotive as car parts generate plenty of heat.

Spray Paint Finish

Different spray paints have varying finishes. There are various finishes that you can choose from such as semi-gloss, gloss, flat, matte, etc.  Even if you get spray paints in the same color and shade, the end result will vary depending on the finish.

The type of finish you choose will depend on your needs and requirements. For instance, If you are going to use your gun for hunting, then you should go with a dull or matte finish as this type of finish will not create any shine or sparkle or reflect any light.

Paint Formula

There are various kinds of paint formulas, such as oil-based paints, water-based paints, latex, acrylics, enamel, etc. Generally, the best spray paint for guns is an oil-based one as it provides a greater level of adhesion and durability.

Oil-based paints are also more resistant to rough use, weathering, etc. However, oil-based paints have strong odors and a high level of VOCs. Therefore, make sure that you are wearing the protective gear while working with solvent-based spray paints.

Spray Paint Colors

Why are you painting your gun? To make it look beautiful and unique? Do you want your gun to blend in with the terrain? The reason and purpose for painting the gun will dictate the colors you select.

How creative your paint design and job can be is limited by the paint colors you have. Make sure that the paint you choose comes in various colors so that you can camouflage your gun any way you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do spray paints work on guns?

Yes, spray paints are an easy, affordable, and effective way of painting your guns. They hold up pretty well on firearms. However, their durability depends on the type of spray paint you go for.

We suggest that you go spray paints that are meant for use on metallic surfaces and provide protection against natural elements as well.

Q: Should I spray paint my AR-15?

If you want to change the way your rifle looks, or you want to give it extra protection, you should go for spray paint instead of opting for other methods. With quick drying time and hassle-free application, spray paints are a great option for painting AR-15.

Q: Does spray paint bond with the gun’s surface?

How well a spray paint sticks to the surface of a gun depends on the quality and adherence of the paint. All the spray paints that we have reviewed above work great with guns and firearms.

Q: How should I spray paint my AR-15?

Firstly, you should make a list of things you will need, such as paint, tape, plastic plates, sponges, etc., and buy them. Then you need to clean your gun thoroughly so that there is no grease, dust, dirt, etc. on it. Apply a base coat and let it dry thoroughly.

Spray different colors on the plastic plates and then use a sponge to create different patterns on the gun. After the paint dries, seal it with a clear topcoat.

Q: If I paint the rifle’s barrel, will it affect the accuracy?

No, painting a rifle’s barrel doesn’t interfere with the accuracy of the weapon. Your weapon will work the same before and after painting it.


Whether you are a professional or an amateur painter, by the end of this article, you have everything you need to refurbish your gun and have it looking as good as new. Not only will the top 5 best spray paint for ar15 help you make an informed choice, but the buying guide and FAQs will remove a lot of questions and confusion that you have.

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