Top 10 Best Cheap Bunk Beds Under $200 in 2022 (Full Review + Buyer’s Guide)

Best Cheap Bunk Beds Under 200

Last Updated on February 25, 2022

Are you looking to buy a bunk bed under $200? If yes then we have reviewed one of the best bunks available in the market.

Most dorm rooms and hostels have one thing in common which is bunk beds. Obviously, because they are space saving and low on budget. But it is not really necessary that cheap bunk beds are meant for dorms or hostels only. Parents even place them in a teen’s room so that they can have the joy of sleeping on a bunk bed. Plus, they go well with the guest room too.

Bunks beds are a great solution for small spaces like air mattresses. And small room demands product that can do their work greatly without consuming much space. So if you’re struggling with limited floor space, bunks beds are a way to go. Generally, any type of bunk bed is designed to accommodate 2 persons. But sometimes they feature 3 sleeping levels. So, therefore, you have the choice to select the best bunk bed for you according to the dimensions of the room.

Price of bunk beds ranges from $200 to $1500 or even more than that. And not all of us have a huge budget to invest it all. So here we are with our 10 best cheap bunk beds $200. However, you might not get extremely fancy product under such price range. But you will certainly get a good cheap bunk bed by spending 200 dollars.

Best Bunk Beds Under $200 in 2022 – Table

DHP Bunk BedMetalTwin Over Twin
Zinus AileeneMetalTwin Over Twin
Walker Edison BedMetalTwin Over Twin
Zinus Patti Bunk BedMetalTwin Over Twin
Zinus Hani Bunk BedMetalTwin Over Full
DHP Adult Bunk BedMetalFull Over Full
Angel Line CrestonWoodTwin Over Twin
Zinus Quick Bunk BedMetalTwin Over Twin
Home Accent Furnishings BunkMetalTwin Over Twin
DHP Sturdy BunkMetalTwin Over Full

1. DHP Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed – Excellent Space Saving Design

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The sturdy metal construction of DHP twin over twin bunk bed is great for kids. Thanks to its heavy-duty built-up that offers good weight carrying capacity. Both the levels can hold up to 190 lbs of weight without bending of metal slats. Whereas, its sleek, space-saving design is perfect for apartments with limited floor space.

Guardrails of top bunk bed remain high even after placing the mattress on it. You can place a twin size mattress measuring 6 inches high and still expect rails to be 3-4 inches high. This feature gives parents a piece of mind while their child is sleeping on the upper side. Another such safety feature that makes DHP stand first on cheap bunk bed reviews is smooth edges. The smooth, curved edges of metal on all sides ensure a child’s safety while they climb up or down.

Speaking of climbing, this DHP model comes with an in-built ladder. This ladder is tilted at a comfortable-angle so that your little money can climb up and down easily. However, which makes assembling it a bit tricky and time-consuming. It will take you nearly 2-3 hours to assemble this metal bunk bed. But once you put it together, you’ll see that it is worth effort.

Why we like it:
  • Best for rooms with small spaces
  • The shape of the ladder is such that it makes it safe and easy for kids while they’re using it
  • Full-length guardrails ensure the safety of child sleeping on top
  • Metal edges are curved and smooth
  • Offers great weight carrying capacity
  • Good quality bunk bed under $200

2. Zinus Aileene Quick Lock Twin over Twin Classic Metal Bunk Bed with Dual Ladders

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Assembling such products can be quite difficult especially if you’ve not done it before. Also, you do not want to risk your children by putting them on a wobbly bed. But no need to worry about assembly as here comes one of the easy to assemble metal bunk bed. The Zinus Aileene twin over twin bunk bed is perfect for busy parents.

Thanks to its quick-lock assembly system that eases the task of putting the metal parts together. You can surprise your little munchkin by making it under an hour. But do not let quick assembly confuse you with its durability. It falls under the category of top rated bunk beds on amazon. All thanks to its sturdy steel construction which is both durable and light in weight.

Top and bottom bunk have the same weight limit of 175 lbs each. While it is safe for kids, the weight carrying capacity is not strong enough for teens. So as a parent you must not allow teenage to sleep or jump on it. Even though it features guardrails, no children under 6 must be allowed to sleep on the upper berth. Moreover, it comprises of ladders on both the ends which accounts for the unit’s flexibility.

Why we like it:
  • Great unit for kids
  • No need to buy box spring as it offers strong steel support
  • Quick-lock assembly system eases assembly of the unit
  • Features 2 integrated 4-step ladders on sides
  • Backed by 5-year worry-free warranty

3. Walker Edison Twin-Over-Twin Metal Bunk Bed Under $200 Review

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Height of your child increases at a good pace during teenage. So there are many factors you should consider before buying an inexpensive bunk bed for a teenager. First and foremost feature to look is the height and width of the unit. Therefore, the product should not too small nor too big for a teenager. And secondly, it must be strong enough to carry the weight of a teen.

And possessing similar qualities we have Walker Edison twin over twin metal bunk bed. Besides strong steel construction, it offers good clearance space between lower and upper level. Thus, a teen with a height of 5’9″ can easily sit up on the bed without getting his head hit. You can also separate in onto two twin beds in case your children demand a separate room.

Steel support slats on each bunk can hold up to 250 lbs of weight. Also, no need to set the unit in a specific direction as a ladder can be attached to either side. Furthermore, the curved edge of guardrail ensures user’s safety. Putting the metal frames together can be a little time consuming unless you have an electric screwdriver.

Why we like it:
  • 44-inch clearance between bunks is perfect for teens
  • The unit meets consumer product safety standards(CPSS)
  • You can attach a ladder to either of the ends
  • This convertible bunk bed is easy to convert into 2 twin beds
  • Comes in 3 neutral, gender-free colors
  • Does not require spring box

4. Zinus Patti Twin over Twin Metal Bunk Bed – Top Rated Cheap Bunk Bed

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Most kids toss and turn a lot while they’re asleep. So it is important to focus on the sturdiness of guardrails. Stronger the guardrails, safer your child will be while sleeping on the upper berth. And if you’re planning to introduce your children to their own bedroom then Zinus Patti will be a great help.

While strong steel frames keep the unit in place, its steel slats hold the mattress perfectly. Plus, the support is so strong that you will not need to buy a spring box separately. A correct size twin mattress will work just fine to give your child a comfortable night’s sleep.

Slant angle of stair makes it easy for the child to climb up and down. Apart from that, the assembly of the unit does not take much time. Credit goes to its quick lock assembly system that locks pieces of steel slats in place. It will hardly take you an hour to get the product ready for use.

Why we like it:
  • Quick assembly feature is perfect for busy parents
  • You can directly place twin size mattress over steel slats
  • It stands as best rated affordable bunk beds on amazon
  • The tilted angle of stair eases going up and down on it
  • Includes a 5-year warranty
  • The weight limit for both the levels is 175 lbs. Thus, perfect for kids

5. Zinus Hani Metal Bunk Bed – Best For Adults and Kids

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Here comes another Zinus product on our cheap bunk bed review list. But instead of twin over twin, it is twin over full bunk bed. While the twin part is perfect for kids above 6 years of age, full section is good for younger kids. Also, you can decorate the lower side with some favorite stuff toys if you’re introducing own bed to a younger one.

Just like the majority of Zinus metal bunk beds, this model also features a quick lock assembly system. This system simply locks steel slats in place without consuming much time. And as a result, you can finish assembling it in under an hour. In addition, the direction to put the parts together is clear and to the point.

The shape of the ladder is an interesting thing about this unit. Unlike others, the ladder is not straight nor bit tilted. In fact, it is more slant due to the full-size bed beneath the twin section. This, however, might not be good for kids under 6 to use. They have high chances of falling with such shape so it is better to let the upper level for the elder child.

Why we like it:
  • Lower bunk is suitable to use for twins
  • Clear assembly instructions help to assemble the unit in less amount of time
  • Maximum weight carrying capacity of 175 lbs is ideal for kids
  • Proper welding on edges ensures the safety of the user
  • The guardrail is high enough to protect your child from falling even after you place a mattress
  • Metal frame does not wobble or make squeaky noises

6. DHP Full Over Full Metal Bunk Bed For Adults Under $200

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After a great slumber party, everyone seeks a comfortable place to have a good night’s sleep. So we have DHP full over full bunk bed especially for girls who like to sleep on the side of each other. Full size of both levels can accommodate up to 4 teens. All you need to do is take care of the weight limit.

The upper berth can hold up to 225 lbs of weight. Whereas, the bottom side can carry 300 lbs. So if not for slumber parties, you can use this low-cost bunk bed for adults. It goes best in dorm rooms, condos, and apartments with small living space. Thanks to its space-saving design that takes up very little space in spite of being a full over full metal bunk bed.

A full-size mattress measuring 75″ X 54″ fits perfectly on both the metal slats. However, you might not use a mattress thick than 6 inches on the top level as it has a lower weight limit. While its completely fine to place a mattress with a thickness up to 8 inches on the lower berth. Also, the ladder is present on both the ends which give you the freedom to place the unit in any corner of the room.

Why we like it:
  • Rail guards of full length are high enough to protect kids from falling down
  • An average adult can sit without bumping his head even after placing an 8-inch thick mattress on the bottom
  • This inexpensive metal bunk bed is perfect to use for kids, teens as well as adults
  • Assembly of the unit is a breeze despite being a full over the full model
  • Provides plenty of room to store stuff beneath the lower bunk
  • Available in 2 gender neutral colors, black, and silver

7. Angel Line Creston Twin Over Twin Wooden Bunk Bed Under $200

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Some parents prefer a wooden bunk bed over metal for their kids. And there are many reasons for it. First of all, the wooden furniture looks better than metal ones. The finishing, color, and appearance of wood compliments decor of the room. And if you want a product that matches your kid’s room decor then this Angel Line unit is just perfect.

The cheap wooden bunk bed features wooden slats that can hold up to 165 lbs of weight. 13 wood slats on each level can accommodate any standard twin size mattress. These slats hold the mattress in place without the need of a box spring. So in short, it can handle jumping and rolling of kids on it without cracking.

You can easily convert twin over twin unit into 2 separate twin bunk beds. This feature really helps when kid outgrows twin bed and needs a large one. Thus, you can separate them and use it is an individual unit or store it away till you welcome next child. Speaking of storage, it will not acquire much space and fits really well in small areas. However, you need to take some time from other activities to finish assembling this unit as it will take around 2-2.5 hours to put all its parts together.

Why we like it:
  • Sturdy wooden construction is best for kids room
  • Maximum weight capacity of 165 lbs on each level is enough to hold a healthy kid or if your child is still a young then try some of the good toddler beds available in the market.
  • The wooden unit is perfect for parents who need a sturdy unit along with great looks
  • You get 3 beautiful color choices, namely, espresso, gray and white
  • The ladder comes with screws to secure it permanently to the frame
  • Solid wooden frames keep the mattress in place as well as does not shake when your little monkey jumps on it

8. Zinus Quick Bunk Bed with Dual Ladders

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Material quality is one important thing to focus on while looking for low-cost bunk beds. And with Zinus you do not need to worry about quality as their products are made using premium quality materials. Also, the use of high-quality materials is necessary when it comes to kids. Not only it makes them safe for use but gives peace of mind to parents when their children go to bed.

Thanks to the sturdy steel construction of Zinus twin over twin bunk bed. The strong steel frames of the unit do not wobble when a kid climbs up or down. This, in turn, does not disturb the person sleeping on the lower berth. In addition, steel slats provide strong support and eliminate the need to buy box spring.

These slats are the one reason behind the long assembly time. But it is not the case with this affordable bunk bed as it features a quick lock system. This system securely locks metal slats in place without taking much time. All you need to do is, align them perfectly in place and lock them securely. And in very less amount of time, you’ll be able to gift your children their own bed.

Why we like it:
  • Position of the ladder is one major reason behind its sleek design
  • Round corners on guardrails ensure maximum safety of the child
  • Includes tools for product assembly
  • You can put affordable 9×12 area rugs under the bed frame to make it absolutely a delight
  • Dual ladders on ends give you the freedom to set up the unit anywhere inside the room
  • Its quick-locking mechanism locks metal slats securely in place

9. Sturdy Metal Twin-over-Twin Bunk Bed in Black Finish

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Sleeping on a bunk bed becomes more fun if the unit is both sturdy and beautiful. And it is also true that not many cheap metal bunk beds offer both, looks and quality. But there are some units out there that offer both the qualities. This twin over twin bunk bed from Home Accent Furnishing features solid construction along with smooth frame design.

The steel structure is such that it enhances the beauty of the entire unit. In addition, there is a lot of clearance space between both the berths. This space is good for teenagers with remarkable height. Obviously, no one likes to get their head hit every time they get up. So the clearance helps to keep their head safe as soon as they wake and sit up on the bed.

Even the position of the ladder is such that it contributes to making the metal unit look beautiful. The ladder is not entirely on edge and nor in the center. In spite, it is a little bit away from the circular pole on one corner. As a result, kids can go up and come down easily. And in case they’re bored of bunk look then it is possible to separate them into 2 individual twin beds.

Why we like it:
  • The beautiful yet sturdy metal structure that matches any room decor styles
  • The weight carrying capacity of up to 250 lbs is great for growing kids
  • Accessing the ladder is easy due to its perfect placement
  • Is separable into two twin beds
  • Excellent craftsmanship makes the product worth money
  • You can easily fit a trundle under the lower berth

10. DHP Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed with Metal Frame and Ladder

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Last on the list we have DHP twin over full bunk bed. Design of the unit is such that it can easily fit 3 kids. And if not kids, you can use lower bunk for yourself. The credit behind such strength goes to heavy-duty metal construction. The frames are strong enough to last for years without getting wobbly or making squeaky noise.

Though it is okay for an adult to use lower berth, you must avoid going on the top. It is because the weight limit for upper bunk is 200 lbs. So going up there in presence of child might increase chances of metal bending or cracking. Whereas, you can easily sleep beside your baby on the bottom side as it can handle weight up to 450 lbs.

Kids are often in a hurry while they climb up or come down. And sharp edges might give them bad bruise if they’re not careful. So to avoid such incidents, edges of this DHP metal bunk beds are curved and smooth. Also, the unit is flexible by having a 4-step ladder on both ends.

Why we like it:
  • An adult can sleep on the lower side of the bed as it offers great weight carrying capacity
  • Comes in dark navy blue and bright pink color
  • Sleep design of the product saves a lot of floor area
  • Durable metal frame provides strong seating support and comfort
  • Clear instructions on manual help in proper assembly
  • Safety rails on top prevent your kid from rolling off from the bed


If you wish to give your kids their own little personal space then bunk beds are perfect. And most importantly, they save a lot of floor space. And if you’re struggling with limited living space then our list will definitely help you in buying a perfect unit. You can also buy some cheap mattress to get the most comfort from metal bunks.  We have included some of the best bunk beds available in the market with a budget-friendly price tag. So why wait longer? Gift your kids their own bed without burning a hole in your pocket. is reader-supported and a part of the Amazon Affiliates Program. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Read our disclosure for more information.

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