Top 12 Best Metal Gazebo Reviews To Buy in 2020

Metal gazebos are well known for their outstanding performance in all seasons. Be it providing shade in summer or protecting from rain and snow, a metal gazebo can withstand all. So if durability is your topmost priority apart from getting cool shade then metal gazebos are the way to go.

Metal is often preferred over wood construction because of their ability to last longer and stand strong in stormy condition.

These gazeboes can of different types of metal. Some of the best gazeboes are made from processed aluminum and steel frames. These two metal combination makes them light and sturdy to withstand in bad weather.

Best Metal Gazebo Review

Best Metal Gazeboes Comparison Table

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Here are the top 12 best metal gazebo reviews which are available in the market.

1. Sojag Messina Hard Top Sun Shelter, 12′ by 16′

[amazon box=”B00W4B0GTS” title=”Hard Top Sun Shelter Gazebo *”]

A sturdy and big unit is must if you have a large family. So first on our best metal gazebo reviews, we have an amazing product from Sojag. Its charcoal colored rustproof aluminum frame will not rust out too easily. No matter what the season is, you can hassle free rest inside Sojag hardtop metal gazebo. The strong frame of aluminum helps to keep the unit sturdy against adverse weather conditions.

Heavy duty structure of powder-coated galvanized steel roof offers plenty of shade all around the year. Credit goes to its steel construction that protects you from sun, rain, and snow. And in order to maintain optimal temperature under the hardtop metal roof, Sojag comprises of a ventilation system. This vent system is equipped with a screened cupola that prevents entry of bugs inside the shade. While at the same time it helps to throw away hot air from under hardtop roof to maintain coolness.

We all love to spend time inside gazebo but the problem arises when mosquitoes enter the shade. And to overcome the problem of itchy mosquito bites, Sojag hardtop metal gazebo includes one set of mosquito netting. This nylon net is extremely durable as well as reduces sun and wind exposure. Thus, it is the best metal gazebo to buy if you’re looking for shade and protection all around the year.

Key Features:

  • 12 X 16 footprint
  • Galvanized steel roof
  • Rustproof aluminum frame
  • Nylon mosquito netting
  • Screened cupola
  • 1-year warranty(structure)
  • 2-year warranty(roof panels)


  • No need to store the roof during winters as it you can easily remove snow from it
  • This large metal gazebo provides ample space to keep your favorite furniture
  • Cross-beam design on corners of the frame makes the unit look beautiful as well as provides stability
  • PVC-coated polyester netting prevents mosquitoes and bugs from entering in
  • You can decorate metal gazebo with lights or even install a fan to keep the heat at bay during summers


  • Expensive, because of size and all metal construction
  • Charcoal color only

2. Sunjoy 10′ X 10’ Summer Breeze Soft Top Gazebo

[amazon box=”B01MTURUA7″ title=”Summer Breeze Soft Top Metal Gazebo*”]

Make your outdoor living space more beautiful with sunjoy soft top metal gazebo. The light brown color of the unit will surely enhance the beauty of the area you install it. Be it a patio, deck or pool area, it is extremely easy to carry out assembly of the product. But apart from having beautiful looks, sunjoy 10 X 10 metal gazebo is a durable product. It gets its durability from sturdy steel and aluminum frame construction. This powder coated frame is also resistant to rust and chipping. Thus, your sunjoy gazebo will keep looking new for years.

Soft top canopy is what makes assembly of the product a breeze. Simply attach fabric on corners of the frame with a friend or two. And you’re ready to enjoy peaceful summer hours under this 10×10 sunjoy metal gazebo. Speaking of the size, 10×10 footprint offers plenty of room to put dining or sitting furniture. Plus there’s a hook in the middle of the canopy where you can hang a light, fan, plant or any other decor item.

2-tier ventilation top of sunjoy 10×10 soft top metal frame gazebo helps in maintaining cool temperature under shade. While the 100% polyester canopy protects you and your family from harmful UV rays of the sun. This polyester fabric is also easy to clean in case dirt, dry leaves or debris accumulates over it. In addition, it is very easy to unhook the soft top canopy during adverse weather conditions. Therefore, it is the best 10×10 metal gazebo in terms of usability and built-up.

Key Features:

  • 10×10 size
  • Soft top canopy
  • 2-tier vent top
  • Hook on center
  • 100% polyester cover
  • 12-month limited warranty


  • It is very easy to install the unit on the pool area, deck, patio or wooden surface due to its foot design
  • The soft top canopy does both the job of protecting you from the sun and maintaining proper airflow
  • It will hardly take an hour to assemble the unit with the help of a friend
  • The polyester cover is easy to install, remove and clean
  • Hook in the middle of canopy allows you to hang any gazebo decor item of your choice
  • More than 100 positive reviews make it as one of the best-rated metal gazeboes on Amazon


  • Installing soft top canopy is the most time-consuming part of product assembly
  • Does not include mosquito netting

3. Kozyard Rosana 10’x12′ Hardtop Aluminum Permanent Gazebo with 2-Layer Sidewalls

[amazon box=”B07B29D4SZ” title=”Hardtop Aluminum Permanent Gazebo*”]

A strong metal gazebo is must if the area where you live receives a good amount of snowfall. So we present you Kozyard Rosana 10×12 hardtop aluminum gazebo with 2-layer sidewalls. With a snow-load capacity of 2000 pounds, you no longer need to worry about removing snow from metal roof frequently. Whereas, the 10×12 size allows you to place the unit conveniently over the pool area or patio. Thanks to its strong anchoring stand with 3 pre-drilled holes. You just need to buy suitable screws to install the unit on the floor type you have.

The aluminum frame having dark brown color provides great strength. In fact, it is resistant to rust so that frames do not start premature rusting. In addition to that, the triangular design on corners adds more strength to entire construction. So no matter what the weather is, kozyard metal top gazebo can handle it all. You will enjoy plenty of shade during summers, winters, and rainfall. It will become our favorite spot to spend leisure time.

Kozyard Rosana 10×12 hardtop metal gazebo includes 2 layers sidewalls. Out of which, one layer is of polyester mosquito netting. And the other layer is a polyester solid sidewall that with zips to protect you from harmful rays of the sun. Furthermore, the double track system allows you to add another layer of privacy curtains. However, you need to buy curtains separately. The included screens comprise of a high-quality zipper at four sides that opens and close the layers smoothly.

Key Features:

  • 10×12 size
  • Galvanized steel roof
  • 2000 pounds of snow load capacity
  • Mosquito netting zipper
  • Anchoring stand
  • 5-year warranty(hardtop roof)
  • 1-year limited warranty(pole)


  • 3 pre-drilled holes on each foot help to install the unit easily over the solid floor
  • Steel railing on all four sides are removable
  • Includes a mosquito net and a solid sidewall to protect you from bugs and rays of the sun
  • Triangular aluminum stand on corners holds the metal roof firmly
  • Two hooks on steel roof allow you to hang lights, fan or any other decor item
  • No need to take off the roof during snowfall as it can hold up to 2000 pounds of snow


  • Does not come with privacy curtains
  • Rosana does not have a roof vent

4. Sunjoy 10 x 12 Chatham Steel Hardtop Gazebo

[amazon box=”B00GU4E6I2″ title=”Chatham Steel Hardtop Gazebo*”]

Say hello to peaceful leisure hours with Sunjoy 10×12 Chatham steel hardtop gazebo. This steel metal top is durable and long lasting. While steel top remains sturdy during adverse weather conditions, the powder coated frame is rust-resistant. Both these features together ensure the unit keeps looking new for years. Also, they help to keep the unit sturdy during snowfall, rain, and heavy winds. Therefore, it is one the best 10×12 metal gazebo to install on your patio or deck.

The vented roof on top ensures there is a good flow on air under the shade. And because of this good ventilation system, you won’t feel too warm inside the unit even if the sun is throwing flames. In fact, sunjoy comprises of the hook in the center of upper tier to hang fan. You can use the hook to hang other gazebo things rather than a fan. Either way, it is the best sunjoy metal gazebo for all round year use.

The Sunjoy Chatham metal garden gazebo includes mosquito netting on all four sides. The nylon material of the screen is strong enough to prevent entry of bugs inside the shade. However, you need to reinforce stitches as heavy winds might damage them. Other than that, sturdy legs of the frame can be bolted down on concrete surfaces easily. Thus, you can hassle-free to install the unit over a hot tub or on side of the pool area.

Key Features:

  • 10×12 footprint
  • Chatham steel roof
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • Mosquito screen
  • 6-month limited warranty


  • The metal steel roof is durable and long lasting
  • The powder coated frame is resistant to rust, corrosion, and chipping
  • Nylon mosquito screen prevents bugs and insects from getting inside
  • Good ventilation on top maintains optimal temperature under shade
  • The 4 support posts have ‘L-shaped’ brackets so that you can easily attach the unit to deck


  • Assembly takes a good amount of time
  • Putting metal roof in place will need some help as it is too heavy to lift alone
  • Costly product

5. Great Deal Furniture Sonoma | Outdoor Fabric/Steel Gazebo Canopy

[amazon box=”B00TECIY26″ title=”Outdoor Steel Gazebo Canopy*”]

Next, on our best metal gazebo reviews, we have a budget-friendly product. The great deal furniture offers a beautiful yet sturdy product that too in the budget. Soft-top canopy is what makes the unit cheap from others. But don’t let the soft top of the product confuse you with its durability. The weather-resistant polyester material of the canopy offers protection from sun, rain, dust, and debris. Whereas, the steel frame of metal garden gazebo firmly holds the canopy in place.

Just like the majority of the units on the list, this model also comes with mosquito netting. But in addition to that, you get 4-side privacy curtains. These curtains are helpful in blocking UV rays of the sun while you enjoy resting inside the unit. You can use the netting either with outer screens or on its own. This user-friendly feature makes it stand as the best metal gazebo with curtains.

As it comprises of the soft top, it is fairly easy to install all by yourself. Though getting help will speed up the assembly process. Thanks to the straightforward instructions and tools, which makes installing the outdoor metal gazebo a breeze. Moreover, the color and design of the unit will definitely make your outdoor living space more beautiful. You’ll gather tons of compliments from your friends and guests.

Key Features:

  • 118.00″ L x 118.00″ W x 107.25″ H
  • Polyester soft top canopy
  • Mosquito Netting
  • Privacy screens
  • Steel frame
  • 90-day warranty


  • Good quality affordable metal gazebo
  • You get 2 beautiful color choices, namely, beige and light brown
  • Comes with privacy panels to block direct rays of the sun from falling into the unit
  • It is easy to put all parts of the unit together
  • The steel frame of gazebo holds the unit firmly in adverse weather conditions
  • Comes with necessary tools for proper installation


  • You must take off canopy during snow or hail storm as it might tear the fabric
  • Rainwater collects on the roof during heavy rainfall

6. Sunjoy 11.4’X 13.2′ Madison Pavilion Hex Shape Soft Top Gazebo with Serving Shelf

[amazon box=”B01MRRMCQG” title=”Hex Shape Soft Top Gazebo*”]

If you often throw summer parties then here’s a perfect product for you. The sunjoy hexagon shape metal frame gazebo offers plenty of space for an outdoor dining or living room space. Therefore, you can call a good number of people to enjoy your summer evenings without worrying about space. Apart from offering huge space, sunjoy hexagon metal gazebo have a beautiful design. This versatile design will surely bring you tons of compliments from your friends.

Rails on both the sides are what makes the sunjoy metal frame gazebo look more beautiful. Whereas, 11.4′ x 13.2′ footprint of the unit is best to install on patio, deck or pool area. Other than that, the soft top canopy protects you from UV rays and rain. The unique design of the canopy also allows wind to pass through. This, in turn, stabilizes unit during heavy winds or sudden breeze.

Serving shelf on the side is perfect to put food items. In case you do not wish to use a shelf, you can simply press it down. Moreover, round hooks on each corner of the hex frame allow you to hang gazebo decor items such as lights or mini plants. Plus there’s a hook in the middle of the canopy where you can install the fan. All in all, it is the best cheap metal gazebo from sunjoy having a unique hexagonal design.

Key Features:

  • 11.4′ x 13.2′ footprint
  • Hexagonal shape
  • Soft top canopy
  • Serving shelf on the side
  • Double-tier top
  • Metal rails
  • 1-year warranty


  • The hexagonal shape of gazebo will enhance the beauty of your backyard, deck, patio or wherever you install it
  • The serving shelf on the side goes up and down easily
  • Metal rails on sides help in proper placement of furniture inside the unit
  • It is extremely easy to put all parts of this product together
  • Hooks on edge of each metal frame on top allows hanging mini plants
  • The dual-tired vented canopy provides stability to the unit against windy conditions


  • The product does not include mosquito netting or privacy screens
  • Single color only

7. Kozyard Alexander 10’x12′ Hardtop Aluminum Permanent Gazebo with 2 Layers Sidewalls

[amazon box=”B07B295PP9″ title=”Hardtop Aluminum Permanent Gazebo*”]

Style, color, and structure of this kozyard alexander metal hardtop gazebo are absolutely beautiful. If you’re looking for a product that provides you with cool shade for years then this one is perfect. All thanks to its galvanized steel roof and rustproof aluminum frame. The steel hardtop roof is strong enough to withhold any heavy snow. Therefore, no need to take down the roof during snowfall or hail storms. In fact, you can safely enjoy a beautiful view of snow falling from the sky from your outdoor metal gazebo.

Furthermore, the dark brown color of aluminum frame blends well with almost every type of background. Be it patio, backyard, deck or pool area, you can hassle free install the unit. In addition, the 4.7″x 4.7″ triangular aluminum stand pole provides extra sturdiness to the whole unit. As a result, the gazebo remains firmly in place during heavy winds or other such weather conditions. In fact, each foot has pre-drilled holes for sturdy concrete floor installation.

Water gutter design ensures rainwater always goes inside of poles and edge frame. This, in turn, allows you to sip your favorite hot beverage under the shade while enjoying rain outside. In short, it is the best metal gazebo in terms of durability and uses all around the year. Let us not forget about its polyester mosquito netting that keeps bugs and insects away. Also, it features a removable steel railing on 4 sides. This gives you the option to keep or remove screens completely.

Key Features:

  • 10 x 12 size
  • Galvanized steel roof
  • Double tract system
  • Advanced water gutter design
  • Anchoring stand
  • Mosquito Netting
  • 5-year limited warranty


  • Cupola at the top create a 2-tiered roof which properly ventilates area beneath
  • Includes sidewalls and mosquito screen
  • Strong anchoring stand with 3 pre-drilled holes allows installing unit easily over concrete surfaces
  • Water gutter system ensures rainwater goes straight inside the poles and edge frame
  • The steel metal roof has snow holding capacity of up to 2500 pounds
  • Non-rusting material is the reason behind the product’s great durability


  • You will need help from more than 3 persons to assemble and install the product properly
  • Expensive

8. Sunjoy 12′ x 10’Two-Tier Hardtop Gazebo, Matt Black Poles and Frame with Rich Brown Proof

[amazon box=”B01ESR6YHI” title=”Two-Tier Hardtop Gazebo*”]

Matte black poles in combination with dark brown roof compliments most outdoor aesthetic. Therefore, which makes this sunjoy 12×10 metal gazebo first choice of exterior lovers. Be it your patio, deck or poolside, this unit will definitely catch eyes of all your guests. But apart from having a good look, the sunjoy metal gazebo also offers other wonderful features. First of all, it has a hardtop roof which means you can enjoy cool shade during all seasons.

While hardtop protects you from outside weather, its 2-tier vented canopy keeps the unit stable during high winds. It also maintains cool temperature under shade by maximizing airflow. Thus, you can peacefully relax under 12×10 sunjoy metal gazebo without worrying about weather conditions. To make it your own little outdoor living space, sunjoy features a built-in hook underneath the center of the canopy. You can hang light, fan or any other decorative item of your wish.

Footprint size of 12×10 is big enough to accommodate a good number of people. In fact, you can comfortably set up full dining or seating beneath. It’s easy to follow instructions eases putting of all the parts of gazebo together. Sunjoy even includes extra screws so that you can smoothly finish the task of assembly. However, as it a metal hardtop gazebo you will need help to assemble it. Thus, sturdy construction and user-friendly qualities make the product worth the money.

Key Features:

  • 12′ x 10′ footprint
  • Hardtop canopy
  • Polycarbonate small top
  • 15 kg of snow holding capacity
  • 12-month limited warranty


  • The modern design of this sunjoy metal gazebo adapts to a wide variety of style
  • Rust-resistant, powder coated finish is designed for long-term, rust-free use
  • Small polycarbonate top allows protects you and your family from harmful UV rays of the sun
  • Built-in hook in the center is ideal for hanging the light or small chandelier
  • Size of the unit provides enough room to set up whole dining or seating arrangement
  • The classic combination of rich brown and black color will surely catch the attention of your friends


  • Does not include bug screen or privacy panel
  • The roof is a bit difficult to assemble
  • Snow holding capacity could be better

9. Coral Coast Prairie Grass 8 x 8 ft. Gazebo Canopy

[amazon box=”B00BG6FHT6″ title=”Metal 8 x 8 ft. Gazebo Canopy*”]

Moving on, we have the best small metal gazebo measuring 8 x 8 feet in size. This unit is perfect for small families or couples who seek cool shade during summers. And a benefit of having a small gazebo is, you can assemble it. It hardly takes 30 minutes for 2 people to put parts of the unit together. Plus, it also becomes easy for an individual to take off canopy during winter. Thanks to the structure of the metal frame that helps to take down and attach canopy smoothly.

Speaking of the structure, coral coast metal patio gazebo comprises of leaf pattern on each panel. Not only does it make the entire unit look beautiful but it also provides you with decorative space. Further, all these panels are of steel with unique scrollwork corner legs. Plus there are holes on the bottom so as to stake the unit down securely on the garden. This beautiful design and user-friendly installation features make it the best small metal gazebo on the review list.

Similar to many other units, the coral coast also features a vent system. But this vent area is covered with mosquito screen to prevent bugs and insects from entering into the shade. However, it does not include mosquito netting surrounding the panels. Apart from that, the canopy fabric comprises of in-built grommet holes. These holes are helpful in draining away rainwater. So conclusively, it is the best metal garden gazebo for a small patio or deck area.

Key Features:

  • 8×8 ft
  • Polyester canopy
  • 2-tier vent system
  • Steel frame
  • 1.3-inch pole diameter


  • Rust-resistant brown steel frames are sturdy, safe and durable
  • It is super easy to install and take down the canopy cover during adverse weather conditions
  • The small size of the gazebo is perfect for limited space of patio or deck
  • The elegant leaf pattern on steel panels simply enhance the beauty of the entire unit
  • Mosquito screen surrounding the vent area keeps bugs from entering from the top side
  • The compact size gazebo is easy to assemble


  • Does not come with mosquito netting
  • No side shelves on any steel panel

10. EliteShade 12×12 feet Sunbrella Titan Patio Outdoor Garden Backyard Gazebo

[amazon box=”B07MNBV1MX” title=”Outdoor 12×12 feet Metal Gazebo*”]

Garden becomes an important outdoor living space as soon as summers arrive. And it is important to shade yourself from UV rays of the sun. If you’ve got a big family then it is important to pay attention to size. But apart from size, it is also necessary to select a product having sturdy construction. So if you’re looking for a unit that is huge in size and solid in construction then this is a perfect product for you. The EliteShade 12×12 feet metal garden gazebo offers plenty of shade.

Its square canopy having two layers of wind vent allows wind and heat to escape. This, in turn, keeps the unit stable during high winds. And proper airflow ensures temperature under shade remains cool even if it is sunny outside. Furthermore, this canvas canopy is reinforced on the corners for added durability and longevity. This strong stitching on edges makes sure rainwater does not damage or tear the fabric. Also, the fabric of the canopy is waterproof. Thus, your family can comfortably sit inside the gazebo all dry while it’s raining outside.

Unlike rest of the units that have a simple design on poles, EliteShade 12×12 garden gazebo comprise of rattan design. All the poles are made out sturdy aluminum and wrapped by rattan. Not only will it look beautiful in the garden but it also matches with rattan style outdoor furniture easily. And in spite of offering large size and rattan design, the cost of the unit is not too high. In fact, it stands as one of the best cheap metal gazeboes on our review list.

Key Features:

  • 12x12x10 feet
  • Canvas canopy
  • Dual wind vent
  • Aluminum poles
  • Rattan design


  • The unit assembles in 2-3 hours with 1-2 people all because of its clear instructions
  • Corrosion-free material of poles will keep shading you for many years
  • Double wind vent layers on top ensure air and heat escapes out
  • Rattan design on poles easily matches with any outdoor rattan furniture as well as looks beautiful in your garden
  • Comes in 2 attractive colors, cocoa, and rust
  • Size of the unit is large enough to provide shade to more number of people


  • You need to take down canvas canopy during snowfall
  • It does not come with mosquito netting

11. Sunjoy L-GZ798PST-E Regency II Gazebo with Mosquito Netting

[amazon box=”B00K6PD3BW” title=”Sunjoy Regency II Gazebo*”]

Mosquito outbreak is very common in some areas. And if you live in such areas where these tiny insects occur frequently then it is important to buy a gazebo with mosquito netting. So again on the review list, we have another sunjoy product having mosquito screen. This mesh screen prevents entry of insects and bugs into the gazebo. Therefore, allowing you to spend peaceful leisure time with friends and family. And in our opinion, it is best to go with a unit having mosquito screen especially if your kids spend a lot of time under shade.

The stainless steel construction of the poles is strong enough to handle a sudden breeze. In fact, there are shelves on each pole wherein you can place mini plants. The weight of these plants will add more strength to the unit against high wind. In addition, it will make your sunjoy metal gazebo with soft top cover look beautiful. Speaking of the soft top, the canopy is made from 100% polyester. And this polyester fabric is resistant to fire and water.

This sunjoy metal frame gazebo comes with ground stakes to secure onto the soft surface. Besides that, there are plant ring on two corners to hang your favorite mini plant. And similar to the majority of sunjoy gazebos, this model also features a center hook which is ideal to hang fan or light. But above all, the inexpensive price of the unit makes it one of the best sunjoy metal gazebo with mosquito netting.

Key Features:

  • 10’x12′ footprint
  • 11×13 canopy size
  • Mosquito Netting
  • Corner shelves
  • Steel frame
  • Center hook


  • In spite of offering stainless steel construction, the price of the product is very low
  • Comes with ground stakes to secure the unit firmly on backyard
  • You get 3 beautiful color options, namely, brown, hunter green and maroon
  • Includes mosquito screen to keep away deadly insects away from your loved ones
  • Shelve on each corner of pole adds weight to gazebo as well as beautifies interior
  • Assembling the unit is a breeze as you will not need any tools


  • The included ground stakes are not very strong
  • Fabric of canopy is not tight enough to let go rainwater

12. Outsunny 10′ x 13′ Aluminum Outdoor Garden Gazebo with Curtains

[amazon box=”B06XDDCT2Y” title=”Aluminum Outdoor Garden Gazebo*”]

Last on our best metal gazebo reviews we have a product that comes in a complete package. And this package includes metal frames, curtains, and canopy. Thus, you do not have to look for each item separately as Outsunny offers all of them. While rust-resistant aluminum frame prevents premature rusting of poles, metal railing throughout adds extra support to the structure. Plus it comes with 8 stakes to secure the Outsunny outdoor garden gazebo firmly to the ground.

The unit comes with both the types of curtains, mosquito screen and privacy panels. While mesh screen helps to keep mosquitoes out, solid curtains serve as a dual purpose. Firstly, it blocks rays of the sun from entering inside the gazebo. And secondly, it gives you and your partner great privacy. In order to maintain an optimal temperature inside, the Outsunny metal garden gazebo features a double tier roof. This dual vent system ensures proper airflow and steadiness of unit during windy conditions.

Built-in grommets ensure rainwater does not accumulate over the canopy. Whereas, hook and loop straps allow you to conveniently fix both the curtains on side of the metal frame. But above all, the price of this unit is what makes it best cheap metal frame gazebo. And in spite of having such less price, it provides an ample amount of shade. The 10-foot length and 13-foot width of the tent are large enough to provide shade to plenty of people. Thus, you can worry free throw summer parties or relax with your large family without feeling overcrowded.

Key Features:

  • 10×13
  • UV-resistant polyester fabric
  • 8 ground stakes
  • Metal Railing
  • 2 curtains
  • Built-in grommets


  • Comes in a complete package so that you do not have to search for individual items
  • Ground stakes help to make the unit stand firmly onto the yard
  • 2-tier vent system ensures proper airflow underneath the shade
  • Grommets on the canopy surface make sure rainwater flows away smoothly
  • Includes both mosquito netting and privacy curtains


  • No hooks to hang fan or lights
  • Taking off the canopy during snowfall is difficult due to its large size

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If you are looking for long-standing gazebo then buying the metal units are the best choice. If not taken care, wooden tents tend to get destroyed in rainy weather. While on the other hands, a metal gazebo can handle weathering better than wooden ones.

Buy an easy to install metal gazebo if you like to keep changing the location of the unit every season. However, if your house has a good spacious backyard then buy permanent gazebos which can be fixed at one location.


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