The 9 Best Electric Clothes Dryer in 2020 (In-Depth Review)

If you are looking for excellent electric clothes dryer? then check out our professionally curated list that not only helps you dry your wet clothes but are also power-saving dryers.

With an increasing amount of workload, all of us face a shortage of time for other important activities. And one such thing is, drying clothes after washing. It is utterly important to dry clothes after washing them as moist clothes produce a smell. Also, they are a good platform for bacterial growth. So here we are to with our 9 best electric clothes dryer to buy in 2020.

Tradition way of drying clothes is by hanging them on an outdoor clothesline. Therefore, sunlight evaporates moisture from the clothes as well as UV rays prevents the growth of bacteria and molds. But with increasing population, shortage of time and small space of living, one major problem is to dry clothes outside. And in order to overcome these problems, different types of clothes dryers are available.

Sometimes it’s not just about space and time. Environmental factors like very little sunshine during the day, high humidity, rainy season, etc. are responsible for the slow drying of clothes. In such cases, the best energy-efficient clothes dryer saves time and energy.

So what are you waiting for? Our reviews contain the best clothes dryer for small apartments, portable clothes dryer if you change place frequently and much more. All your answers are a few scrolls away.

Here is the list of the good electric clothes dryer (winner products) after our review.

Kenmore 651327.0 cu. ft.LargeView On Amazon
Panda PAN40SF2.65 cu. ft.CompactView On Amazon
Nina Soft Spin Dryer12 lbVentless (S)View On Amazon
Magic Chef MCSDRY1S2.6 Cubic FootWall MountableView On Amazon
Panda PANSP2222 LbsPortableView On Amazon
Ivation IVADRYER13W3.21 cu.ft7 Dry settingsView On Amazon
Kenmore 681338.8 cu. ft.Anti-Wrinkle GuardView On Amazon
XtremepowerUS 998168.8 LbsGood For RVView On Amazon
Costway Electric Dryer3.21 Cu.Ft.Timer ControlView On Amazon

Best Electric Clothes Dryer Reviews

1. Kenmore 65132 – Best Electric Dryer with SmartDry Plus Technology


Kenmore 65132 7.0 cu. ft. Electric Dryer

First, on our list, we have Kenmore electric clothes dryer. It has a capacity of 7.0 cu. ft, large enough to accept any size of the load. Let us focus on its features which makes it one of the best clothes dryer to buy in 2020.

The most attractive thing about this item is, Kenmore 65132 includes a room of choice delivery, unboxing, product hookup. Also, you get a free option haul-away at checkout. So ultimately, you get free installation along with additional parts. Besides that, wrinkle guard technology prevents set-in wrinkles for up to 150 minutes after the dry cycle. You can choose this option if your load contains very delicate fabric.

In order to control drying temperature and moisture, auto dry uses an integrated thermostat. This, in turn, prevents overheating of the device as well as ensures proper heat flow. Apart from that, smart dry plus technology uses 2 moisture and 1 temperature sensor to adjust the dry cycle. Hence, protects the clothes from shrinking.

The only thing about this device is, it does not contain a viewing window. Therefore, you cannot monitor the drying process which in our perspective is not a big issue. In consists of a drop-down door which makes sorting of laundry in and out easier. Further, Kenmore dryer can be also used as a quick resting spot for the clothes basket.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • You get free installation with the purchase of the product
  • Large basket capacity fits almost any size of the load
  • The drop-down door makes it convenient to throw laundry in and take it out
  • Winner of women’s choice award
  • The best product at such a price


  • Absence of viewing window
Key Features
  • The capacity of 7.0 cu.ft.
  • 3 Temperature setting
  • Wrinkle Guard option
  • Auto dry technology
  • Drop-down door

Best Suitable For:

  • This full-size electric clothes dryer is ideal for a family of 4-6 members. As the item weighs 109 pounds, it is difficult to move and not portable. Thus, which makes this model perfect for large spaces.

2. Panda PAN40SF 2.65 cu.ft – Best Compact Laundry Dryer


Panda 2.65 cu.ft Compact Laundry Dryer

Next, on our list, we have this small electric clothes dryer. It is perfect for those who live in a small apartment, dorms or condos. This compact size dryer does not require much space. Plus the light weight of this model makes it easy to shift it from one place to another. Also, you can mount the unit on the wall due to its lightweight.

The drum capacity of 8.8 lbs is sufficient enough for 2-3 persons. Panda PAN40SF runs beautifully and makes normal dryer sound. In addition, it comes with a removable lint filter. In order to achieve great smelling clothes every time, make sure to clean the lint after every use.

This 110v electric clothes dryer consumes less electricity. Though it is power-saving, it requires more time to dry clothes as compared to 220v or 240v dryer. On a positive note, a 110v plug is easily available in small apartments and dorms. Therefore, you can simply plug the machine and dry your clothes.

Speaking about the construction, Panda clothes dryer (PAN40SF) model is strong and durable. It consists of a stainless steel drum which effectively dries your clothes and lasts long for years. Plus the transparent lid allows you to monitor your clothes when inside the tumble dryer. All the above features made us include it in our best clothes dryer to buy in 2020 list.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • As this unit weighs less, you can easily mount it on wall
  • Lint filter is very easy to remove and clean
  • Great product for people who live on rent and need to change house after a certain interval
  • Inexpensive


  • Takes little longer time than a regular 220v dryer
Key Features
  • The capacity of 2.65 cubic ft
  • Compact size
  • Power consumption of 110v
  • Transparent lid
  • Air dry option for delicate fabrics

Ideal For:

  • Small size and light weight of this model is best for small living spaces like apartments and dorms.

3. The Laundry Alternative Nina Soft Spin Dryer- Top Rated Portable Clothes Dryer


The Laundry Alternative Nina Soft Spin Dryer

Moving ahead, we have this mini electric clothes dryer. Tons of positive response from multiple customers made us include this product in our best electric clothes dryer list. Let us focus on its features and working capacity.

First of all, the laundry alternative spin dryer is portable which means you can shift this device easily from one place to another. Secondly, it is vent-less portable electric clothes dryer. All you need to do is, find a good location, plugin and start the machine. Its 1800 rpm spin speed removes 90% of water under 3 minutes.

To turn on the machine, simply plug and close the lid. And if you wish to stop it, gently pull the latch and the lid will open automatically. For safety, the device consists of motor locking bar at the end. In order to make the motor operate, you must remove that bar.

In our opinion, it would be best if the company included on and off button switch. It simply would make the product more safe and convenient to use. Overall, we love all other features.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Energy efficient clothes dryer
  • Budget-friendly
  • No need for hookup or venting
  • Clothes get 90% dry in 3 minutes


  • You need to purchase a small bucket in order to collect water coming out from the unit
  • No on/off switch
Key Features
  • 12 lb load capacity
  • Compact and lightweight
  • vent-less portable electric clothes dryer
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty
  • 1800 rpm spin speed

Suitable For:

  • This portable unit is ideal for small apartments.

4. Magic Chef MCSDRY1S – Compact Apartment Size Stainless Steel Drum See Through Window

Magic Chef MCSDRY1S 2.6 cu. ft. Laundry Dryer

Generally small dryers do not come with option to set temperature and you have to compromise. And sometimes, too much heat inside the drum damages delicate clothes by shrinking them. But here’s a descent small electric clothes dryer with 5 temperature control options.

If you lack floor space, there is an option to mount the unit on wall. Also the wall mounting kit comes along with the purchase of the product. You can mount Magic Chef MCSDRY1S all by yourself or ask expert for help.

Overall, the construction of the inner and outer body is strong. Durable stainless steel inner drum can hold good size of load. Plus the PTC heating element heats inner body fast and passes heat evenly. One main advantage of this model is,it comes with adjustable time control option. Also you can choose setting from air dry, cool, warm and hot.

Viewing window at front allows you to watch clothes while inside the drum. In addition, this Magic chef dryer also contains lint and air intake filter. This in turn, effectively dries laundry along with filtering out dirt and bad smell.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Best features withing the price range
  • Wall mounting kit comes free
  • Easily plugs into any standard 3 prongs outlet


  • Occasional issues of bad smell that spreads to clothes
Key Features
  • 2.6 cubic foot capacity
  • Adjustable timer control
  • 5 drying options
  • PTC heating element
  • Maximum energy consumption of 120 volts
  • Integrated viewing window

Best For:

  • Small size of this unit makes it ideal for rv and small to medium size families.

5. Panda 3200 rpm Portable Spin Dryer – Value For Money

Panda 3200 rpm Portable Spin Dryer

Let us face this, we all want a product which gives best results and consumes less electricity. But what if we say, that this 110v electric clothes dryer is portable, space saving and more importantly, energy efficient. Sounds like a joke right? But actually this is true. Let us throw some light on its features.

Sturdy stainless steel drum gently deals with your laundry as well as remains intact for years. On the other side, the outer body have a mirror finish which makes the whole unit look classy and attractive. The motor runs quietly and water pours out from drain spout.

A safety lock is present on the side of the lid in order to open it safely. As Panda PANSP22 does not come with on/off switch, you need to move a small handle like part to start the machine. And to turn it off, simply move the handle back to its original place. So conclusively, it is more a kind of spinner than a dryer with 3200 rpm spin speed. Panda PANSP22 dryer does not dry your laundry completely, rather it gets the work done by removing 90% of moisture from clothes.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Easy to move and carry
  • Safety lock ensures lid does not open automatically
  • Spin disk prevents clothes from being thrown out from drum


  • It does not dry out clothes completely
  • It is more like a spinner rather than dryer
  • Need to purchase a small bucket to collect water from drain spout
Key Features
  • Load capacity of 22 lbs
  • 3200 rpm
  • Safety lock
  • Portable and light weight
  • Brilliant mirror finish

Suitable For:

  • This portable electric clothes dryer is perfect for apartments, dorms, condos, RV, boats, etc.

6. Ivation 3.21 cu.ft Small-Compact Portable Ventless Electric Dryer for Clothes

Ivation 3.21 cu.ft Small Compact Portable Ventless Electric Dryer

A full size drying-power in a portable machine is just what people with small space looks for. So here we present you ivation portable and compact electric clothes dryer. What makes this device different from others is its 7 dry settings. Using appropriate option, you can do all your laundry perfectly.

Easy start and pause button at the end of machine is convenient to use. Apart from that, you can manually adjust the timer or type of drying you want. Rapid drying power of 1500 watts effectively deals with your laundry.

Most interesting thing about this product is, it is built using high quality materials. Both inner and outer construction is strong and reliable. Moreover, Ivation IVADRYER13W generates less noise as compared with other portable models of same range.

Semi-transparent viewing lid allows you to watch your clothes when inside the drum. Apart from that, it includes a lint filter. In order to keep the performance of the dryer intact, clean the lint filter after every use.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Good load capacity
  • Multiple settings makes the device more convenient to use
  • Strong build-up and less noisy


  • Consumes lot of power
Key Features
  • 3.21 cubic feet of load capacity
  • 7 dry settings
  • Simple design
  • Easy to use switch
  • vent-less dryer
  • 1500 watts of drying power

Best Suitable For:

  • Compact size easily fits in apartments, condos, town-homes, dorms and RV’s.

7. Kenmore 68133 – Electric Dryer – Includes delivery and hookup

Kenmore 68133 8.8 cu. ft. Electric Dryer in Stainless Steel

A powerful Kenmore electric clothes dryer effectively dries all your laundry without damaging any fabrics. The company offers a room of choice delivery, unboxing, item hook-up, and free optional haul-away at checkout. Moreover, the item includes the parts necessary for hook-up.

Kenmore dryer 68133 features ‘smartdry ultra technology’ which automatically detects the moisture level and adjusts cycle time and heat. In addition, the express-dry option gets a small load dries in under 30 minutes. Thus, great for people who hate waiting for long hours. Also, this is a great option for people having a baby as babies require a lot of cloth change frequently.

You can select wrinkle-guard option to avoid getting wrinkles on fabrics. Not just this option prevents your clothes from getting wrinkles but it also ensures that the fabric doesn’t shrink. Therefore, perfect for drying delicate fabrics.

The large 8.8 cubic feet capacity can handle the heavy load with ease. Besides, that, sanitize cycle kills household germs and bacteria. Thus, all you get is dry and germ-free soft toys, blankets and fabrics.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Stunning design
  • Sanitize cycle to remove germs, bacteria and bad smell from stuff toys, quilts and bed sheets
  • Adjust drying time and heat by detecting the moisture level
  • Women’s choice award winner


  • Quite expensive
Key Features
  • The capacity of 8.8 cubic feet
  • Comes with all necessary installation parts
  • Sanitize cycle
  • Fast drying of small loads under 30 minutes
  • Wrinkle guard option
  • See-through window

Ideal For:

  • This large electric clothes dryer is suitable for medium to large size apartments or homes. Further, this unit has a huge load capacity which means it is not portable. So, it is best to choose a relatively large space to place this dryer.

8. XtremepowerUS Portable Tumble Dryer For Clothes – Best For Dome, RV, or Apartment

XtremepowerUS Portable Tumble Dryer

Next on our best electric clothes dryer list we have this small powerful unit. With load capacity of 8.8 lbs, it is ideal for RV, dorms and small apartments. Let us us know more about what makes this small unit so special.

Firstly, it weights approximately 50 pounds which means it is easy to shift the whole device by yourself. Not just that, light weight of the product makes it easy to mount it on wall. And mounting kit comes free with the purchase of the dryer. Thus, saves floor space.

This 110v electric clothes dryer is energy efficient. Though, it is not powerful as big units, but it effectively dries clothes without any damage. The only thing is, it takes a little long time as compared with other big models.

In conclusion, this is a compact, portable and powerful machine with see-through window. Plus the lint filter is easy to remove and clean. And lastly, it works pretty quietly.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Cheap
  • Lint filter is easy to clean
  • Easy to mount on wall
  • Lightweight makes it easy to shift or carry
  • Operates pretty quietly


  • Vent tubing is very short
  • The dryer’s knob is both a timer and a cycle indicator
  • Placing lint back to its place after cleaning is quite annoying
Key Features
  • Load capacity of 8.8lbs
  • Portable tumble dryer
  • Viewing window at front
  • Stainless steel drum
  • Power consumption of 110 volts

Suitable For:

  • Dorms, condos, RV’s and small living spaces.

9. Costway Electric Tumble Dryer Compact Stainless Steel Clothes Laundry Dryer with Timer Control

Costway Electric Tumble Dryer Compact

Last on our review list we have a compact electric clothes dryer. Being low on cost and built up using high quality materials made us include this product in our 9 best electric clothes dryer review.

Its reversible tumble action helps to dry your laundry fast. Further, it also ensures that heat evenly passes through all angles. This not only makes your clothes dry fast but also saves a lot of energy.

As the product weights less you can easily shift it. Also, the small size of the unit easily fits in small space. And similar to majority of the models, this one also have a see-through window to monitor the drying process. Plus it comes along with a wall mounting kit to easily mount the unit on wall. Thus, saving floor space.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Needs 3 prong standard house plug which is available easily
  • Space saving design
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to understand and use controls


  • Starts making squeaky noise after several uses
  • Issues with the drive pulley belt
Key Features
  • 3.21 cubic feet capacity
  • Reverse tumble action
  • Adjustable timer control
  • Compact and portable
  • Includes wall mounting kit

Ideal For:

  • Suitable for limited space like dorms, condos, motor homes, apartments, RV’s, etc.

So finally, here we end our reviews of 9 best clothes dryer to buy in 2020. All our reviews are unbiased and maximum efforts are made in order to get you perfect dryer. In our below section, buyers guide will help you understand general things about a clothes dryer.

Our Buyer’s Guide That Helped in Reviews

1. Which is the best electric clothes dryer to buy?

Okay, we read the review, still which one is the best according to homestuffpro? We are classifying it into two main categories, for small space, and for large living space.

For small areas: Placing stuff in small areas is really a tough job. So in our opinion, select a dryer which is portable, small in size and have an option of wall mounting. Apart from keeping all these things in mind, you should also focus on performance and load capacity. And therefore, we think panda 2.65 cu. ft. compact laundry dryer is ideal for small living space.

For large areas:If you’re looking for a good electric clothes dryer and have enough of area then always check the performance of the machine first. As you have space to fit the unit easily, portability and compact size should be your second priority. After studying all the products thoroughly, in our point of view, Kenmore 65132 7.0 cu. ft. delivers the best performance. Keep coming back to us to read more unbiased reviews about home appliances.

2. What are the clothes dryer electrical requirements?

Electrical requirements differ from model to model. Basically, it depends on the size and type of unit. In order to help you get a clear idea of the same, we have the following points.

  • Plug Size: Normally, small and portable units require 3 prong standard house plug. This kind of plug is easily available in any living space. But in the case of large units, you may need to purchase an appropriate circuit or wire separately.
  • Circuit Breaker: A unit which runs on 110/120 volts should be protected by a 15 or 20 amp circuit breaker. And machine which requires 240 volts must be guarded with a 30 amp circuit breaker. If you don’t want to install a circuit breaker, you can make use of dual-element time-delay fuse.

3. How does an electric clothes dryer work?

Working of an electric clothes dryer is very simple. Go through the below points to get a clear idea about how the device works.

  • The drum holds the laundry having moisture.
  • When you switch on the device, a heating element heats the air and this warm air removes moisture from your clothes. Side by side, the air containing moisture or the steam passes out through a vent.
  • Many mini electric clothes dryers are vent-less, this is because they dry clothes using cool air. And thus, do not require an air vent.

4. Why do we need such dryers?

In the very first section, we have mentioned why do we need an electric clothes dryer. Briefly, lack of time, environmental factors, fast-drying, lack of space for drying clothes, etc. are the main reasons to have a clothes dryer.

5. Why Choose electric clothes dryer Over Gas?

This question is common for every new buyer. Even people owing an electric clothes dryer ask us which one is the best. So here we have listed some points and hopefully, it will solve your gas vs electric clothes dryer doubt.

  • First of all, gas dryers are expensive than electric ones. Usually, they cost $50 to $100 dollars more.
  • Secondly, you need to have a gas connection line where you want to place the unit. Even if you have a gas line, you will need a good electrician to install the product. Whereas, in the case of an electric dryer, all you need to do is plug the wire into an appropriate socket.
  • The running cost of the gas dryer is more than that of an electric one. The same size of load will cost less using electric dryer and will almost double in the case of gas models.


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