10 Best Inflatable Portable Hot Tubs in 2022 (Full Review + Buyer Guide)

Last Updated on February 25, 2022

Let us agree with the fact that it is not feasible for everyone to build a swimming pool in their backyard. Money is undoubtedly one major reason behind it, but there are other several factors. There might not be sufficient space or high maintenance budget. But that does not mean you cannot have fun in the water. Inflatable portable hot tubs are the best alternative to permanent swimming pools.

Not only are hot tubs cost-effective but they provide much great relaxation. And more importantly, portable hot tubs are perfect for indoors and outdoor use. You can use them in your backyard, basement, patio, or deck side. No matter where you install the hot tub, you’ll definitely get a soothing and relaxing water treatment. So without wasting much time, let us help you find a good inflatable hot tub.

Best Blow Up Portable Hot Tubs Comparison

NameMax. CapacityNo. of JetsPrice
Coleman SaluSpa4 Person114 Air Jets
Coleman Lay Z Spa4 Person 60 Air Jets
Bestway Hawaii6 Person114 Air Jets
SaluSpa Miami5 Person120 Bubble Jets
Intex 77in PureSpa4 Person120 Bubble Jets
Bestway Jacuzzi Tub7 Person83 Air Jets
Intex PureSpa Plus4 Person120 Bubble Jets
Goplus Outdoor Spa6 Person100 Bubble Jets
Bestway SaluSpa Paris6 Person120 Massage Jets
Goplus Outdoor4 Person100 Bubble Jets

1. Coleman SaluSpa 4 Person Portable Inflatable AirJet Spa Hot Tub – Overall Best

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Quality of product is what helps us determine its longevity. And high-quality materials of Coleman Salu-spa inflatable hot tub makes it worth buying. Thanks to its thick, dense vinyl walls that make you feel as if you’re sitting on a rubber raft. It is big enough to fit 4 persons. You can either choose to sit inside the pool or on the edge.

Digital readout on the pump and timer helps to inflate the tub fast and properly. Whereas, its 114 air jets produce soothing bubbles that helps to relax sore muscles. This is the best blow up the hot tub for people who wish to have a professional water-therapy under budget. Also, the square shape of the unit fits easily in small areas as well as accommodates 4 people comfortably.

Why we like it:
  • Built-up of the unit is so strong that it allows you to sit on edges without edge bending down too much
  • Inflating it up is a breeze due to its digitally controlled pump
  • 114 jets produces soothing air bubbles
  • Comes with a complete installation kit including pool liner, cover, spa pump, repair kit, etc
  • It stands as top-rated inflatable pools on Amazon with over 100 positive reviews
  • Water temperature to go up to 104 degrees F
  • Level of water remains consistent even after several uses
  • The motor does not produce annoying sound while it is on

2. Coleman Lay Z Spa – Best Inflatable Hot Tub for Winter

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The timeless design of Coleman 13804 round inflatable hot pool is perfect for your small backyard. Measuring 71″ X 26″, it is one of the easiest units to set up. Clear and straightforward instructions help in easy inflation of the tub. It will take you around 30 minutes to set all things up even if you’re buying it for the first time.

Markings inside the walls remove the guesswork of filling the tub with water. And in order to get the best spa-like experience, you must not fill water above the ‘max’ mark. Interestingly, Coleman hot tub 13804 allows you to fill in warm water and saves heat up time. Whereas its cushioned floor pad helps to keep the water warm for a longer period of time. Summing all things up, it is a user-friendly, easy to set up and durable inflatable tub.

Why we like it:
  • You just need to replace 2 filter cartridges to get a fresh supply of water
  • The convenient location of the drain valve helps to drain out water quickly
  • Sturdy handles on sides help to move the empty tub easily
  • Pump and heater shut off automatically after 72 hours ensuring user safety
  • You get 2 color choices, black and green
  • Different operation modes provide flexibility to users as well as helps to save energy
  • Water remains warm for a long while due to the presence of cushioned air pad

3. Bestway 54155E Hawaii Air Jet Inflatable Outdoor Spa Review

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Now it is possible to get spa-like massage treatment right at home. The salute-massage system of Bestway 54155E Hawaii outdoor hot tub is what makes it special. These tiny yet powerful 114 air jets all over the interior helps to relax your body. It feels really soothing when a warm water bubble touches a sore muscle. In spite of air-jet technology, the bubbles are strong enough to give you great massage therapy.

The size of the unit is big enough to fit up to 6 people. Therefore, your entire family can spend quality time together inside the tub. The credit behind such great capacity goes to inflated walls made of tri-tech material. This material accounts for high durability and comfort. Whereas, the l-beam internal design holds the unit in place while your kids jump inside the tub. Which makes it a perfect blow up the hot tub for the family to enjoy their summer holidays.

Why we like it:
  • The touch-sensitive control module allows you to set/change various functions
  • The powerful pump inflates and deflates the pool tub in seconds
  • It posses the capacity to fit up to 6 persons with 222 gallons of maximum water capacity
  • Polyester mesh core encased in 2 layers of PVC provides strength and stability to the unit
  • Auto shut off feature saves electricity as well as proves to be safe for users
  • Built-in air chamber acts as great insulation that in turn keeps the water warm for many hours
  • Makes strong air bubbles that make you feel as if you’re sitting in a real spa

4. SaluSpa Miami AirJet Blow Up Hot Tub

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Say hello to ultimate relaxation with lay z spa by Bestway. This lay-z massage system helps relax sore muscles by throwing air bubbles towards your skin rapidly. As a result, you feel relaxed within minutes of sitting inside the unit. Its digital control panel offers several types of mode including lay-z massage activation. This includes water filter activation, temperature adjustment, heat activation, etc.

You can set the temperature either in Celsius or Fahrenheit mode, whichever suits you the most. In addition to that, the digital panel also allows you to turn up the heat without having to exit the tub. While its cushioned pad keeps the unit steady in place, the inflatable cover keeps the water warm while the portable hot tub is not in use. It also prevents dust and debris from falling into the water. So, there is no need to change water frequently as it remains fresh for a long while.

Why we like it:
  • The 3-ply reinforced material offers superior strength and durability
  • You can sit on sides of lay z spa without worrying about buckling or bending of walls
  • Chemical floater and filter cartridge keeps the water clean and fresh for a longer period of time
  • 120 bubble jets are perfect for soaking sore muscles
  • You can you the unit either indoors or outdoors according to the space available
  • Space inside is comfortable for 4 persons
  • Temperature goes up to 104 degrees F(maximum) for ultimate relaxation

5. Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set Review

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Using hard water is a big no if you wish for a long life of the motor and inflatable tub. Not only does hard water is harmful to your skin but it also reduces heating capacity. And if you’re area gets hard water supply then here’s a perfect solution. The 77 inches Purespa Intex inflatable portable hot tub with an electronic hard water treatment system forms crystals of hard water once it passes through the electromagnetic field. Then, cartridge catches these crystals and prevents them from entering the tub.

A user-friendly interface allows to set up different functions easily. Further, you can choose your desired temperature from range in between 68 degrees to 104 degrees F. To help keep water warm for a long time, Intex blow up tub features thermal ground cloth. This cloth serves the purpose of both, protecting the bottom surface as well as keeps the water inside warm. Therefore, you will definitely save electricity costs when the heater system does not need frequent activation.

Why we like it:
  • Water treatment system treats away hard water crystals and turns it into soft water
  • Round shape and water capacity of 210 gallons is enough for up to 4 people
  • An insulated cover and lock minimizes heat loss
  • Just replace cartridge filters to get a cleaner supply of water
  • The insulated ground cloth provides enhances thermal retention
  • Includes a carry bag to store the unit safely after use
  • 120 high-power bubble jets surrounding the interior offers a spa-like experience

6. Bestway 54190E SaluSpa AirJet Helsinki Inflatable Jacuzzi Hot Tub – Best For Home Bubble Massage

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The exterior of the Bestway 54190E SaluSpa inflatable hot tub will definitely catch the attention of your friends. Its wood-like appearance compliments outdoor space no matter where you place it. But wait, great looks aren’t the only appreciating quality of Bestway inflatable jacuzzi hot tub. It has many more things to offer besides that.

The jet-air system of the unit provides you with the ultimate massage experience. Whereas, lay z technology enables both heating and air bubbles to function at the same time. So, therefore, you can enjoy a hot bath during cold winter months gazing at the night sky. The reason behind solid heat retention is because of aluminum foil coating of a pool cover. Not only does it minimize heat loss but prevent dirt and debris from falling into the water.

Why we like it:
  • Digital touchscreen panel lets you select between different functions
  • Designed for 5-7 people, thus, the best blow up hot tub for families
  • The pump is capable of inflating tub in minutes
  • Its great heat retention capacity makes it perfect to use during chilly winter nights
  • Air bubbles forming everywhere help relax your muscles
  • It is a beautiful looking unit with great durability

7. Intex PureSpa Plus Bubble Massage Set Review

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A low budget does not mean you have to settle for a low-quality product. Not especially when you’re on homestuffpro. So we have a cheap inflatable hot tub which is not only a great relief in your pocket but is also sturdily built. The Intex Purespa plus measuring 28 inches high is perfect for a family of 4. And let us not forget about the 170 little jets that make you feel more comfortable.

You can either wait for the heater to heat up the water or directly fill the hot tub with warm water. However, the temperature range is the same as the majority of high-quality inflatable hot tubs on the list. You can choose your desired temperature from 68 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. In spite of the low cost, Intex massage hot tub comes with 2 headrests. These removable pillows are best to rest your head while you enjoy deep massaging sensation from air bubbles.

Why we like it:
  • The affordable price tag of the product is worth buying
  • Comes with headrests to provide you with ultimate comfort
  • Makes a lot of air bubbles to relax your sore muscles
  • A carry bag lets you store and transport the unit conveniently from place to place
  • It takes nearly an hour to set up and inflate the tub if you’re using it for the first time

8. Goplus 4-6 Person Outdoor Spa Inflatable Hot Tub for Portable Jets Bubble Massage Relaxing

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A family with more number of members needs a big hot tub that fits all of them comfortably. So unwind yourself after a hard day at work along with your friends or family by sitting inside the Goplus outdoor hot tub. Hot water in combination with soothing bubble jets takes away all your stress. While its 360-degree all-around bubble design helps to soothe stiff neck, waist, and legs.

The Goplus portable hot tub comprises a built-in hard water treatment system. This feature benefits a lot to people who receive hard water supply. As a result, it makes water soft which benefits your skin as well as elongates the life of the unit. Its easy-to-replace filter cartridge also plays a major role in cleaning spa water. So one sure thing with this Goplus product is you’ll get clean water as long as you keep changing filters on time.

Why we like it:
  • By far it offers a number of color choices to compliment various outdoor styles
  • While 6-person blow up hot tub is perfect for large families, you can go for a smaller size in case of less number of people
  • Built-in hard water treatment system helps in the filtration of mineral content
  • Insulated cover and ground cloth helps to keep the water warm for longer period of time
  • No need to buy any accessories separately as it already includes everything
  • Small bubbles help with a stiff neck, shoulders, and back pain

9. BestWay SaluSpa Paris AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub w/ LED Light Show

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Soft light inside the hot tub makes it look more romantic. And if you’re planning to spend quality time with your partner then SaluSpa hot tub is perfect. This lay z spa includes a remote control LED strip that cycles through 7 colors. The strip of led lights goes in between spa liner and the outer cover However, these lights are not lit by the pump and requires another power source. But as soon as you switch on the lights, you’ll see your unit turn into a beautiful relaxing place.

There is no beauty of led lights if the seating arrangement is poor. But this hot tub with LED lights excels in seating arrangement. Thanks to its air pad cushioned floor that sits underneath the pool spa. Whereas, thick bottom and walls of the unit provide instant comfort to hips, legs, and back. Hence, beauty and superior comfort will not make you leave the tub any soon.

Why we like it:
  • An RF remote lets you change led lights by a simple press of a button
  • Inflating hot tub is no big deal as the pump inflates it in minutes
  • 2 filter assemblies with cartridge purify water as well as are easy to remove and replace
  • Includes a floater for dispensing chemicals of your choice
  • The pump remains fairly quiet while circulating and heating water
  • Fits 4-6 adults of average size
  • You can sit on sides of the SPA as it will not bend down due to weight

10. Goplus Outdoor Inflatable Hot Tub with Accessories Set

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The GoPlus massage hot tub is very much similar to product no.8 in the review list. One main difference between them is of seating capacity. This is a 4 person hot tub that can comfortably fit four adults without bending. Besides being highly durable, it is a portable hot tub. Small size and easy setup allow you to move the unit easily. You can enjoy great bubble massage either indoors or in your backyard.

The built-in water treatment system converts hard water into soft water. And therefore, soft water is more beneficial to the skin than a hard one. To provide ultimate relaxation it features a 360-degree all-around bubble design. This works great on neck, back and waist by providing simulation the same as that of a high-end spa. Thus, Goplus makes it possible to enjoy quality time with your friends and family that too under a budget-friendly price tag.

Why we like it:


  • Black insulated cover keeps water from contaminating
  • Digital control panel on the edge allows you to set different functions without having to exit the tub
  • You get a gentle supply of water because of its water filtration system
  • Price of the product is not too heavy on your pocket
  • The pump inflates tub in minutes no matter whether you keep it indoors or outdoors
  • Comes with a complete set of accessories

Inflatable Hot Tub Features

Each product definitely has some features that make it worth the money. Also, they play a great role in determining the overall quality of the product. So below are some features of blow-up hot tub that you should focus on before buying one.

Tub Size

Size of tub matters a lot depending upon members of the family. Further, size also depends on the area on which you’ll inflate the tub. So before buying, you must make sure the size of the tub is not too small to make people feel uncomfortable. Also, not too big that it hardly gets some clearance space between the tub and walls of the basement.

Types of Jets

Tiny jets inside the hot tub are the reason behind great bubble therapy at home. But did you know that there are actually 2 different types of jets?

 1. AirJets: Air jets are more common with inflatable hot tubs. This is because their running cost is very low. The working mechanism of air jets is similar to that of a blower. The pump pushes the air through jets which in turn gives you soothing experience. Hence, they do not consume much electricity.

But in spite of being cheap, they do provide a spa-like massage treatment right at home. the only thing you need to do is, select a quality product for the best experience.

 2. Water Jets/HydroJets: Hydro jets are one you find in an expensive jacuzzi. The water jets are much powerful than air jets. But with power comes the price. A high-quality hot tub with a water jet system costs way more than a conventional hot tub. Also, the running cost of water jets is more than compared of air jets.

But one cannot beat superior bubble massage therapy hydro-jets provide. They instantly provide relief to sore muscles as well as help with muscle stiffness.

Hard Water System

Not only does hard water ruin your hair but it is harsh on the skin. It also affects the heating capacity of the pump. So if your area receives hard water supply then it is better to look for a portable hot tub with the hard water treatment system. Soft water is beneficial both for the skin and walls of the tub. Therefore, gentler the water, longer will be the life of the unit.

LED Lights Inside Hot Tub

Hot tub with led lights is best for nighttime use. The soft illusion of lights inside water makes the unit cozier. They’re perfect for romantic date night. But there are limited good hot tubs in the market that includes led lights. Generally, these lights operate on a source other than the pump. And you can control them using a separate remote control.

Space/Number of People

It is important to calculate floor size before buying a portable hot tub. Do not choose an area that is too small as then you’ll not be able to enjoy spa time completely. Also, take note that a little amount of water will spill out every time a person goes in or comes out from the water. So choose a space that is even, big and lively to enjoy your tub time at fullest.

Hot Tub Cover

The cover is one of the important hot tub accessories that prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust inside it. It also keeps the inner material safe from wind and minimizes natural weathering effects. Natural all the brands provide it during your purchase. However, you can purchase aftermarket hot tub covers for an inflatable hot tub. The cover may be of leather, inflatable and insulated, a thermal blanket, or a combination cover.

Control Panel

Nowadays every portable spa comes with a touch-panel which has controls that show water temperature, Jets ON/OFF, a timer for the heater. Such control panels have an LED display system for easy access to information. However, make sure that the control panel is reachable from inside the tub.

Price Variation

Typically a good inflatable spa can cost you from around $200 up to $1000, which depends upon the features, durability, brand, and some advanced features such as water jets, thermal floor, LED lights, size of the tub, and saltwater treatment system.

How To Set Up An Inflatable Hot Tub – Video Tutorial

Here is a video tutorial for you to set up the Intex Pure Spa Portable Hot Tub. However, the steps followed in this video tutorial is similar to all other blow up hot tub brands mentioned in our review.

How To Clean and Maintain Inflatable Hot Tub

Proper maintenance is what adds more days to life of a hot tub. And the thing is, portable hot tubs do not require great maintenance. Just simple care of the unit is enough to maintain its great performance. And these care include sanitation and cleaning of hot tubs. Below steps will help you with cleaning and maintaining of such a product(1, 2).

  • Check the pH level of water by using test strips. Make sure it remains between 7.4 to 7.6 pH for the proper functioning of the pump. You can use some chemical tablets to balance the pH of water.
  • The most common method of sanitizing hot tub is by using chlorine. The majority of units include a floater that automatically dispenses chlorine inside water. All you need to do is fill the floater according to the size of the SPA.
  • While the pump does most of the work for you, it is important to check on cartridge filters. These filters catch debris, dirt, and other tiny materials on their surface. In addition, they also catch crystals of hard water and prevent them from entering the tub. So it is necessary to clean them weekly in case you’re using your SPA every day.
  • For thorough cleaning of a hot tub, you must drain out water from it. Then, clean inside and outside walls using mild liquid soap on the sponge. Do not rub vigorously as it will only damage the material of the unit. After washing it with mild liquid soap, clean away all soap solution with water. Make use of a good medium pressure washer with a garden hose to do so. And finally, allow it to sun dry for a couple of hours to resist the growth of mold and mildew.
  • Cover the unit when not in use. Not only will it keep water fresh but it will also help to maintain temperature. Moreover, it is better to fold and store the unit safely during harsh weather conditions.

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It is possible to get spa-like massage and relaxation right at home by buying a good quality hot tub. Their low maintenance cost, easy cleaning, and durability make them popular among users. They are the best way to spend quality time with friends and family. And at the same time, bubble therapy helps you soothe sore muscles. So go ahead and give yourself a break from hectic life by soaking your body in the hot tub.

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