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Last Updated on February 25, 2022

Compost is the best way to improve soil aeration, control weed growth and turn certain garbage into useful compounds. And let us tell you that, compositing is very easy to perform if done correctly. So in order to help you with easy composting, we present you our review on best compost tumblers available in the market.

Before beginning compost tumbler reviews let us understand why you should invest in them?

First of all, compost is full of nutrients that are necessary for healthy plant growth. Secondly, it acts as a natural soil conditioner. This helps to improve soil aeration and drainage. All of which makes your plants grow healthy and fast.

Making use of compost tumblers speeds up the composting process. This is due to its fully sealed design which traps in the heat and decomposes waste fast. Also, this closed design of compost tumblers prevents the bad smell from spreading out in the garden. Apart from that, they are usually above the ground which makes it difficult for rodents, raccoons, and pets to enter. So what are you waiting for? Go through our best compost tumblers reviews to make the composting process at home more fun.

List of Best Compost Tumbler – Top Rated

Product Ratings Price
Envirocycle Composter E20C-BK (Amazon Choice) 4.6 View On Amazon
Lifetime 60028 Compost Tumbler 4.2 View On Amazon
Yimby Tumbler Composter 4.2 View On Amazon
Jora Composter Tumbler JK270 4.4 View On Amazon
FCMP Dual Body Tumbling Composter HOTFROG 4.2 View On Amazon
EJWOX Garden Compost Bin Tumbler 4.1 View On Amazon
Miracle-Gro Large Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler 4.2 View On Amazon
Good Ideas Compost Wizard Eco Tumbler 4.0 View On Amazon
Spin Bin Composter (Large) 4.1 View On Amazon
Gardener’s Supply Company Compost Tumbler 4.5 View On Amazon
RSI MCT-MC Two Stage Compost Tumbler 4.3 View On Amazon

1. Envirocycle Composter E20C-BK – Best of the Best Compost Tumbler

Read Customer Reviews Here »

According to Envirocycle “The Most Beautiful Composter in the World, Made in the USA, Food Safe, BPA, and Rust Free, No Assembly Required, Envirocycle Composting Tumbler Bin and Compost Tea Maker”

Envirocycle composter is one of the best compost tumblers available in the market. It comes with a large capacity suitable for regular farmers or people who are into gardening.

In our this review it perfectly suited the 100-gallon compost tumbler goal. The best part of this deal is that it has dual chambers. Each chamber posses a composting capacity of 50 gallons. Add organic waste, garden trimmings, etc without worrying about space. Thus, an ideal model for medium to large-sized gardens.

Why do we like it so much that we ranked it on number one in our review?

It is a Made In USA Compost Tumbler which ensures the quality of the product. It delivers high quality built body and does its job. No cheap plastic has been involved which often damages the final compost composition.

If you want a good looking model that suits your garden or backyard, then this unit will not fail you. The two chambers are separated from each other and have a smooth dice-look.

Black double-wall panels absorb and retain heat which accelerates the formation of compost. Apart from that, it comprises an ideal aeration system. This, in turn, helps to accelerate the decomposing process.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Includes processing indicator
  • Lock-system locks the tumbler while filling and taking out the material
  • Multiple chamber compost barrel holders
  • Advance aesthetic body
  • Large tank capacity


  • No proper labeling on all parts which makes assembly of the unit quite difficult
  • Issues with parts catching rust
  • Expensive product
Key Features
  • Composting capacity of 100 gallons
  • Dual chambers
  • Attractive design
  • Double-wall panels

2. Lifetime 60028 65-Gallon Compost Tumbler

Read Customer Reviews Here »

Starting our reviews with lifetime 65-gallon compost tumbler, which is efficient and light in weight. Mixing up the materials inside the tumbler gets easy due to its light-weight design. In addition, the internal aeration bar mixes compost thoroughly inside the barrels and provides airflow. Therefore, making it stand first in our best compost tumbler review list.

Speaking of its construction, it is made up using high-density polyethylene(HDPE), which is strong and sturdy. Besides that, it is UV-protected and the double-wall panels absorb and retains heat in order to achieve compost fast. This lifetime compost tumbler comes with an extra-large removable lid and a spring-loaded pin that locks rotation while filling the tumbler. This, in turn, holds the product in place and makes it convenient to add waste materials.

Overall, this is a strong, durable and budget-friendly product that will last for years. It comes only in black color with a galvanized steel base. Assembly of the parts is quite easy and you also get a DVD free along with the product. This DVD guides you on how to compost fast at home as well as what waste materials should you throw in the tumbler.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Turns on its axis which results in balanced rotation
  • Great compost holding capacity
  • Budget-friendly


  • Assembly of the parts is time-consuming
Key Features
  • 65-gallon compost tumbler barrel
  • Double-walled panels
  • Internal bar mixes
  • Light-weight
  • Extra-large removable lid

3. Yimby Tumbling Composter

Read Customer Reviews Here »

Next on our list, we have the most famous Yimby tumbler composter. Its two composting chambers allow you to add fresh scrap in one section without disturbing decomposing materials. Therefore, which means you can collect the already present compost while adding new waste in a different section. This, in turn, reduces effort and saves time.

Its well-balanced design makes tumbling easy. You do not need to perform mixing by hand. All you need to do is close the door securely and rotate it as instructed. Apart from that, this unit posses several aeration holes through which oxygen mixes into the organic material. Thus, you get nutritionally rich compost with proper oxygen supply.

The BPA-free outer material of this unit is safe to use. Besides that, it is UV-protected which means it will not degrade in hot sunny weather. Plus the steel frame at the base is corrosion resistant. Hence, makes it one of the best compost tumblers under $100.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Easy to use due to its large doors
  • An uninterrupted flow of rich and healthy compost due to separate barrel chambers
  • The bins are light in weight and easy to turn
  • Fairly priced


  • Thin and flexible plastic strips make assembly of the barrel time consuming
  • Does not have a great capacity
Key Features
  • Total capacity of 37 gallons
  • Dual compost chamber in one turning unit
  • Aeration holes
  • Deep fins
  • BPA free construction

4. Jora JK270 – Good Compost Bin Tumbler

Read Customer Reviews Here »

Moving ahead, we have this large compost tumbler with great capacity. The 70 gallon capacity of this unit makes it suitable for a family of 4. One major reason to include it in our best compost tumblers reviews is because of its dual compartments with insulation.

Dual chambers allow you to keep adding materials in one bin while other mature. This way you can uninterruptedly collect compost while adding waste material side by side. Thus, it reduces workload and saves time. Apart from that, these insulated chambers helps in the decomposing kitchen waste quickly.

Galvanized steel body of the unit makes it strong and sturdy. In addition, these sheets of steel are rust-proof which increases life-span of the product. Plus the design is convenient to use and simple to rotate. Besides that, it is rodent-proof. Thus, it makes it best compost tumbler for composting all round the year.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Great composting capacity
  • Strong construction
  • Includes wall-mount


  • Expensive
  • Hard to assemble
Key Features
  • The capacity of 70 gallons
  • Insulated composter
  • Dual compost tumbler
  • Rust-proof outer surface
  • Rodent-proof design

5. HOTFROG Dual Body Rolling Tumbling Composter

Read Customer Reviews Here »

This dual chamber compost tumbler does a great job of decomposing materials. Its attractive wheel-like design can hold up to 37 gallons of compost. The benefit of such a design is, rotating the unit becomes much easier. Thus, no need to use your hands to dig and mix things up.

Another attractive feature that makes this product include in our best compost tumbler list is its excellent aeration. Many aeration holes, as well as deep fins, helps to break clumps inside the chamber. Also, it helps to mix a lot of oxygen into the material which makes it healthy and nutritious.

UV inhibited, BPA free polyethylene body of this unit is safe to use. Therefore, it will not degrade under sunlight and its performance will stay intact. In addition, the powder coated galvanized steel frame is corrosion resistant. Hence, it will look new for years.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Attractive design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight yet sturdy steel frame


  • Chambers are very small
  • Decomposition requires good time
Key Features
  • 37 gallon capacity
  • Dual composting bins
  • Excellent aeration
  • Deep fins
  • Durable construction

6. EJWOX Composting Tumbler – 43 Gallon – Dual Rotating Compost Bin

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This urban compost tumbler provides great efficiency in terms of decomposing. It features dual chambers which makes the unit more convenient for use. To be more specific, the sliding doors measures length of 10.23 inches while width is 6.1 inches.

The unit stands stable while spinning it. Also, it can withstand winds up to 50-60 mph. All credit goes to its strong steel frame which keeps the device stable. Thus, we can conclude that the product is strong.

The capacity of this composting bin tumbler is enough for a small family. Therefore, you can add eggshells, coffee grinds, banana peel, leaves, etc into the tumbler. This, in turn, helps to convert maximum kitchen and garden waste into healthy compost.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Assembly of the parts is easy
  • Affordable price
  • Flexibility in removing compost due to new door design
  • Strong built and beneficial if you got wild animals near by


  • Door openings are small which makes it hard to fill in and take out the materials
  • Quality could be better
Key Features
  • Composting capacity of 43 gallon
  • Two sliding doors
  • Easy sliding barrel
  • Steel frame with 50% recycled plastic and 50% fresh material

7. Miracle-Gro Large Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler – All Season

Read Customer Reviews Here »

If you’re seeking the best compost tumbler which have decent composting capacity then here is a perfect model. This model from miracle-gro posses dual chambers that are separate from each other. The benefit of such a design is, you can continuously get compost while you also have room to add new waste.

One attractive feature of this unit is, you can remove the doors completely. This, in turn, helps to easily load and unload materials from the tumbler. Thus, making the device more convenient for use.

An ideal aeration system allows a good flow of oxygen inside the compost. This eventually makes the compost healthy and nutritious. Apart from that, this compost tumbler bin is crafted with sturdy side-locking mechanisms along with tight seals to keep rodents away.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Very easy to fill in and take out the materials
  • Sturdy materials which will last for years
  • Takes a maximum of 30 minutes to assemble the whole unit


  • Quite expensive
Key Features
  • Tumbler capacity of 37 gallons
  • 2 separate bin chambers
  • Fully removable door lid
  • BPA free, food-grade, UV-protected plastic body

8. Good Ideas 42 Gallon Compost Wizard Eco Tumbler

Read Customer Reviews Here »

Seeking a good compost tumbler under budget? Then here we present you a product from good ideas having a capacity of 42 gallons. And not to mention, but this much composting capacity is enough to produce a good amount of compost if done correctly.

Similar to the majority of the models, this unit also has two composting chambers. Apart from that, it possesses low friction bearing. Thus, helps in easy movement of the tumbler and keeps the device steady. Besides, the model is designed in such a way to keep rodents and insects away.

You can choose the perfect model from the three available sizes. Plus the long-lasting materials used in the construction of this unit will last for years. In addition, this material absorbs and retains heat which makes the decomposing process fast.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • The sliding doors have no moving parts which make it difficult for rodents to open it
  • Good for small to average size gardens
  • Extremely easy to put the parts together


  • It takes a good bit of pulling force to rotate the tumbler bin
  • Overfilling may break the product
Key Features
  • The capacity of 42 gallons
  • Dual chambers
  • Low friction bearing for easy rotation
  • 100% recycled and BPA-free plastic

9. Spin Bin Composter – Large Capacity (60 Gallon)

Read Customer Reviews Here »

Next on our list, we have a unique compost bin tumbler. The design of this model is different from other turning composters in our review list. It has a large capacity as well is space-saving. A perfect model for those who have small space.

Molded-in USA, it has 20 ventilation slots, dual mixer bar, and 4 compost thermometer ports. All these features contribute to the making of healthy and nutritious compost. Also, it makes the composting process fast. Thus, making it one of the best models at good price.

An important thing to note about this product is, the manufacturer offers a warranty of 2 years. You can ask for a full refund or replacement if you encounter any spot in your compost bin tumbler. Hence, which means the product is strong and durable.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Wide openings at both ends make loading and unloading of material easy
  • Sure-grip lids at both ends prevent rodents and insects from entering the bin
  • Rugged and ribbed interior for better mixing of materials


  • Putting parts together requires a lot of time
  • Minor issues with the base not remaining stable while rotating
Key Features
  • Tumbler capacity of 60 gallons
  • 20 ventilation slots
  • Dual-mixing center bar
  • 2 year manufacturer’s guarantee

10. Gardener’s Supply Company Recycled Plastic Compost Tumbler

Read Customer Reviews Here »

If loading and unloading materials are a problem due to small doors then this product will definitely solve this issue. This compost tumbler bin has large sliding doors that help to fill waste and take out compost easily. In addition, you can slide off doors fully for more convenience.

The design of this unit is very simple. And due to its design, it is very simple to assemble the parts and rotate the unit. The capacity of this product is sufficient for use in small to medium size garden.

Unlike other cheap compost tumblers, this unit rotates very well without much hassle. Even though when you fill the tumbler up to its capacity, it rotates smoothly. Thus, making it one of the best compost tumblers in our review list.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Very easy to put the parts together
  • Good value for money
  • More compost capacity
  • Steel structures keep it safe from animal attacks
  • Nature-Friendly – ECO- Friendly bins


  • No option to lock the tumbler in place while loading and unloading
  • Does not contain tray to capture leakage
Key Features
  • Holds 43 dry gallons of waste
  • Large sliding doors
  • 100% recycled black polypropylene
  • Strong steel frames

11. RSI MCT-MC Two Stage Compost Tumbler with Cart

Read Customer Reviews Here »

Last on our best compost tumbler reviews, we have a beautiful looking product with great performance. Just like the majority of models, this unit also has dual chambers. So what different features make this product stand in our list?

Firstly, it comprises of large clearance area underneath the barrel. This, in turn, allows easy unloading of the compost barrel. Secondly, you get a cart free with this unit. The cart makes it easy to collect and carry the compost. Thirdly, the handle present on the side of the unit allows easy turning of the composter. Therefore, it also mixes things effectively when the barrel is full.

This model is perfect for the areas wherein you get frequent animal visitors. Besides that, the durable framework is rust-resistant. Hence, it will last for years.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • You get a free cart with rear wheels for collecting and carrying compost
  • Adjustable air vents ensure good airflow inside the drum
  • Design that prevents raccoons and rodents from intruding


  • Assembly of parts takes time
  • Bit expensive
Key Features
  • 65-gallon drum capacity
  • Adjustable built-in air vents
  • Sliding doors
  • Geared handle for easy mixing
  • Locking handle

Now that you know the best compost tumbler list, let us move towards buyer’s guide. This guide will solve some general questions and help to choose a perfect model for your backyard/garden. You can also read our review about string trimmers to trim extra grass which can be used to make the compost.

Buyers Guide

Here some of the key factor which we took into consideration before sorting this list out for you. In addition to that, we have also curated some of the FAQs about composting.

How to Select the Best Compost Bins and Tumblers?


The shape of your bin is very important factor to consider while buying a computer bin. Rectangular or square-shaped bins are not advised as they do not tumbler smoothly and may hold items in their corner.

That is why round bins are one of the best compost tumblers that you can buy to avoid unwanted or unseen issues that might occur in the future. Round bins or barrel-shaped tumblers are perfect because of they tumbler smoothly, do not have cold corners to store stalled decomposition.

Composter with handle or carvings is also a good choice as they will help you in rotating them to give a natural mix to your compost material.


If you are a gardener and grow your own vegetable, fruits, or plant then dual-chamber bins are a good choice. It will help you make the compost in multiple-stages as you can have twice the control over the entire process.

However, any basic-level compost tumbler will have only one opening from where you can put inside the materials – Rotate it regularly – then remove the final product from the same opening. It is also an excellent choice if you don’t want to get involved more actively – Just go for a large composting bin.

BPA and Rust Free

When It says that the Compost bin is BPA Free then it means that the material used to make the compost tumbler does not contain organic compound Bisphenol A. The BPA is a man-made chemical for industrial uses. It hardens polycarbonate plastics and makes epoxy resin.

Sufficient Ventilation

Proper circulation of air is one of the main components of perfect composting. Any composter must have an adequate amount of ventilation that allows natural air to pass through the bin. Focus on buying small-medium size holes or slits composter as they are excellent animal-proof composter for your garden.

Avoid composter with large ventilation systems as they are breeding ground for flees, insects, and common thief animals such as raccoons, rats, cats, possums, and squirrels.

Built Quality – Prioritizing Made in the USA

The built composition is very important to make sure that your final compost is not polluted with a chemical. USA has one of the toughest regulations on Plastic products and that is one of the major reasons that buying a compost tumbler bin made inside USA should be prioritized.

1. How to use a compost tumbler?

Most of the people buy composting bin tumbler but improper usage never decomposes materials. Thus, the unit then becomes a large piece of junk. So below are some tips on how to use a compost tumbler to get healthy compost.

  • Activation: If you’re a first time user, then start with the soil, a small amount of compost, horse manure or compost activator. These will ensure proper decomposition as well as accelerate the composting process.
  • Balance C: N Ratio: Nowhere C means carbon and N mean nitrogen. Materials that are brown in color are rich in carbon whereas green substances have good nitrogen content. And balancing these two components can help to get compost within weeks.
  • Size: Size of materials does matter when it comes to composting. Do shred down waste into small pieces before adding them into a tumbler.
  • Filling: Start filling composter in small batches while maintaining the C: N ratio. Once the drum is adequately full, stop adding fresh waste. Now let it rest for some weeks until you get nutritious compost. Also, do not forget to spin the materials in between.
  • Moisture: Never add water to your compost until you are living in the arid region. Besides that, all the moisture your compost needs is fulfilled by adding fresh kitchen scraps.

2. Can you put worms in a compost tumbler?

Compost tumblers are designed in such a way that they retain heat and help to bake the materials fast. But still, if you wish to add worms in your compost tumbler then go for red wigglers. The only reason to choose red wiggler over other worms is, they can resist high temperatures. And as we know that the temperature inside the chamber is pretty hot, not most of the worms can survive.

Red wigglers also have a serious appetite. Therefore, they can help to break organic materials faster as compared to other worms. Just make sure not to fill your drum with too many worms.

3. How often to turn compost tumbler?

Ideally, you should rotate compost tumbler 4-5 times a week. Also, you should add fresh materials once or twice a week and spin the unit after adding it.

4. How long does compost take in a tumbler?

Making of compost majorly depends upon the weather conditions. In hot regions, decomposition takes place fast and you get your compost in between 20-30 days. Whereas things are not the same during the cold and rainy season. During snow or rain, the compost becomes wet and soggy and requires more time to break down. Usually, with no compost starter, it takes around 2-3 months to get compost during snowfall or rain.

5. What to put in a compost tumbler

Always put the right things inside a bin to make sure the material gets decomposed otherwise, it might even harm your bin.

So what are the good things to compost?

  • Fruit waste
  • Vegetable waste
  • Fruit and Vegetable peels
  • Fallen leaves
  • Trimmed grass
  • Plant prunings

Above mentioned items are naturally occurring and because of that, they tend to decompose fast without causing any problem. Their compost doesn’t stink and can be used as manure in your garden.

You can also add wet paper waste, tea bags, and cardboard egg boxes as they break down easily and counted as recyclable waste items. Animal waste such as rabbit, cow, chicken, and horse dung will also boost nitrogen in your pile.

6. What Not To Compost in a Bin

Avoid adding your Dog and Cat poop in your compost bins. Here are some more daily household waste that you should not put in the bin.

  • Plastic coated paper
  • Plastic items
  • Meat scraps
  • Big tree branches
  • Fish leftovers
  • Sticky brand levels on fruit or vegetable
  • Onion peels or leftovers
  • Coal ash

7. How long does it take to make compost in a tumbler

If you put all the right things in your composting bin you should get the decomposed pile in around 2 weeks. However, it can take more or less time depending upon the size of your bin, temperature, and humidity.

However, getting it ready in just two weeks is an ideal situation which most of us will not be able to achieve. In general, your compost will get ready in 5 to 8 months. You can accelerate the process by frequently rotating your composter bin.

Wrapping Up

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and help the world then having a compost tumber.bin in your backyard is an excellent way to start. Instead of throwing your organic garbage, you can turn them in humus that can be used as a manure for your garden.

So note down how much organic waste your house creates and accordingly buy the best compost tumbler according to your needs.

One should spin their composting bin daily or at least bi-weekly to increase the speed of nitrogen breakdown. This way you will get your compost in less amount of time. At last, there is no better feeling than helping our beautiful earth get its glory back and take this little step to fight back pollution at individual level.

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Martin Lynch
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