Top 15 Best Office Chairs Under $200 in 2022 [Complete Review]

Best Office Chair Under $200 Review

Last Updated on February 25, 2022

Whether you work from home or from office, a must thing to have is an ergonomic office chair. People often ignore the side effects of sitting too long in the same position. And jobs in IT firms or similar organization demands sitting for long hours. The same thing applies when you work from home. So the best way to avoid health issues related to long hours of sitting is by buying yourself a comfortable office chair.

Best Office Chair Under $200 Review

Back pain or lower back pain is the first sign of improper posture. People often ignore such of kind of pain at the beginning that later turns severe. Sometimes they buy themselves cushions and keep it on the back or at the base of the seat to help with pain. But that is not a way to cure or avoid back pain. In case you place the cushions improperly, you might unknowingly welcome spinal issues. But buying a good office chair for back pain will not only help with pain but will also improve posture. And good posture while sitting means less spinal issues.

Budget is the main issue that stops many from buying their best office chair. And many of the times people avoid buying them as they do not have sufficient balance. But you my friend, if you spend hours sitting in the same place then you must invest in yourself. It causes no harm in spending a little amount of money when comes to health. So keeping budget in mind, the team of homestuffpro present you list of 15 best office chair under 200 dollars.

Top Office Chairs Under $200 Comparison Table

VanbowCheck on Amazon
AmazonBasicsCheck on Amazon
SihooCheck on Amazon
BestOfficeCheck on Amazon
Von RacerCheck on Amazon
SmugdeskCheck on Amazon
OFMCheck on Amazon
BestOfficeCheck on Amazon
YOUNBOCheck on Amazon
SertaCheck on Amazon
AmazonBasicsCheck on Amazon
OFMCheck on Amazon
Boss Office Products Check on Amazon
OFMCheck on Amazon
KADIRYACheck on Amazon

Best Office Chair For Under $200 – Full Review

Here are detailed review of these units comparing their features. They are suitable to be used as a computer desk chair or pick them for your home office.

1. VANBOW Leather Memory Foam Office Chair Review – The Best Office Chair Under 200 Dollars

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Double padding on the seat of this ergonomic office chair will provide you with utmost comfort. You will feel the comfort as soon as you sit on it. Thanks to its plush memory foam that conforms according to your body shape. This layer of foam is present on the upper side of the existing seat cushion. Both of which simply relaxes your back as well as improves posture.

Lower back issues begin when the back side of the chair is too far or too close to lumbar. But the built-in adjustable lumbar support of this ergonomic chair is just amazing. You can increase or decrease the pressure to your back by simply rotating a knob. Also, this lumbar-adjusting knob is right below your seat so that you can adjust it perfectly.

Height adjuster knob allows you to set the height of the chair accordingly. Whereas, a tilt tension knob underneath the seat is to adjust the flexibility of rocking back. So no matter whether you’re tall or short, it is easy to adjust its height. Speaking of its quality, the hand-stitched leather is durable. The seat, back and side panels of breathable mesh ensure comfortable hours of sitting.

In case you’re taking a break from work then let this ergonomic chair help you with it. Therefore, you can rock back and forth between 90-100 degrees. You can even lock the position of the chair at any angle you like. Thus, you get all of these features under budget which makes it the best office chair for prolonged sitting.


  • Lumbar adjust knob makes it the best office chair for back pain under 200
  • Thick padding along with plush memory foam layer provides utmost comfort
  • Simple pneumatic controls let you raise or lower seat according to your height
  • Wheelbase and sidearms are heavy-duty plastic and roll easily over carpet
  • Assembly of the unit is very easy as well as it comes with all the necessary tools you need to put it together
  • Quality construction of the unit can handle up to 250 lbs of weight


  • None

Key Features:

  • A plush memory foam layer
  • Lumbar support knob
  • Breathable mesh on back and seat
  • 90-110 degree tilt angle locking mechanism
  • Smooth-rolling casters
  • Height adjustment knob
  • 360-degree swivel
  • 1-year warranty on parts

With adjustable lumbar support, you get the best sitting experience in your office. Affordable yet premium quality used to produce the best office chair under $200 for user.

2. AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair Review – Best Rated Office Chair Under $200

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Is a small space of room stopping you from buying your perfect unit? Then here good news for you. Don’t let the small size of the ergonomic design let you fool with its quality. Bonded black leather and PVC create the smooth, supple upholstery of the chair. In addition to that, gentle padding on curves of armrest simply increases comfort.

Just pull a lever beside the seat to raise or lower the height of the high back executive office chair. But in case you wish to pull down, you need to sit on the chair and then pull the lever up. Whereas, to raise the seat you have to remove your weight and then pull the lever. And turn a tilt-tension knob underneath the seat to rock back and forth. You can even stop the chair from rocking at all by turning the tilt-knob in an appropriate direction.

360-degree swivel allows you to work conveniently. While the smooth rolling casters can easily roll over a hardwood surface or carpet. These nylon casters are durable as well as allows balances high back office chair perfectly. Thus, you can hassle free shift the unit from one area of your office to another.

If you’re assembling this high back office chair manually then it may take around half an hour. But the assembly time decreases in case you have a power screwdriver. Also, the instructions are straightforward and in simple words so that you can put the parts together without much hassle.


  • The Amazonbasic high back ergonomic office chair has a maximum weight carrying capacity of 250 pounds
  • You get 3 color choices, namely, black, brown and white
  • The leather holds up very well even after using it for a long period of time
  • Fine stitches on leather make no unnecessary noise while you sit or stand up from the chair
  • Smooth-rolling nylon casters roll the unit easily over carpets without a need to apply too much pressure


  • Quality of armrest could be better
  • It might take a lot of effort to move chair while you’re sitting on it

Key Features:

  • Bonded black leather and PVC
  • Padded seat
  • Pneumatic seat-height adjustment
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Tilt-tension knob
  • Nylon casters
  • 1-year limited warranty

Backed by Amazon’s own pet brand, it is one of the most top rated office chair on Amazon. Over 3800 positive customer reviews, back the quality of the product. Comfortable executive look with ultimate comfort.

3. Sihoo Ergonomics Office Chair For Computer Desk – Most Comfortable Chair

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Not a fan of leather? Then here’s a perfect product from Sihoo. This ergonomic mesh office chair is just perfect for both, working for hours and relaxing. Thanks to its superior features that help to improve posture along with providing comfort. And if you’re among those people who have to sit continuously for hours then this unit is going to be your wonderful partner.

Its 2-way healthy lumbar pillow protects the lumbar spine. In addition, you can adjust the lumbar support 5 cm up and down. Whereas, it allows for 3 cm in front and rear adjustments. So one sure thing about this unit is, you do not have to adjust your sitting position according to it. Instead of it, you can make adjustments to bring it according to your body shape. Not only it will make your working hours more comfortable but will also help with back pain.

S-shape design of the back resembles the shape of the human spine. And fitting closer together helps release spinal pressure. You can comfortably lean back up to 125 degrees in case you need a break. Unlike other units that have a fixed headrest, Sihoo ergonomic office chair is different. It comprises of a 45-degree swivel headrest. You can even move it 10 cm up and down to rest your head comfortably.

Durable nylon material of armrest is soft to touch. Furthermore, the 4-gear lock and 7 cm height adjustment armrest comfortably supports arm and meet different office working position. From 90 to 120 locking back tilting at any angle is suitable for home office work, leisure and rest. In short, it is the best office chair under 200 for lower back pain.


  • Breathable mesh design on the back side of the chair maintains proper airflow
  • High polymer PP material of the back is durable and safe
  • W-shaped dispersing hip pressure make it comfortable to sit for long hours
  • Aluminum alloy material on the surface of legs enhances the beauty of this entire unit
  • PU cover edge on casters helps them to roll smoothly and silently over any surface without causing damage
  • You can adjust lumbar support, armrest height, and even headrest all under $200


  • The product is not suitable for tall people
  • Armrest can get quite wobbly on pulling up it to its maximum limit

Key Features:

  • Mesh back
  • 2-way fine-tuning lumbar pillow
  • 120-degree back adjustment
  • Adjustable handrail
  • Mechanical spring system
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • 1-year warranty

Perfectly integrated the bracket support shoulder vertebrae along with the headrest to provide ultimate rest and comfort. With over 120+ positive review and affordable price makes it another inexpensive office chair that you can buy with confidence.

4. BestOffice FDW-O16 – Budget Desk Mesh Office Chair With Lumbar Support

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Working becomes more fun when you get a unit that is attractive in look and is comfortable to sit. So we have this amazing product on our best office chair reviews having similar properties. The modern style of this product will look beautiful no matter where you place it, whether in your home office or workplace.

The mesh cushion is highly elastic, breathable and easy to clean. The material of this cushion maintains optimum airflow on the back and seat area. As a result, it reduces overheating of both the areas and reduce chances of sweat. And less sweat while work makes your working hours more comfortable and productive. Furthermore, you can easily clean the spills over the cushion seat by using a cotton cloth.

90-degree free flip-up armrest with PU-pad adjusts according to your working position. Therefore, you can adjust them according to your level of comfort. And similar to many other units on our best office chair reviews, this model too provides tilt-locking and height-adjustment mechanism.

Imitating the true curve of the human body, the back of this ergonomic office chair will support your spine. Not only will it help to relax spinal muscles but will also reduce lower back pains. Thanks to its 2-to-1 lumbar support that makes it one of the best cheap office chairs for back pain. This shape of the back reduce sedentary fatigue and helps to sit in proper position.


  • The product comes with all hardware and necessary tools to ease up the assembling process
  • Mat is highly elastic, breathable as well as easy to clean using a soft cotton cloth
  • Both the armrest can flip up 90 degrees
  • An inexpensive office chair for sure
  • The ergonomic body-hugging curve of the back helps to relieve spinal pressure
  • Shiny black decoration cover and nylon wheel carpet caster makes it perfect for official use


  • Being a cheap office chair, they have not included foam pad in the back. However, it does not cause any issue because of its ergonomic design

Key Features:

  • Modern design
  • Flip-up armrests
  • 2-to-1 lumbar support
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Nylon smooth-rolling casters
  • Rugged backrest
  • Height adjustment mechanism

It is the best selling new releasing ergonomic chair with lumbar support for office. Also with Flip-up Arms you can easily get in and get out of the seat. More than

5. VON RACER Massage Reclining Gaming Chair – Best Chair with Retractable Footrest

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In spite of being a gaming chair, this unit is suitable for both gaming and computer desk. So you can do any of the tasks from gaming, office work or simply relax. We would not suggest this product as a perfect office chair as the design does not support so.

The von racer high back office chair remains firm at 90 degrees for comfortable work mode. However, it posses the capacity to go down to 175 degrees to take rest. In between both the angles you can even recline it to 120 degrees for a reading mode. Or else, simply bring it down to 150 degrees and enjoy your movie time. You can do all of these under 200 dollars which simply makes it the best office gaming chair.

A retractable padded footrest is what makes this office chair more interesting. You just have to pull the footrest gently in order to bring it out. This padded footrest along with high backrest gently hugs your body while aligning and supporting your spine. As a result, you’ll experience ultimate comfort along with having less back pain.

To make your relaxing time more peaceful, the von racer office gaming chair comprises of massage lumbar cushion. This massager is nothing but a simple vibration with 4 setting. You can either place the cushion on the head side or on lumbar. This USB electric massager effectively reduces muscle fatigue and takes your comfort level to luxurious height. So in short, this high back office chair is a perfect combination of work and comfort at the same time.


  • It offers the highest reclining angle of 175 degrees for utmost relaxation
  • Lift the angle adjusting lever allows your weight to push the backrest backward until it reaches it desired angle
  • Footrest present underneath the seat is very simple to draw out
  • You can use this gaming office chair for many activities such as reading, working, watch a movie, etc
  • Design of backrest is such that it will support your spine as well as help with lower back pain
  • An electric lumbar massage cushion effectively reduces muscle fatigue caused due to prolonged sitting


  • Gaming look of the unit might not go completely with office decorum
  • It will occupy quite a space as the unit is large in size

Key Features:

  • Reclining gaming chair
  • Angle adjusting lever
  • Adjustable seat height
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Retractable footrest
  • Adjustable massage lumbar cushion
  • 1-year warranty on parts

If you love computers then you might have been once a good gamer. Which is why we think that you should use this chair in your gaming office. It is budget friendly and under $200, you also get retractable footrest and adjustable lumbar cushion for ultimate comfort.

6. Smugdesk Ergonomic Office Chair Review – Cheapest Office Chair Under $200

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Say hello to comfortable sitting hours with Smugdesk ergonomic office chair. This unit comprises of memory foam seat instead of leather. The benefit of memory foam material is that it conforms according to your body shape. This, in turn, makes your seating positing more comfortable. Furthermore, the memory foam material is covered with a high-quality mesh fabric. This mesh fabric is both breathable and durable.

It is a small office chair and due to its compact size, it will not take up much of your office space. But don’t let the small size of the unit fool you with its weight carrying capacity. Despite its compact design, it posses weight carrying capacity of up to 300 lbs. Whereas, reliable 5-claw legs provides a perfect balance to this unit as soon as you sit on it.

Let the breathable mesh headrest help with your neck stress. This slide-able headrest fits the neck curve perfectly that in turn gives relaxes your neck. You can even adjust the height of the rest by simply pulling it up or pushing it down using your hands. Other than that, it comprises of heavy-duty nylon base with 5 smooth-rolling casters. Together they help to glide ergonomic office chair smoothly over the floor.

This office chair features a height adjustment lever. This lever is present on the right-hand side of the chair for easy controlling of height. Whereas a tilt-lock lever on the opposite side allows you to lock the chair in position or enable rock function.


  • Mesh back support of this ergonomic office chair supports your body curve as long remain seated
  • The soft texture of the cushion keeps you comfy during long, intense sessions
  • You can adjust the headrest by simply pulling it up using your hands
  • Tilt-tension locking mechanism reduces pressure on your back and benefits people suffering from back pain
  • Safe and reliable 5-claw legs perfectly distribute weight on the seat


  • Push-back limit of the chair is not that great if you are taller than 6’2″
  • Comes in black color only – color limitation

Key Features:

  • Mesh construction
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Memory foam seat
  • Pillow on backrest
  • 21.1-inch maximum height
  • Tilt-lock
  • 1-year warranty

You need a good chair when you work for more than 5 hours sitting in the same position. Which is why this unit comes with an additional padded pillow and reinforced framework with mesh back support. It is an excellent product which costs you less than $100.

7. Essentials by OFM Leather Executive Chair Review – Ergonomic Managers Computer/Office Chair

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The simple look of this executive office chair makes it different from others. And because of its simple design, the size of the unit is not too large. Thus, you can easily fit this item in small spaces. Speaking about its construction, it comprises of leather on all its back, side, and seating area. Do not worry about the leather quality as it is thick and will not tear out easily. Hence, it is the best leather office chair under 200.

Not only is this model attractive in looks but it does possess some great comfy qualities. Thanks to its stitches and tufted supple bonded leather that gives an upscale look as well as supports your lumbar. Further, the plush material conforms according to your body shape and makes it the best office chair for back pain. So yes, you can expect long comfortable working hours with this unit.

Gas lift seat height adjustment eases altering the height of this chair’s seat. Just pull the lever up to raise the seat. And pull the lever again sitting on it in order to lower it. Besides that, an adjustable recline simply increases the level of your comfort. So one sure thing about this ergonomic office chair is, you’ll get the benefit of both, good looks and comfort under $200.

The OFM executive office chair provides a padded armrest for great upper body support. While the plush material simple doubles the joy of keeping your arms on it. Overall, it is the best unit to place it in offices, computer organizations or home office. Not only will it look good in such places but quality construction of the unit will last for years.


  • The backrest of the unit is perfect for people looking for small back length
  • Raising and lowering of the product is a breeze due to its gas lifting mechanism
  • Plush material along with padding on armrest provides great upper body support
  • In spite of being an affordable office chair, it has a weight carrying capacity of 250 pounds
  • Wide seat gives you enough space to bring your legs up to sit in a more comfortable way
  • It is super easy to put all the parts of the unit together


  • Plush material is not that beneficial in supporting lumbar
  • Back of the unit is not that high which might be not suitable for very tall people
  • Do not expect the product to recline much

Key Features:

  • Leather executive chair
  • Plush material
  • Padded armrest
  • Integrated back support
  • Gas lift seat height adjustment
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Limited lifetime warranty

It is the best inexpensive executive office chair available in the market. Very well built along with perfect cushions, you can sit in it for long hours without worrying about your back.

8. BestOffice Swivel Office Chair – Best Big and Tall Office Chair

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Thanks to its design that gives you a feeling of wrapping. Don’t worry it will not sink you deep inside, rather it will just hug from sides to make you feel cozy during work. Both the back side and seat are designed in such a way that you feel the comfort instantly after sitting. Moreover, padding of backrest and seat cushion helps to relieve back pain.

Besides providing you with the utmost comfort, modern design of this unit makes it an excellent office chair under 200. It will surely add some style to your office at home or while at work. Apart from the eye-catching design, it passes the SGS test. This test ensures that the armrest remains steady while you put weight on it. And armrests are generally the one getting wobbly over a period of use. But this will not be an issue with this leather executive office chair.

Materials inside the cushion consist of 4 layers. A bottom layer of plywood followed by hand tied coil spring gives perfect sturdiness and bounce. Whereas, PU foam on top of coils along with the uppermost layer of memory foam is responsible for utmost comfort. All these layers work together to make your working hours more relaxing and free from back pain. So yes, it also stands as the best office chair under 200 for back pain.

This office chair gives you the ability of adjustment of height, tilt and recline. But one different feature is it comprises of the metal base rather than nylon. And this heavy-duty metal base is the reason behind its great stability.


  • The unit is very sturdy besides having an eye-catching look
  • Design of backrest and seat is such that it will make you feel as if it is hugging you partly
  • Standard gas lift conveniently helps in raising and lowering of the unit
  • All of its wonderful qualities are the reason behind it being one of the best selling office chairs under 200 on Amazon
  • This product is made from soft PU leather upholstery and ample padding that is oil, and water-resistant
  • Just wipe the surface of the chair with a soft damp cotton cloth to remove dirt


  • You must not recline more than 120 degrees as small wheels may tip over the entire unit (only for heavy people)
  • Armrest cushion flattens out over time (After 3-5 years)

Key Features:

  • High back
  • Modern design
  • 4-layer cushion construction
  • Heavy-duty metal base
  • Standard gas lift
  • 360 degrees swivel position
  • 6-month limited warranty

One of the top chairs for a decent price. You can use it on daily basis in your Home office or along with your computer desk.

9. Ergonomic Office Chair – Best High Back Leather Executive Chair Under $200 with Neck & Lumbar Support

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Having a high back chair in your office can help you avoid back pain and fatigue. Nowadays we know that poor seating posture is not just depressing but also affects your health in many ways. Which is why it is always a wise decision to buy a high back office chair.

While reviewing these chairs, we were puzzled to find something unique for our readers in the budget of only $200. This YOUNBO unit has an easy to use base lock system that enables users to tilt the chair at the desired angle. This office chair under $200 has numerous adjustable features to fit the user’s comfortable seating position.

Stability is important in any such furniture no matter if you use it in your home or office. This unit has a durable gas lift cylinder that can handle the heavy weight without any issue. To provide perfect stability, the brand has featured 5-star leg. So you can swell or rotate in 360-degrees, this inexpensive office chair remains stable.

The chair has perfectly designed back support from the excellent headrest, curved back, and easy to adjust seat height. All these features have made this unit popular among customer.

This office chair brand meets high American standards for safety and longevity. You might be working in a cubical, half partitions, or open large offices, this unit it a good pick.


  • Adjustable chair height allows you to work on any desk
  • Comfortable armrest to support long working hours
  • Affordable leather executive chair under $200
  • High-quality Materials, Up to Standard BIFMA X 5.1
  • long-lasting 45D shaped sponge
  • Artificial leather (5 years warranty)
  • Sturdy gas cylinder center pole for support (meet high American Standards – Guaranteed Safety)


  • Not easy to move around while seating on it

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic Designed
  • High back support
  • Lumbar support
  • 30 minutes fast assembly
  • Installation video
  • Headrest, armrest, and adjustable height
  • 360-degree swivel

Well designed leather office chair for your computer desk. You can use it for hours without risking any back pain. Ergonomic design and affordable price make it appealing.

10. Serta Style Hannah Review – Top Rated Office Chair For Under $200 with Microfiber

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Black is the most common color you’ll come across when searching for office chairs. No matter whether it is an expensive model or an office chair under 200, most of them are black in color. But it is not necessary that everyone loves black. So we present you with different colors of office chair including black that too under budget. You can get light beige, gray, ivory and many other color options to match it with your room.

The material of this office chair is neither mesh or leather. Instead of them, it is made of microfiber. The benefit of microfiber over other materials is it is stain resistant and dust free. This, in turn, makes the cleaning process a breeze. Not only is microfiber cloth easy to clean but it is more durable to tears. And this durability makes it an affordable office chair under 200 available in the market.

The pneumatic gas lift adjusts the seat height by a simple flick of the lever. The waterfall edge design of the seat lessens pressure on the back of the legs. It also increases circulation that relaxes the muscle. Ultimately, it helps to increase focus on your work. In addition, pulling out the same handle will unlock the recline mechanism. This, in turn, converts your ergonomic office chair into a good recline position where you can comfortably lean back.

Pillow headrest support your neck and head just like a normal pillow does. The padding on headrest makes your head feel comfier during work. While the plush material on back and seat conform according to your body shape.


  • It is a great option for people who are looking for material other than leather or mesh
  • Microfiber material is easy to clean because of its dust free and stain resistant qualities
  • 250 lbs of weight carrying capacity make it perfect for adults
  • A simple flick of the lever is enough to adjust the height of the chair seat
  • Waterfall edge design on the seat helps to increases circulation that ultimately reduces muscle fatigue
  • You get more than 9 color choices
  • In case you’re not sure about microfiber, you can opt for bonded leather material.


  • Microfiber seat will feel little warm
  • Padding may flatten out after 5-year of uses

Key Features:

  • Microfiber material
  • Waterfall seat edge
  • Padded pillow headrest
  • Pneumatic seat-height adjustment
  • 24.75-inch wide
  • 44-inch high
  • 1-year limited warranty

With soft pillow headrest, you can stay inside it and enjoy the comfort of it for as long as you are working. Durable material, low price, and modern design have made it one of the most selling office chairs on Amazon with over 1200+ positive reviews.

11. AmazonBasics Low-Back Task Chair – Affordable Computer Desk Chair with Padded Seat

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Not everyone is a fan of an armrest. Also, you cannot afford an executive office chair for meetings or small gatherings even if it is under 200. For such events, it is best to go for an armless unit rather than seeking one with armrest. But that does not mean you have to compromise on comfort. So we have this amazing armless unit on our review list by Amazonbasics.

First of all, this ergonomic office chair is armless. Secondly, it has a very simple design and controls. In spite of having a simple look, it features a mini butterfly seat plate. Such design of seat along with curved contours help keep your back supported. And great back support means less spinal and lumbar pain issues. Thus, which is an important feature while you’re in search of the best office chair.

The height adjustment mechanism of this unit is similar to every model on our office chair under 200 reviews. To raise the seat you need to remove your weight from the chair, then pull up on the control handle. But you do not need to stand up from the seat in case you want to lower it. Similarly, a tilt-tension knob underneath the office chair seat makes it easier or harder to rock back. However, it depends on which way you turn the knob.

Its thick yet breathable padded seat cushion and backrest will not overheat even if you sit for long hours. And this breathability of the material makes it best ergonomic office chair under 200 for everyday use. So no matter what how hot or cold the weather is, this unit will never fail to provide comfort.


  • Armless design of the product is best to use in office meetings, small gatherings or events
  • So far it is the cheapest office chair
  • Simple design and easy instruction makes assembly of the unit a breeze
  • Mini buttery design on the seat along with padding on back supports your lumbar
  • Both the controls of height adjustment and tilt-tension are underneath the seat
  • Thanks to its smooth yet sturdy rolling casters that eases mobility of the unit from one place to another


  • An absence of armrest bothers many people as they cannot rest their arms comfortably
  • Low back is not suitable for tall people

Key Features:

  • Low back design
  • Armless unit
  • Padded seat and backrest
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Smooth-rolling casters
  • User-friendly controls
  • 1-year limited warranty

An excellent chair for people having low-back issues. The back support height of this unit is small and filled with comfortable thick foam that keeps hold of your back. It is an excellent small office chair under $100.

12. Essentials High-Back Executive Chair Review – Racing Style Leather Office Chair Under $200

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Race car style of this executive office chair will surely gather you a bunch of compliments. Credit goes to the beautiful crisscross design on the backrest. Not only it makes the chair look rich but such design also helps in maintaining good airflow. The white stitch design on the border of arms, seat, and backrest is what enhances the beauty of this entire unit. Your guest or clients will never believe the price of this executive office chair is under 200.

Loop arms with padding are both, highly durable and comfortable. Thick padding on armrest makes sure to reduce strain on your upper body. Whereas, seat and back cushions provide comfort and built-in support for your lower back. You can make use of this unit for home office work or elite gaming performance.

High back in combination with good cradling support makes your relaxing time more fun. No doubt why it stands as one of the best high back office chairs under 200. You just need to pull out the lever underneath your seat to rock back. Similarly, push it back to its original position in order to make the unit steady. This same lever is responsible for seat-height adjustments. But instead of pulling or pushing the lever, you need to raise it.

Body conforming design of backrest provides comfort for long, intense work hours. The OFM executive office chair even comprises of an integrated padded headrest for added comfort. All in all, it is another best unit in terms of design, money and durability.


  • Plush leather of this executive office chair under 200 is perfect for 6-8 hours of use a day
  • High back and the padded headrest is best for elite gaming experience or prolonged working hours
  • Just wipe clean with a dry clean cloth to remove dust from the unit
  • This heavy-duty 360-degree swivel chair offers 250 lbs of weight capacity
  • Ergonomic back shape effectively supports lumbar as well as helps with lower back pain


  • The tilt function is average
  • Armrests are not adjustable
  • Even if it comprises of smooth-rolling casters it is hard to move unit while having weight on the seat

Key Features:

  • Race car design
  • Leather built-up
  • White stitching
  • Padded armrests
  • Integrated padded headrest
  • Center tilt
  • Limited lifetime warranty

A pure elegant high-back leather office chair that you can for less than $100. Well placed fixed arms and leather patterns stand this unit out from others. It also has a center tilt and tilt tension control for 360-degree swivel.

13. Boss Office Products B991-CP Review – Heavy Duty Big Office Chair with 350lbs Weight Capacity

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Majority of office chairs under 200 dollars have a maximum weight carrying capacity of 250 pounds. And sometimes it is even less than that. This is really problematic for people that are quite big and chubby. But do not worry as the team of homestuffpro considers the need of all kind of persons. So we present you with the best office chair for overweight that can handle up to 350 lbs of weight.

While sturdy construction of the unit makes it suitable for big people, the high back of the ergonomic office chair is best for tall ones. Besides offering sturdy built-up quality this high back office chair under 200 features curved contours. This, in turn, supports your back as well as aligns spine which is an important component when sitting for long periods of time.

Back and lower back pains are more common in big person. This is because the majority of their body weight shifts to the lumbar area while they sit on a chair. But in this case, you’ll not experience intense back pain due to prolonged sitting. All thanks to the ergonomic chair’s built-in lumbar that provides added support for lower back.

Its ergonomic tilt mechanism with infinite locking adjustment allows for setting the chair to perfect angle. While a 6-inch adjustable height range in combination with gas lift allows easy raising and lowering of the seat. And speaking about its construction, the smooth, supple bonded leather is strong enough to use daily for years. In short, it is the best office chairs for overweight.


  • Width and length of the ergonomic office ca=hair is best for tall and heavy people
  • The double plush padding on back and seat provides utmost comfort during long hours of sitting
  • You get 3 colors choices, namely, black, bomber brown and gray
  • 3-inch double wheel casters provide great stability as well as eases rolling
  • Easy-to-reach pneumatic controls allow adjustment of height and tilting function
  • Thanks to its built-in lumbar that helps with lower back pain


  • You need to put extra effort while trying to recline the unit
  • Double layer of plush leather might result in overheating
  • Assembly is time-consuming

Key Features:

  • Double plush leather chair
  • 350 lbs weight capacity
  • Heavy-duty spring tilt mechanism
  • 27-inch brushed metal five-star base
  • Curved armrest
  • 6-year limited warranty

You can call it Big Man’s Chair as it can easily hold up to 350 pounds of weight and has wide seat. Apart from being big, high-quality material has been used to make sure that it last longer. With hundrends of positive customer reviews, this is the best heavy duty office chair under $200 for a big person.

14. Essentials ESS-6000 Review – Best Affordable Office Chair

Read Customer Reviews Here »

Inexpensive price of this ergonomic office chair is what made us include it in our review list. And in spite of being low on price this unit offers great features as well as it rich in look. Simple yet sturdy design of the product goes well in corporate offices, computer organization or home office. But don’t let the simple look of the product fool you with its comfort level. It provides a luxurious feel at a compelling price.

Stitching detail on the chair’s surface is what makes it look costly than it is actually. Though it is not a high back office chair, it does provide great back support. Thanks to its integrated headrest and soft cushioning that help with back pain. Furthermore, segmented foam padding keeps you comfortable all day long. Also, the design of the seat is such that it accommodates according to your curves. This, in turn, alleviates muscle fatigue and reduce lower back pain.

Loop arms are simple yet sturdy. This loop design is the reason behind their sturdiness. However, it does not have padding on them which might be uncomfortable for some people. But in terms of quality, they are durable enough to help reduce strain on your upper body.

Assembling this ergonomic office chair hardly takes 30 minutes. In fact, it comes with all the necessary tools to ease putting parts together. And similar to all above units on our review list, this model too offers pneumatic adjustments. So conclusively, it is a perfect product for the office, whether at work or at home. The comfort and stylish look it offers it totally worth the money.


  • The product meets the industry standard for safety and durability
  • Simple yet sturdy features are what makes the unit worth money
  • Easy-to-use paddles allow for convenient height and tilt adjustments
  • Share you upper body stress on the product’s loop armrest
  • You get an upscale look, ergonomic features and comfort at an affordable price


  • Padding on the seat and back is thinner as compared to other models
  • The low back does not suit tall people (over 6’3″)
  • No padding on the armrest

Key Features:

  • Leather seating surface
  • Easy-to-use paddles
  • 21.25-inch maximum seat height
  • Integrated headrest
  • Sculpted loop arms
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Limited lifetime warranty

If you are looking for a small chair that you can use in your office or in front of your computer then it is an excellent choice. It will cost you around $60-$70. And if on discount or sale you can buy this mini office chair under $50.

15. KADIRYA High Back Bonded Leather Executive Office Chair – Best Chair for a Tall Person

Read Customer Reviews Here »

Last, on the list, we have an executive office chair under 200 that is both, great in look and comfy to sit. Its high back design is suitable for tall people. And this high backrest with padding gives you maximum lumbar support all day long. As a result, it helps with back and lowers back pain issues caused due to prolonged sitting. Not only the unit is great in providing lumbar support but the quality of the leather is also good. The leather is soft to touch as well as durable.

Waterfall seat edge lessens pressure on the back of your legs so that you can stay comfortable even when you have to sit down for hours. Hence, this way you can focus more on your work which in turn increases productivity. And with a maximum reclining angle of 120 degrees, you can periodically lean back to rest as you work. Just turn the tilt-tension knob inappropriate direction to control the rate and ease of recline.

In spite of having a fixed armrest, it offers flip-up arms. You can easily flip the arms upwards to turn the unit into an armless office chair. And bring it down in case you need to rest your arms. In addition, padding on the armrest effectively supports your arms and shoulder for a good resting time.

This leather executive office chair features a heavy-duty nylon base and smooth-rolling casters for great stability and mobility. The nylon base helps to balance the unit perfectly by distributing weight equally among legs. Whereas a back pressure adjuster knob allows setting the backrest according to your body curve. Overall, great padding and user-friendly functions make it one of the best executive ergonomic office chairs under 200 dollars.


  • Flip-up feature of armrest gives you the convenience to work with or without armrest support
  • S-shape design of backrest keeps your spine in alignment and supports the lower back
  • Ultra plush cushioning along with padded back offers unparalleled support and comfort
  • 3-position tilt-lock allows you to lock the recline position of your choice
  • Waterfall seat design removes pressure from lower legs and improves blood circulation
  • Comes with pair of gloves so that your hands don’t get dirty during product assembly


  • Quality of casters is average (mostly because the product price is less than $150 and high-quality caster is very costly)
  • Assembly of the unit takes time (more than 30 minutes)

Key Features:

  • High back
  • Flip-up arms
  • Rock back tilt lock mechanism
  • Back pressure adjuster
  • Thick padded headrest
  • Smooth-rolling casters
  • 1-year warranty

With adjustable reclining and completely padded armrest makes it an excellent low budget office chair. If your waist is bigger then its flip-up arms are something you are going to love. Ergonomic design will keep your back in right position.

Final words:

Generally, a chair which is basically used behind a desk and has wheels on it is called as an office chair(1). However, with time the term itself has changed due to long working hours.

If you work for more than 3 hours sitting on a chair in your office, then you need a good office chair. However, it is not easy to find high-quality products when you are tied under a budget.

But don’t worry we did the hard work for you. Thes office chairs are picked on the basis of their built quality, ergonomic design, availability of headrest, armrest, padding, and the quality of foam used inside it. So pick your best office chair under $200 from our list and make yourself comfortable at work. is reader-supported and a part of the Amazon Affiliates Program. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Read our disclosure for more information.

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