10 Best Home Generator for Power Outage & Backup Use [2022 Reviews]

Best Home Generator for Power Outage & Backup Use

Last Updated on February 6, 2022

All ongoing activities can come to a sudden stop in case of a power outage. But thanks to portable home generators that allow you to carry on activities when there is no light. While power outage is not more common, it happens mainly because of the harsh weather condition. You’ll experience power cut on days with heavy snowfall or rainfall.

This season instead of looking for a torch or burning fire in a fireplace, let a home backup generator help you. And the best part about a portable generator for home use is the cost low than standby models. Also, you might not need to call an expert to install the unit as it is extremely easy to do by yourself.

Most portable units run on gasoline. So they are best to place outside the home as they produce harmful monoxide gas. On the positive side, you can easily carry them anywhere in your property. Thus, the name ‘portable’.

Never let power cut disturb your party or other household activities. Go smart by buying the best portable generator for home use. And our reviews will definitely help you get the best one.

Best Home Generators According To Our Review and Ratings

GeneratorsPriceRunning WattsFuel Type
Westinghouse WGen7500 Check Price7,500 WattsGas Powered
DuroMax XP12000EH Check Price9,500 WattsDual Fuel
Champion 7500 Check Price7,500 WattsGas+Propane
Generac 6954 GP8000E Check Price8,000 WattsGas Powered
Champion Power Equipment 76533 Check Price3800 WattsGas Powered
Briggs & Stratton 30545 P3000 Check Price3,000 WattsInverter Generator
WEN 56200i [Super Quiet] Check Price2,000 WattsInverter Generator
A-iPower SUA12000E Check Price12,000 WattsGas Powered
DuroMax Hybrid XP4400EH Check Price4,400 WattsDual Fuel
All Power America APGG Check Price10,000 WattsGas+Propane

Now read the in-depth review to understand all the aspects of these backup generators.

1. Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable Generator with Remote Electric Start – Transfer Switch Ready

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Ditch that tiring job of pulling cord every time you need to start the engine. Now you can easily start the engine of Westinghouse Wgen7500 by simply pressing an electric button. An onboard battery charger port helps extend the life of your battery. Thus, you can instantly start the Westinghouse portable generator whenever you want.

If not by pressing an electric button, you can also operate the generator using remote start key fob. Generally, such gasoline units are quite at distance from home. And the walk to the unit gets a little boring and time-consuming. So thanks to Wgen7500’s remote start key that allows you to access home generator from a distance up to 109 yards away.

Powerful 420 cc 4-stroke engine of Wgen7500 can run for up to 18 hours on a full tank. The 6.6-gallon tank is combined with automatic low oil shutoff and built-in fuel gauge. Therefore, which makes it easy for the user to maintain the oil-fuel ratio.

A digital hour meter on the control panel makes it easy to check on the engine’s performance. This, in turn, ensures the long life of the unit. On the other hand, water-resistant GFCI outlets make it possible to keep unit in open but covered on top. Summing up in one sentence, Westinghouse Wgen7500 home generator is ideal for to provide power in medium-size homes.

Key Features
  • 7500-watt engine
  • Transfer switch ready
  • Electric button/remote key start
  • Automatic choke
  • 6.6-gallon tank
  • Rubber covered GFCI power outlet
  • 3-year warranty

2. DuroMax XP12000EH Whole House Dual Fuel Electric Start Portable Generator

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You can use either gasoline or propane with this Duromax 12000-watt dual fuel generator. The benefit of two different fuel support is you always have a backup in case one of them gets over. Also, propane is less expensive as well as more efficient than gasoline. Therefore, your home will never experience the electricity shortage with Duromax XP12000EH.

Even after delivering maximum power of 12000 watts, we love how quietly it works. Credit goes to its heavy-duty all-metal frame that has fully-isolated motor mounts. In addition to that, an oversize noise-reducing muffler with a built-in spark arrestor allows for smooth and silent operation. Hence, you do not have to bear annoying noise coming from the generator.

There are two 120V/20 AMP outlets options on the panel. In addition, a 50-amp heavy duty outlet fulfills the electric need of most appliances. Furthermore, this panel comprises of various other features like low oil indicator, ideal control, etc. These features give user full control over the unit for a smooth experience.

Duromax XP12000EH is the best backup generator for a home with a continuous runtime of up to 10 hours. This runtime almost doubles when you choose propane instead of gasoline. Thus, you can expect propane fuel to run for up to 16-18 hours if the tank is full. Such a huge capacity, user-friendly controls, and keyed electric start make the unit worth money.

Key Features
  • 457 cc engine
  • 12000 watts max output
  • Dual fuel
  • Copper winding
  • Optional recoil start
  • Durable solid-fill tires
  • 3-year factory warranty

3. Champion 7500-Watt Portable Home Backup Generator Review

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If a power outage is common in your area then you might need a reliable and powerful portable generator. And this Champion 100165 will not make you realize of a power cut. All thanks to its 7500-watt of maximum output power that can keep most of the household appliances on. Thus, you will definitely have your favorite coffee machine running in the absence of utility power.

Another great thing about Champion 100165 is it is a portable dual fuel generator. Therefore, you can run this unit either on gas or propane right after unboxing it. It provides up to 8 hours of runtime on gasoline. Whereas, you can get continuous power supply up to 5.5 hours in using propane.

Apart from large fuel capacity, the 7500-watt generator features 1.2-quart oil box. There’s even a low oil shut-off sensor that indicates you when to fill oil. Not only does this improve engine efficiency but results in the smooth output.

For ease of the user, it also includes a certified propane hose. While the intelligauge keeps track of voltage, hertz and run-time hours. This, in turn, helps you track the engine’s performance so that it gets timely service. Moreover, safety features such as built-in surge protector protect the unit from potential overload damage. No doubt why it stands as a top-rated portable generator with electric start with hundreds of positive reviews.

Key Features
  • 439 cc engine
  • 1.2-quart oil tank(oil included)
  • Dual fuel option
  • 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine
  • Electric/recoil start
  • GFCI protected outlets
  • 3-year limited warranty

4. Generac 6954 GP8000E Gas Powered Portable Generator – CSA Compliant

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Large portable generator like Generac 6954 GP8000E is suitable for a big home. It delivers 8000 watts of maximum power that is enough for lighting up the entire home. Apart from using it for home, it is a great unit for camping, job sites, and outdoor events. Credit goes to its 7.5-gallon fuel tank that uses only gasoline. And with a full tank, you can expect the machine to run for up to 12 hours.

People often worry about sound when output capacity is such high. But no need to worry about noise with Generac 8000 watt generator. In spite of offering such a huge output, it works relatively quiet. The low-tone muffler helps to ensure the machine operates quietly. Thus, you can enjoy a whopping amount of power without bearing any annoying noise.

Generac GP8000E’s heavy-duty never-flat wheels allow easy transport of the unit from one place to another. While it easy to maneuver unit on a flat surface, these high-quality wheels make it possible to smoothly roll the unit over rough terrain.

Covered circuit breaker protected outlets provide added protection from weather conditions. Though that does not mean you can keep the machine outside during rainfall or snow. You need to store it indoors during harsh weather conditions but never operate from inside the home. Thus, the fold-down locking handles ease storage of the unit.

Key Features
  • 420 cc engine
  • 8000 wattage
  • 7.5-gallon fuel tank
  • Low-tone muffler
  • Circuit-breaker protection
  • Electric start with recoil backup
  • 2-year limited warranty

5. Champion Power Equipment 76533

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It’s easy for manufacturers to brand their products as “reliable and powerful.” However, the truth remains if you really want a product that connotes these terms, it must have a strong wattage and superb features. This is what you will get from the Champion Power Equipment 76533.

This generator comes with powerful features. It can run propane and gasoline and produces a huge wattage of 3800 watts. As you will agree, this is plenty of power, more than sufficient to run your home appliances for more than 24 hours.

Another superb feature that makes this product worthy of a place in this list is the electrical start via a handle toggle switch. As such, it is easy-peasy switching this unit on and off.

Finally, this machine can power your household on one full tank of gas for up to 9 hours. And allows users to monitor important operating indices such as hertz, run time, and voltage, information that might be vital for generator enthusiasts.

Key Features
  • Output Wattage 3800 Watts
  • Voltage 120 Volts
  • 224 Cubic Centimeters Engine Displacement
  • Electric and Recoil Start
  • Low Oil Shut-Off
  • Air Cooled
  • Single Cylinder

6. Briggs & Stratton 30545 P3000 PowerSmart Series Portable 3000-Watt Inverter Generator

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Weighing only 85 lbs, this small portable generator by Briggs and Stratton is perfect for RV and medium-size homes. However, it is not too light to carry and shift easily. So it comprises of wheels on the backside. These two 6-inch wheels ease transportation of the unit to your tailgate or campsite. While wheels eases mobility, it features a telescoping luggage-style handle that further eases maneuverability.

You can easily get all important details through its bright LCD screen. This screen also reminds of maintenance so that the engine keeps on delivering top-class performance for years. In addition, you can read the amount of power used to get a better idea about energy consumption.

This Briggs and Stratton portable inverter generator features quiet power technology. All you need to do is flip a switch and it will automatically adjust engine speed to reduce noise. Along with reducing noise, it also saves fuel which in turn elongates run time of the machine.

In spite of having a small fuel tank, P3000 power smart series offers an impressive 10 hours of continuous operation at 25% load on a full tank. However, power supply hours may decrease if you use appliances that consume high volts. But in case you need more power, you can connect another generator by side through its parallel connector port.

Key Features
  • 171 cc engine
  • Inverter technology
  • LCD display
  • Parallel connector port
  • 6-inch wheels
  • Luggage-style handle
  • 24-month warranty

7. WEN 56200i Super Quiet 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator Review – CARB Compliant

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You might not need a large machine just to operate a few electric appliances. So we have Wen 56200i small generator suitable for powering various low watt appliances. The compact size of this generator is ideal for use in small apartments or RV. It weighs only 48 lbs which are quite easy to carry by a healthy adult. In fact, it fits easily in a car trunk that allows you to take it to tailgate or camping.

1-gallon fuel tank provides a half-load run time of up to 6 hours. This much time is enough to host home parties or backyard family function. Select eco-mode to save on fuel. This mode allows the motor to automatically adjust its fuel consumption according to appliances being used. This, in turn, saves fuel as well as elongates run time.

Instead of having an LCD screen on top, Wen 56200i gas-powered generator features panel on the side. This panel comprises of two 3-prong receptacles, a 12-V DC receptacle, and a 5-V USB port. The 5-volt USB port is best for charging phones when you’re outside home or at camping.

The best part about Wen 56200i portable inverter generator is it handles most sensitive electronic fluctuations very well. This, in turn, protects the motor from burning out due to under or oversupply of power.

Key Features
  • 79.7 cc 4-stroke engine
  • 2000 watts
  • EPA lll and CARB compliant
  • Lightweight design
  • Eco-mode
  • Quiet running
  • Parallel connection ports
  • 2-year warranty

8. A-iPower SUA12000E 12,000-Watt Gasoline Powered Generator For Power Outage

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If more than 2 compact air conditioners or heaters run in your home then you might need a strong backup generator. And here we have a perfect product for large homes with many appliances running at the same time. The A-ipower SUA12000E 12000 watt generator offers enormous power to light up the entire house. Thanks to its high cc engine that delivers 9000 watts of running power.

The effortless startup is another appreciative thing about this unit. Instead of pulling cords, all you need to do is press a button to start the engine. Whereas, ergonomically angles control panel makes it easy for you to access various function. In fact, it also offers clear visibility.

We understand moving this large gasoline generator is not an easy task. So it includes 9.5-inch never-flat wheels that help to maneuver machine easily on both plain surface and rough terrain. In addition, GFCI protected outlets provides added protection and safety under damp conditions. Hence, you can easily move unit under a shed in case of heavy rainfall or snowfall.

While AC outlet of SUA12000E can power up lights, fridge, pump, AC, etc at the same time, thanks to its DC adapter plug that allows you to charge a battery or use with USB adapter. Summing up in one sentence, this machine is ideal for large homes with a frequent power outage.

Key Features
  • Powerful 459 cc engine
  • 12000 watts of starting power
  • 9000 watts running power
  • 1-1/4-inch heavy-duty steel frame
  • 9.5-inch wheels
  • Built-in DC adapter plug
  • 7.0-gallon fuel tank
  • 2-year factory warranty

9. DuroMax Hybrid Dual Fuel XP4400EH Review

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Sudden power outage cause chaos in the home. And things get more frustrating when you do not get sufficient lighting inside the home. But why to worry about power cut when you can enjoy continuous supply from Duromax hybrid dual fuel generator. You can operate the machine using either gas or propane.

While gasoline provides run time of 11.46 hours on half load, propane runs up to 9.81 hours on the same load. And with this much load, you get plenty of power to run various appliances. In fact, if you use propane then you will have to bear less cost. Also, it is nearly 33% more efficient than gasoline.

Majority of cheap generators run continuously even if you unplug certain items. Not only does it waste energy but burns costly gasoline. But thanks to idle control of Duromax XP4400EH that automatically lowers the RPM’s when the unit is not in use. As a result, it reduces noise as well as saves fuel.

The best part about XP4400EH is it is EPA and CARB approved for use in all 50 states of USA. A super quiet muffler and cushioned 4-point motor mounts help reduce noise. Thus, making the product suitable for use in parks, campgrounds, etc, apart from home. Such quality craftsmanship and sturdy construction make the portable dual fuel generator worth buying.

Key Features
  • 208 cc OHV engine
  • 4400 starting watts
  • 3500 running watts
  • Keyed electric start
  • All-copper winding
  • EPA and CARB approved
  • 3-year factory warranty

10. All Power America 10000 Watt Dual Fuel Generator For Home Backup

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All power America stands last on our review list. But that does not mean it is less than any of the product on the list. Its 15 HP OHV engine delivers a tremendous amount of power. Plus, you get the power of dual fuel. You can use either gasoline or propane as per the availability. Or else, run the machine using both for a longer period of time. An easy-slide lever helps to choose between two fuels.

An hour meter lets you know for how long the machine has been on. In addition, it comprises many sockets for easy connectivity. These sockets include 4 standard 120 V socket and one 12 V DC outlet. While you can power up heavy appliances with AC outlets, the small DC outlet is perfect for charging a phone.

Hard filled tires ease transportation and do not get puncture like traditional air-filled ones. So no matter how rocky your land is, these solid wheels will not get flat. Also, there a handle using which you can easily maneuver unit.

Just like the majority of products on the list, this All Power America portable home generator also features electric start button and recoil start. While the unit is EPA certified, it does not CARB compliant. Therefore, which means the product will not be available to ship to California. Overall, it is a fairly priced, powerful and reliable home generator for a power outage.

Key Features
  • 420 cc OHV air-cooled engine
  • 8-gallon fuel tank
  • Electric push/recoil start
  • Dual fuel
  • Includes propane hose
  • 10000 watts(Gas peak)
  • 8500 watts(LPG peak)
  • 2-year limited warranty

Why People Need Backup Generators For Home?

Used During Power Outage

A power outage is more common during natural calamities such as flood, cyclone, jungle fire, lightning, etc. And if not natural calamity then harsh weather conditions like heavy rainfall or snowfall affects the supply of power. In such conditions, it becomes necessary to have a backup power supply. And one such option for backup is to buy a portable home generator.

Extra Need Of Power

There are various events where we need extra power for lighting house up. And utility supply isn’t enough to cover all of them. But why to worry when you can buy a good backup source.

Hosting party: Parties need a lot of food, drinks, and light. People might not like a dim house party so it is better to arrange extra lights. But you have limited power outlets at the home and it becomes infeasible to attach more bulbs. Then to the rescue comes home generator using which you can light up the entire house. Thus, none of your friends will complain about low light.

Christmas: Christmas is one huge festival where even entire city lights up. When a whole city and downtown gets covered with beautiful lights, then why your home should leave out? Get a powerful home generator that keeps lights on when there’s a sudden power outage due to heavy snowfall. Therefore, you can enjoy the festival with all joy, warmth and full lights.

Storm prone area: Certain regions experience more high alerts than others. And if you live in such region then it becomes necessary to have an emergency backup. And what could be better than having a portable generator that you can easily shift and carry to places.


It is very much possible that your home never gets sudden power outage. And this might make you think of not having a backup at all. But there are certain other factors which make home backup generator important. These machines help a lot during thunder, flood and other such natural calamities. And fortunately, if there’s no harsh weather then you can make use of a generator for hosting house parties or backyard dinner parties.

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