11 Best Bean Bag Chairs For Adults of 2022 (Review + Buyer’s Guide)

Best Bean Bag Chairs For Adults

Last Updated on February 25, 2022

Bean bags are one of the most popular frameless chairs in the market. It is loved by kids and adults equally because of the shape and ease of use. You can drag it in front of your computer screen or TV unit to enjoy your favorite show. However, why kids should have fun, so found the best bean bag chairs for adults available in the market.

The very first bean bag chair was designed by Cesare Paolini, Piero Gatti, and Franco Teodoro and release in 1969(1). Since then due to its simple design and comfortable seating experience, it became very popular and has been used widely.

Many people often use these bean bag chairs as a compact sofa or bed. As an adult, I personally feel that buying a large bean bag chair comes with various benefits.

Adult Size Bean Bag Chairs 2022 – Comparison Table

Jaxx Cocoon6 FootPolyurethane Foam
Cozy Sack Bean Bag6 FootCertiPUR-US foam
Big Joe 00106587 FeetFuf Foam
FUGU 4 XL44" DiameterPremium Foam
Lumaland Luxury Bean Bag7 FootBean Fillers
Chill Sack Chair5 FootMemory Foam
Sofa Sack Bean Bags 5 FootMemory Foam
Cozy Sack LG-CBB
5 FootPremium Foam
Medium Size Bean Bag4 FootMemory Foam
David Faux Bean Bag8 FeetPremium Foam
Acanva Fur Bean BagRoundFaux Fur

1. Jaxx 6 Foot Cocoon – Large Adult Bean Bag

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The multi-positional large bean bag chair for adults by Jaxx is perfect for relaxing. Thanks to its 6-foot size that allows adults and teenagers to carry out different activities on it. It is big enough to fit 2 adults. You can watch television or simply lay down and read a book. Also, as it is a multi-positional unit, you can either lay it down or flip it on its side. No matter what way you use this unit, it will never fail to give you the utmost comfort. Therefore, which makes it stand first on our best large bean bag chair for adults review list.

It provides pressure-relieving support while you lay on this 6-foot cocoon which makes it worth the money. Whereas, the lush micro-suede cover is completely removable and machine washable. However, you need to perform some assembly by yourself. The shipping box will include filling material, a liner, and a cover. It might take a little while to fill in the polyurethane foam micro-cushion inside the liner. But once you complete filling this large bean bag chair, you’ll definitely love it.

What We Liked The Most About it:
  • The large size of the unit can comfortably fit around 2-4 people
  • You get a variety of color choices to match with your interior
  • The cover is both removable as machine washable
  • Protective inner-liner with a childproof zipper keeps the filling out of reach from children
  • You can simply lay the unit down or flip it onto its side
  • Its pressure-relieving support while laying makes the product worth the price

2. Cozy Sack 6-Feet Big Bean Bag Chair

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A soft virgin urethane foam fill and large size of the unit is perfect to fit 3 adults. You can sit comfortably in your space while watching a movie or playing a video game. Similar to the above unit, you need to perform some of the assemblies. The foam-fill comes in a square box that you need to take out. Immediately put the cover on the foam-fill and leave it for a couple for hours. But make sure to measure the space correctly before leaving it alone as it will expand. Once it expands fully, you can lay down on it for as long as you want. Thus, it is one of the best-oversized bean bag chairs for adults.

Do you wish to buy a bean bag on which you can stretch your legs and spend some comforting time? Then this 6-feet large bean bag chair is perfect for you. If you are a full-grown adult and have a height of 6-feet then it will make sure that your legs don’t touch the ground.

What We Liked The Most About it:
  • It comes with a bean bag chair cover.
  • Patent-pending fillers prevents lumpy uncomfortable spots.
  • 100% CertiPUR-US certified foams give the ultimate seating experience.
  • The 72 x 48 x 30 inches dimensions are long and wide enough for adults.
  • Made in USA Bean bag assure you of super material quality.
  • It does not take irregular shapes and comes back to its natural form once the weight is lifted.

3. Big Joe 0010658 Foam-Filled Oversize Bean Bag Chair for Adults – Review

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Thanks to Big Joe’s upgraded softer, thicker, and more luxurious material, it has become one of the best selling foam-filled bean bag chairs in the market. They have made handles in their fuf bean bag collection so that the chair does not go out of fuf’s.

To have a comfortable sitting experience it is important that a chair has a uniform cozy seating surface. Which is why Big Joe has upgraded their foam cycling process to make smaller and uniform foam shredds which does not flat out even after years of use.

This is a thick bean bag that does not flat out due to an adult’s weight. You can sit on it for hours on a daily basis without worrying a thing about it. The top surface of the chair is really comforting soothing to our skin.

What We Liked The Most About it:
  • Uniform foam fillings make it very comfortable.
  • Big Joe claims that their Fuf’s never go flat and never need to be re-filled.
  • Virgin shredded foam gives you natural bounce and experience of coziness.
  • It’s a large round bean bag chair, and its round shape makes it more adaptable in any part of the room.
  • You will have the option to choose from 5 different color bean bags.
  • 10% of every sale is donated to environment-friendly NGO

4. FUGU 4 XL Review – Inexpensive Adults Bean Bag Chair

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Adult size bean bag chair is like a giant pillow which is really great. But what if I tell you that this FUBU bean chair comes with removable machine wash linen cover? Yes, you can easily remove its cover and wash it inside a washing machine.

This bean bag is filled with ultra-soft pillow grade foam which provides an excellent experience. It will engulf you completely like you are getting a hug. Don’t worry once you stand up from the chair, it takes back its natural shape.

FUGU uses high-quality fillers which gives you the best shape and eliminates lumps and hard spots often found in bean bags.

The material and built-quality are the same for all sizes of bean bags sold by FUGU in this category. According to your size(height), you will have 7 options to choose from.

What We Liked The Most About it:
  • You can easily remove and replace the bean bag cover.
  • The cover is made from MICRO-SUEDE fiber which is machine friendly.
  • This frameless chair can handle the high weight and can manage adults up to 6’2″.
  • FUGU bean bag chair brand gives you 15 color options.
  • Made in the USA

5. Lumaland Luxury 7-Foot Big Bean Bag Chair For Adults

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Are you a really tall adult-like 6’5″ or even bigger then this bean bag chair is a perfect choice for you. This machine-washable big size sofa bean bag can handle your weight and height perfectly.

Thanks to its 7-foot long size, you can use it as a lounger or bean bag style sofa in your living room. Not only one but a family of 3 can easily sit inside this chair.

Lumaland has made sure that you can choose the best bean bag for you with their wide range of deep colors and different sizes. If you have pets or kids at home then you are really going to love it as it comes with pet friend cover.

This bean bag is filled with high-class foam material without any plastic parts or remnants. As a result, you will experience great comfort while the foam soaks your body heat and gives it back. During winters it will keep your warm and cozy all the time.

The outer cover protects the bean bag from tears, cracks, dirt, or other signs of wear. It is also soft to touch and feels good on the skin.

What We Liked The Most About it:
  • Premium filler to ensure high comfort.
  • Big size chair that can adjust 2 adults at a time.
  • Ultra-soft and Machine washable microsuede outer cover.
  • It is shipped as a bean bag in a box style packing which takes its full size in 3 days once you take out the chair from the box.
  • Outer cover comes with a stitched zipper for easy removal.

6. Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair – Giant 5′ Memory Foam Soft Furniture

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If you are looking to add some comfy and affordable furniture then this bean bag chair is perfect for any living room or basement. With soft microfiber cover and high-quality 5-inch memory foam fillings, you will experience this comfiest sitting experience.

The chill sack had tried to make it the most comfortable bean bag chair for adults. They have taken cushioning and soft touch of the cover to really next level. You can easily collapse in this 60 x 60 x 34 inches large bean bag and its memory foam will take the shape of your back.

This bean bag chair comes with a removable double stitched Microsuede fiber fabric. The best part about this cover is that you can relax be stress-free on it. As the cover is resistant to stains and discoloration. If you spill your drink or your pet pee on it then simply wash it in a machine and it is ready for use again.

What We Liked The Most About it:
  • Being a large bean bag chair, an adult can easily stretch out on it and spend hours without having any pain or back issues.
  • Made with high quality Made in the USA fluffy US shredded foam.
  • Soft Micro Fiber Cover is resistant to stains and discoloration proof.
  • Best Part: It is available in 30 different colors.
  • Perfect oversized bean bag lounger for sports lover and TV addicts.

7. Sofa Sack Plush Ultra Soft Memory Foam Beanless Adult Bag with Microsuede Cover

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Sofa Sack has improved the overall personal seating comfortableness with this bean chair without beans. The chair is designed such that 2 adults can sit on it at the same time. Using beanless material such as high quality shredded memory foams, it comes back to original size quickly.

People mostly use such portable furniture in their dining or living room where the family spends most of the time. While eating or drinking if you spill liquid or drop your pizza, one can easily clean the bean bag with wet wipes.

This ultra-soft bean bag foam is more fluffy and contouring. As a result, it will shape according to the shape of your back which prevents back pain and strains.

The entire unit is stuffed with durable foam packed under a velvet cover which is double stitched for extra strength. Its high durability gives it super weight-bearing strength which allows 2 people to sit on this bean bag chair comfortably.

What We Liked The Most About it:
  • It is 5 feet in diameter which is enough to support even big adults
  • This bean bag comes in 15 different colors
  • Beanless bag filled with memory foam for ultimate comfort
  • Double-stitched cover for super weight-bearing strength
  • It has a double zipper so that the chair sack don’t come out from the cover
  • Every sofa sac is made in the USA

8. Cozy Sack Bean Bag Chair Review – Best For Gaming

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Are you a computer geek who loves to play video games all the time? And do you jump with excitement when you win? If yes then this is the best bean bag chair for gaming superheroes.

We know that jumping while playing a computer game is very common which is why the sofa should have premium bouncy fillers to support the stress and keep you bouncy.

This bean bag by Cozy Sack has high-quality foam inside a strong protective liner plus microfiber cover. It keeps the foam inside and provides you a balanced surface area to sit on.

This bean bag chair is 5 feet in size filled with 29 cubic feet 100% CertiPUR-US certified foam. It does not leave imbalanced lumpy spots that prevent the user from drooling or sliding out from the chair.

What We Liked The Most About it:
  • It is made with 100% CertiPUR-US certified foam.
  • Removable chair cover enables easy cleaning
  • Do Not Contain Formaldehyde, Phthalates, PBDEs, TDCPP, TCEP, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals.
  • Machine wash friendly
  • Available in animal prints too
  • Made in the USA

9. Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair – Big Sofa with Soft Micro Fiber Cover

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This bean bag is perfectly designed in terms of size of comfort. It is equally suitable for adults and teenagers. Not being too big or too small anyone above 14 years of old can use this amazing big sofa chair easily at their home.

How much comfortable is it?

Thanks to the shredded, soft, memory foam blend which is used as a filler in this chill sack bean bag chairs, it becomes highly durable and maintains shape while increasing comfort levels.

This oversize sack (48x48x30 Inches) comfortable contour according to your body and size is just perfect for one adult or two children.

This chill sack comes with an internal liner which allows you to remove the cover and wash it in the machine. Avoid using hot water to clean the cover. Simply wash it in a cold(room temperature) water and let it dry naturally.

I personally like it because of its fluffy foam and it comes in some really cool color. Approximately you will more than 25 color options to choose from.

What We Liked The Most About it:
  • It only weighs 37 pounds
  • Microfiber machine washable cover
  • Shredded memory foam blend to give you the ultimate comfort
  • Double-stitched seams for extra strength and extended use
  • The premium zipper that makes removal of cover very easy for anyone
  • The external cover is resistant to stains, and discoloration
  • Made in the USA

10. David Faux Suede 8 Feet Lounger Adult Size Bean Bag Chair

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Are you really struggling to find out a big bean bag chair for adults? Then don’t worry, your above 6-foot height won’t be an issue between you and the comfort of a fluffy chair. David Faux has introduced the largest lounger bean bag which is 8 feet tall in length.

Thanks to its puncture-proof cover your heavyweight is no more an issue. The lounger also comes with a double zipper for added durability and then sealed shut for safety. So you can be assured of its strength and weight-bearing capacity.

This 8′ x 6′ feet large bean bag chair is perfect to be used in your living room or can be used as a gaming chair to enjoy the overall experience.

When you buy a bean bag chair by David faux, you not only enjoy its large size but also save the environment because it is filled with Eco-friendly recycled foam.

What We Liked The Most About it:
  • Adult sized at 8 feet long
  • The puncture-proof cover prevents it from regular wearing and tearing
  • The comfortable adult lounger bean chair
  • Faux suede microfiber feels smooth on your skin
  • Built from Eco-Friendly material
  • This bean bag can fit two adults at the same time

11. Acanva Large Plush Faux Fur Teardrop Slacker Bean Bag Chair For Adults

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Are you a dreamy person or have the need to feel special then this fur bean bag chair is perfect for you. It is filled with long-lasting polystyrene beans that let you relax in comfort. I personally find it perfect for living to attract my friends.

This bean bag sofa is very lightweight which allows you to move the chair easily throughout the house. So you can just drag it from one room to another according to your need.

The large furry cover adds a sense of style to this entire chair and fits perfectly in any room and wall color. This is a large size bean bag chair with 40 inches of diameter and 15-inch height. Such size is big enough for adults as well as grown-up kids.

It is always a good idea to have an extra seating option and if that option is pretty and comfortable then you must have it.

What We Liked The Most About it:
  • With 40 inches of diameter, it is a beautiful large bean bag chair for adults
  • Plush faux fur
  • Real long-lasting polystyrene beans, not memory foam
  • Double zipper for more chair strength
  • Only 10 lb weight makes it very easy to shift or carry it from one place to another
  • The white plush faux fur cover is removable for cleaning

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Bean bag chairs are one of the classic needs of both adults and kids. They are the cool chairs which help you have a good time without bothering about your seating courtesy, You can lay on it, sit on it, or simply use it as a lounger. As they are popular among kids or teenagers, it is really hard to find some good adult size bean bag. However, after reviewing several chairs, we have curated this article for people who are looking to buy large bean bag chairs for adults.

All the units in this review are of good quality and backed by customer feedback. However, before buying a bean bag chair, make sure to check its size, so that you don’t have to feel uncomfortable later. Let us know your experience with your bean bags in discussions below and if you could not find whatever you were looking for, then try Walmart, Target, or Lowes stores.

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