Best Dump Cart For Lawn Tractor – Top 10 Picks of 2020 [Buyer’s Guide]

If you’re a gardening enthusiast or love to work on your yard landscape then dump carts are a must. A dump cart simply eases your work of transporting gardening and landscaping objects. In short, it can carry the double load in one go using a dump cart rather than transporting materials by yourself.

Best Dump Cart Reviews

It also helps to avoid severe lower back pain which is caused because of lifting heavy materials. So why to invite back pain when you have a list of best dump carts?

Are you afraid that pushing heavy materials present inside the cart might cause muscle fatigue? Not to worry as there are dump carts for lawn tractor and tow behind ATV units. This, in turn, helps to transport materials faster as compared to shifting them manually. Also, there is no chance of muscle fatigue as wheels are responsible for pulling a dump cart. So without wasting much time let us start with our best dump cart reviews of 2020.

Top Garden Dump Cart Comparison Table

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1. Gorilla Carts GOR6PS Heavy-Duty Dump Cart – with 2-In-1 Convertible Handle and 1,200-Pound Capacity

[amazon box=”B01BECQF6K” title=”Gorilla Carts GOR6PS…”]

With capacity of 1200 pounds, gorilla dump cart acquires first position in our review list. Instead of providing with a single type of handle, it offers 2-in-1 convertible handle. This convertible handle makes it simple to switch between pulling the cart by hand or towing behind a lawn tractor. Just pull the locking pin, turn the handle and you can hook the unit to your lawn tractor or ATV. In case you’re still searching for lawn tractors, do check our review of best riding lawn movers.

The heavy-duty poly lawn tractor dump cart features patented quick-release dumping technology. This, in turn, eases loading and unloading materials from the unit. Whereas, its 13-inch pneumatic tires allow you to carry out transportation on heavy terrain even if the wagon is full. The rubber tires are strong enough to handle heavy dirt, mulch, gravel, and small plants. Besides that, its rust-resistant poly bed and sturdy steel frame is the reason behind the great durability of the product. Hence, which makes it best dump cart for a lawn tractor.

Key Features:

  • 1200-pound capacity
  • 2-in-1 convertible handle
  • 25-inch rust-resistant poly bed
  • 40″ X 25″ bed size
  • 13-inch tires
  • 1-year limited warranty

Why It’s Worth Buying:

  • Great loading capacity makes the unit perfect for any job around the home, garden or farm
  • Its 4 strong rubber tires can easily handle any terrain even of the load if full
  • Quick-release dumping technology helps to fill and unload the cart easily
  • The convertible handle allows you to hook the unit behind ATV or pull it manually
  • More than 500 positive reviews make it as one of the best ATV dump cart
  • Heavy-duty poly material of the unit will last for many years

2. Agri-Fab Poly Tow Behind Dump Cart Review

[amazon box=”B01CNJ6IWY” title=”Tow Behind Dump Cart By Agri-Fab…”]

Forget about that hectic job of collecting garden wastage with this Agri fab town behind dump cart. The 17 cu.ft. steel cart can easily transport firewood, sand, gravel and other such gardening essentials. But however, you can not pull the unit manually as it is a tow behind model. Thanks to its universal hitch that attaches quickly and easily to any brand of tractor. Therefore, this feature makes it fall under the category of best tow behind dump carts.

The durable poly bed and steel frame are ideal to carry out all most all type of yard works. Also, scratch-resistant powder-coating on the steel frame will prevent early aging of the product. Apart from that, agri fab dump cart features a foot lever release dumping mechanism. All you need to do is press the lever to unload the material. On the other hand, 16″ tires help to transport stuff easily without letting cart get toss or turn. Thus, you can ride your lawn tractor without worrying about the dump cart rollover.

Key Features:

  • 800 lb capacity
  • Foot lever release dumping mechanism
  • 16-inch tires
  • Poly bed
  • Universal hitch

Why It’s Worth Buying:

  • Best ATV dump cart because of its universal hitch that can fit easily to all types of terrain vehicles
  • Scratch-resistant powder-coat paint will keep your unit looking new for a long while
  • You need to perform some of the assemblies but not to worry as the company provides you with a video instruction guide
  • Simply press the foot lever to release dumping
  • The sturdy rubber tires are the reason behind smooth transportation of the unit

3. Suncast LC1250D Poly Rolling Lawn Cart – Best Cheap Dump Cart

[amazon box=”B004I96S1Y” title=”Suncast LC1250D 15.5-Gallon…”]

The compact size of this poly dump cart is suitable for transporting mud, dirt, and firewood in your yard. Its 15.5-gallon capacity is good enough for a small or medium size garden. Furthermore, the unit weighs only 11 pounds. This lightweight of the unit allows you to easily shift it from one place to another. But don’t let lightweight of the poly dump cart fool you with its construction. It is made from durable resin that can easily handle up to 64 lbs of weight.

People even use this small poly dump cart to store ice to keep the beer cool. While some of them use it as a laundry basket or a grocery carrying basket. Therefore, which makes it the best dump cart for multi-purpose use. Thanks to its 7-inch wheels that helps in easy transportation. Whereas, a telescoping handle equally helps in moving the unit easily. Above all, the low price of the product will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Key Features:

  • 15.5-gallon capacity
  • 23-inch wide
  • Metal axle
  • 7-inch wheels
  • Resin construction
  • 5-year limited warranty

Why It’s Worth Buying:

  • Maximum load-carrying capacity of 64-pound can handle almost all type of gardening materials
  • Resin construction of the product is durable as well as waterproof
  • Just wipe clean the unit with a damp cloth in order to remove dirt
  • Lightweight of the unit makes it easy to shift it from one place to another
  • Budget-friendly price of the product will cause no harm to your tight budget
  • In spite of it being a dump cart, people often use it as laundry and grocery basket

4. Polar Trailer 8449 Heavy Duty Cub Cart – Excellent Wide-Track Tires For Perfect Balance

[amazon box=”B004HL3UXM” title=”Polar Trailer Heavy Duty Cart…”]

Light in weight yet great on performance, this polar dump cart is perfect for doing garden or lawn tasks. With 400 lbs load capacity, it can handle everything from black dirt to landscaping rock to firewood. Not just that, you can even haul mulch, leaves, grass clipping and what not. This quality of the product makes it one of the best heavy duty poly yard dump carts in the list. However, the design of the unit is not ideal for a lawn tractor or ATV. But lightweight allows easy transport of materials by pushing the dump cart.

The durable high-impact poly tub will not rust or crack with years of use. Whereas the two 16-inch tires can roll on any surface. Be it smooth surface or rough terrain, your polar dump cart will surely reach to the destination without falling. The product requires some assembly but not to worry as it comes with a manual. It will hardly take 20 minutes to put all the parts together. All in all, it is the best garden dump cart in terms of construction and money.

Key Features:

  • 400 lb load capacity
  • 28-inch wide
  • 16-inch tires
  • Steel frame
  • Heavy-duty polyethylene tub
  • Metal axle

Why It’s Worth Buying:

  • The balance of the wheels on rough terrain makes the product worth money
  • It is extremely easy to put all parts of the unit together
  • Decent load capacity is ideal for garden or backyard tasks
  • In spite of offering such wonderful features, it is an affordable dump cart
  • The solid construction of poly tub can handle everything from landscaping materials to gardening stuff

5. Gorilla Carts GOR4PS Poly Garden Dump Cart with Steel Frame – Top Rated Dump Cart

[amazon box=”B01BECQAWO” title=”Garden Dump Cart By Gorilla…”]

If a tight budget is a barrier then here comes a solution. The gorilla garden dump cart gor4ps is both sturdy and easy on the budget. Unlike the majority of brands that offer only 2 wheels, the gorilla gor4ps consists of 4 wheels. These wheels measures 10-inch in diameter that in turn makes maneuvering of the unit easy. Even if the load is full and the terrain is rough, it will flawlessly travel without any hassle. Hence, which makes it stand as the best garden dump cart in terms of money.

Padded straight handle helps in easy pulling as well as prevents fluid-filled blisters on hand due to heavy lifting. While its quick-release dumping technology allows easy loading and unloading of stuff. Therefore, you can get your work done fast with this gorilla dump cart. Other than that, new frame design reduces assembly time while offering improved maneuverability. No doubt why it also a best selling dump cart on Amazon.

y Features:

  • 600-pound capacity
  • 10-inch tires
  • 36″ X 20″ bed size
  • Padded pull handle
  • Quick-release dumping system
  • 1-year limited warranty

Why It’s Worth Buying:

  • Padded handle prevents blisters on palms caused due to heavyweight pulling
  • 4 pneumatic tires help in easy transportation of the unit from one place to another
  • The product has more than 1000 positive reviews on amazon
  • Rust-proof poly bed is the reason behind its durability
  • New frame is strong as well as easy to assemble
  • You get 2 color choices, namely, black and green

6. Agri-Fab 45-0101 Max Utility Tow Behind Dump Cart Review – Strong Built

[amazon box=”B000NBEA8E” title=”Agri-Fab 750-Pound Dump Cart…”]

Next, on our dump cart review list, we have a sturdy steel cart from Agri Fab. The all-steel body of this unit is suitable for heavy-duty work. While its sturdy steel construction will last for years, the scratch-resistant powder-coat paint on them will make it look new for years. Therefore, which makes it best tow behind dump cart in the list. No need to worry about different lawn tractor brands as it consists of a universal hitch. This universal hitch attaches quickly and easily to any brand of tractor.

Foot-lever dumping mechanism of agri fab garden dump cart 45-0101 helps in easy loading and unloading of stuff. A foot pedal adds for easier and more controlled dumping. Whereas, a reinforced tailgate guide adds extra strength to the overall unit. Let us not forget to mention its 16″ X 4 pneumatic tires that can run over any type of surface. Be it smooth land or rocky ground, agri fab 45-0101 will run over them without rolling over.

Key Features:

  • 750 lbs load capacity
  • 16-inch tires
  • All-steel bed
  • Foot-lever dumping mechanism
  • Universal hitch
  • 3-year limited warranty

Why It’s Worth Buying:

  • Steel bed and frame is the reason behind the great durability of the item
  • It is one of the best dump cart for ATV due to the universal hitch that easily attaches to a different brand of lawn tractors
  • Wheel bearing feature grease zerks for easy maintenance and long life
  • Just press the foot pedal for easy dumping of the stuff
  • The steel construction of the unit is strong enough to move full loads of wet mud

7. Strongway Dump Cart – 1,200-Lb. Capacity

[amazon box=”B00UAONOZY” title=”1200Lb Capacity Dump Cart…”]

The 5 cu. ft. capacity of Strongway dump cart can handle all your dumping needs that too with ease. And bed size of 24-inch X 44-inch is good enough to haul and unload loads of supplies and equipment around nurseries, farm, and yard. While large size of bed can hold a good quantity of stuff(garbage or anything you want to carry), its easy-dumping mechanism eases loading and unloading of stuff. Speaking of its construction, it comprises of a durable steel frame and mesh deck. Whereas, it also has fold-down and removable side panels for versatility. You can make use of any of the two or both of them according to the material.

You can either hand-pull the unit or attach it to a lawn tractor. The pull handle converts to a trailer hitch assembly for easy transport. Just pull the pin and remove the handle to attach it to pin hitch your ATV or lawn tractor. Thus, this easy attaching of hitch pin makes it one of the best tow behind dump cart. Other than that, its rust-free poly liner functions as cart cover convenient workspace. So no need to worry about the durability of the unit as it will remain sturdy for years.

Key Features:

  • 1200 lb load capacity
  • 13-inch tires
  • Convertible pull handle
  • Mesh dock
  • Cart cover
  • 24″ X 44″ bed size

Why It’s Worth Buying:

  • Perfect unit for hauling over-sized loads around nurseries, yard or farm
  • You can remove the side panels to turn the unit into a flatbed cart
  • The convertible handle gives you the freedom to either pill the unit manually or attaches it to any ATV
  • Bed liner does double duty as a cover or work surface
  • Heavy-duty wheel bearings are the reason behind smooth ride of the unit even on rough terrains
  • Metal axle make sure the unit maintains its balance with the full load

8. Giantex Garden Dump Cart Review – Excellent Wagon Carrier w/Steel Frame

[amazon box=”B017H9H3Q0″ title=”Garden Dump Cart Wagon Carrier…”]

Great in looks and easy on the budget, this giantex garden dump cart is perfect for gardening needs. Unlike the majority of this unit that is black in color, this giantex wagon comes in a beautiful green color. Not only will it make your yard look beautiful but it posses enough capacity to carry heavy loads. Some people even use this unit to give a ride to their kids or grandchildren. Thanks to its load carrying capacity of 650 lbs that can do both the task of transportation and a fun ride for children.

10-inch ball bearing wheels with 4 pneumatic tires are the reason behind smooth transportation. So no matter how the terrain is, your giantex garden dump cart will reach its destination without rolling over. One downside of the product is, you cannot attach it to a lawn tractor. Otherwise, it is a sturdy dump cart having a strong steel frame poly bed that is durable as well as rust-resistant. Overall, it is the best cheap yard dump cart in terms of construction and quality.

Key Features:

  • 650 lbs load capacity
  • 4 pneumatic tires
  • 10-inch ball-bearing wheels
  • All-steel construction
  • Hand padding

Why It’s Worth Buying:

  • Dark green color of the unit looks great in nurseries, garden, and backyards
  • Padding on handle prevents causing blisters on palm due to heavyweight pulling
  • In spite of the product being inexpensive, it can load up to 650 lbs of stuff
  • Different codes of parts and simple diagrams ease assembly of the unit
  • You just need to pull a metal handle to dump stuff present inside the cart

9. Gorilla Carts GOR10-16 Super Heavy Duty Dump Cart – Large Capacity

[amazon box=”B01N9YOMTE” title=”Super Heavy Duty Poly Dump Cart…”]

Large projects need a sturdy unit with a huge dumping capacity. So we have gorilla super heavy-duty poly dump cart with 1500-pound hauling capacity. This much capacity is good enough to carry landscaping rocks, farming tools, and wet mud. No need to worry about turning off the unit as its balanced 4-wheel design can run over all surfaces. Be it mud, plants or small rocks, the gorilla dump cart gor10-16 is just perfect for all sorts of heavy-duty material transportation.

Gorilla gor10-16 features a 2-in-1 convertible handle that allows the cart to be towed behind a lawn tractor/atv or easily pulled by hand. Also, it is very easy to attach the handle to your lawn tractor. Apart from that, gorilla’s exclusive dump feature allows the bed to tilt for easy unloading. Meanwhile, it keeps the cart steady to prevent it from tipping over. The polyethylene construction of the bed is strong, durable, rust-resistant as well as easy to clean. Therefore, which makes it best dump cart for lawn tractor offering huge dumping capacity.

Key Features:

  • 1500-pound hauling capacity
  • 16-inch tires
  • 2-in-1 convertible handle
  • 54.5″ X 34.5″ bed size
  • Quick-release dumping system
  • Metal axle

Why It’s Worth Buying:

  • Sturdy construction of the unit makes it suitable for heavy-duty tasks such as loading firewood, wet mud, etc
  • Large size of tires are responsible for smooth transportation of materials
  • Balance of the cart while unloading stuff prevents tipping
  • You can either pull the unit by hand or tow it behind a lawn tractor
  • Padding on the handle gives a great grip while pulling the product with hands

10. Kinbor 600LB Garden Tools Dump Cart Review – Best Dumper Wagon Carrier with Wheel Barrow Air Tires

[amazon box=”B076FN8QMR” title=”Garden Tools Dump Cart…”]

Say hello to great gardening experience with kinbor garden dump cart. With bed size of 36″ X 20.8″ along with steel frame construction, this unit is perfect for home use. And by home we mean, garden or backyard stuff hauling. Also, the beautiful green color of the cart looks well in your yard. It comprises of 10-inch pneumatic turf tires that can tackle any type of terrain. Moreover, its flat platform can hold up to 600 lbs of a load while the tilted shape holds and dumps up to 220 lbs. This much capacity makes it fall under the best poly dump cart.

However, you cannot tow the dump cart behind any lawn tractor or ATV as it does not support this feature. But rubber grip on the handle provides comfort to your hand while you pull the unit. Similar to most of the models, this unit also needs some assembly. Not to worry as it comes with easy to understand instructions that help in putting the parts together fast. Above all, the budget-friendly price of the product along with all decent features makes it one of the best dump cart on our review list.

Key Features:

  • 600 lbs loading capacity
  • 10-inch pneumatic turf tires
  • Rust-resistant poly bed
  • Padded handle
  • Steel frame
  • 36″ X 20.8″ bed size

Why It’s Worth Buying:

  • Soft-grip rubber padding on handle provides maximum comfort while you pull the garden dump cart
  • Simply remove the lock and tip the bed in order to dump all stuff
  • Cheap price of the unit will not burn a hole in your pocket
  • Width of the poly bed is good enough for gardening and yard activities
  • Beautiful green finish of the dump cart mixes well with landscape

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If you are gardening or doing a makeover or your backyard, dump cart is an essential outdoor tool that you must have. No just for carrying the mowed grass, you can also use to throw away dirt and disposed leaves in your garden.

Above list units are from most trusted dump cart brands which have good positive reviews by the consumers on the basis of the material and overall product quality. So keep digging and keep growing.


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