#8 Best Air Mattress 2022 (Complete Reviews + Buyer’s Guide)

Air Mattress For Everyday

Last Updated on February 25, 2022

During festival time, unexpected guests are always coming and we get short of sleeping beds. Don’t worry, simply buy some good quality air mattress which is inflatable to adjust new house guests.

Apart from being a good host, air beds are really helpful during camping and tailgating. It lets you drive away for days and you can simply pump the air inside the inflatable mattress for sleeping while you are away from home.

Air Mattress For Everyday

However, buying the best air bed mattress can be haunting. And if you are anything like my mother then you may be worried about air beds getting punctured.

Don’t worry, we got your back!

We have vetted and tested these air bed first hand by going to the megastores and even bought some of them to actually experience and to our own testing.

After using and reviewing 40 plus popular brand air mattress, we have curated this list of best air mattress that you can buy with confidence.

Best Inflatable Air Mattresses of 2022 – Comparison Table/Chart

Air MattressSize(s)Best ForPrice
King Koil AirbedTwin, Queen, KingEveryday Use
SoundAsleep Dream Twin, QueenEveryday Use
ColemanQueenEveryday Use
SoundAsleep Raised TwinCamping
Noble RaisedTwin XL, QueenGuests
Etekcity TwinTwin, QueenGuest, Camp
Noble Twin AirbedTwin XLCamping
Active Era PremiumQueenEveryday, Guest

1. King Koil QUEEN SIZE Luxury Raised Air Mattress – Best Inflatable Airbed with Built-in Pump

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Thanks to the built-in pillow and top quality material King Koil Queen Size air bed is the best air mattress.

Size matters and Queen size is all you need to fit at least 2-3 adults with full comfort. The airbed comes with Soft Flocking Layer for maximum comfort. When fully inflated, sleeping on King Koil air bed mattress gives you premium feeling.

The queen size airbed comes with an additional thick waterproof layer which makes it pet and children friendly. The quilt top gives you the smooth feeling and when you or your guest will sleep this air mattress you will simply come to notice the comfort.

King Koil Queen Size inflatable airbed comes with a built-in pump. The powerful pump will prepare your bed from backup to full inflation in less than 4 minutes.

Sometimes people inflate the bed too much and find it hard to deflate it. However, it is very easy with this unit. You can easily adjust the pressure with the pump to achieve optimal comfort.

It promises of Enhanced Coil Technology which keep the bed’s shape and firmness to the best in the market.

Thick side flocked durable material to prevent it from getting punctured by pins, needle or other sharp objects.

So even if your guest gives you a surprise visit, the provide them a mattress on which they can feel like home.

All in all, with fast air pump, super smooth mattress surface and long lasting built quality compelled us to rank King Koil airbed number one in our review for the best air mattress to buy.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Easy to handle pump which let you inflate or deflate the airbed with a flick of a switch
  • Queen Size 80″ X 60″ X 20″ with elevated design
  • The airbed also has a height of 20 inches which gives you the feel of traditional mattress
  • Internal air-filled coil keep the shape of the bed in ergonomic shape which prevents back problems
  • Built-in pump and wire storage keep everything in one place
  • From fully inflated bed to packed inside a backpack in less than 4 minutes
  • High-quality anti-puncture material used to prevent daily wear and tear
  • Powerful pump and queen size is added benefits
  • One of the best air mattress for the money


  • None
Key Features
  • Very Durable
  • Anti-burst built material
  • Thick water resistance quilt top
  • Smooth quilt layer
  • Enhanced coil technology
  • Built-in power cord storage
  • Ultra Grip bottom
  • Built-in high capacity 120V AC Pump
  • Carrying bag with instructions

Bottom Line: No matter if you are looking for camping or expecting guests, this is the best air mattress for everyday use which is fairly priced. It costs less than $150 and also comes with 1 year of company warranty to back the high quality of this good airbed.

2. SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology & Internal High Capacity Pump

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With over thousands of customer reviews on Amazon, this SoundAsleep unit is the best-rated air mattress in the market.

SoundAsleep has introduced a ComfortCoil Technology which makes the airbed comfortable and durable at the same time. It was sold like wildfire during last year Black Friday when it was priced under $100.

SureGrip technology applied at the bottom side of the mattress keeps it stable on the ground. So you can jump, hump or play with your dog, it is going to stay stable and durable.

The internal structure is double height raised airbed keeps you above the ground like a standard bed in your home. The small of twin size is particularly design to welcome guests and you can also carry it for camping.

Can I use it every day?

Definitely go for the queen size and place it in your bedroom forever. The patented built-in inflation and deflation technology will allow you to keep the right amount of air in this inflatable mattress all the time.

Is it waterproof?

Yes, SoundAsleep airbed is waterproof with extra thick and flocked top that ensures a comfortable sleeping experience.

In our review, we found that the durability is further improved due to the presence of puncture resistance and Eco-Friendly PVC layer. The strong stitching and protective package make this air mattress durable and long lasting.

No slip or sliding – hi-tech coil design, one year of consumer-friendly company warranty and lower prices make this another best air mattress for camping or regular use.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Top notch attractive bed design
  • Kids and pet-friendly
  • ComfortCoil technology for added comfort during night sleep
  • High durability due to 15 layer of puncture resistance material
  • Built-in pump for easy inflation and deflation
  • Integrated cord storage to minimize handling experience
  • Sure Grip bottom to prevent airbed from unwanted sliding
  • Highest quality air mattress money can buy


  • Pump cord is a little short
Key Features
  • Most advanced air mattress on the market
  • Durable design
  • Budget-friendly
  • Anti-sliding bottom
  • Raised height to give the feel of traditional beds
  • A smooth flat sleeping surface
  • Queen Sized 78 x 58 x 19 with raised “Double-height”
  • Durable nylon bag which is perfect for in-home storage or carries it with you

Bottom Line: Our editor personally slept 4 hours on this mattress and he joined 14500+ positive consumer reviews. It is highly rated and you must have it for home use or for welcoming guest.

3. Coleman SupportRest Elite PillowStop Double-High Airbed

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So are you looking for a top-notch and high-quality air mattress under $100? then this is it. Coleman airbed has it all, with over decade experience in building home products, they have finally delivered the best air mattress which is affordable and durable.

Mattress size is Queen which is big enough to allow two adults to sleep with ample room. It comes in three different colors like Grey with Strips, Grey with Grid pattern and full white. Our editor favorite is Grey with Grid.

Thanks to soft materials, this inflatable mattress with a soft suede top and the extra height is perfect for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Once you pump the air inside airbed, it remains inside and has a long life. Thanks to AirTight system and Double Lock valve, it holds the pressure for a long time and maintains the firmness of the bed.

The only thing which is not good about this product is its in-home use. It is not built for camping. However, on the other hand, it is an excellent air mattress for everyday home use.

You can use it in your living room to host a guest or according to our editor, simply inflate and jump with your kids to have some real fun!

Some cheap airbed does lose some firmness when you remove the pump after inflating. However, the leak-free double lock valve seals the bed first and then you remove the pump. It improves the overall firmness perfection and you enjoy a good night sleep.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • The soft suede top gives you a smooth sleeping experience
  • The extra height gives a sense of security and convenience of being off the floor
  • Convenient built-in electric pump with AirTight system
  • Factory-tested to be leak-free and backed by a 1-year limited warranty.
  • Maintains the bed shape for a long time after pumping the air in the mattress
  • Coils contour to your body to bolster support and reduce bulging for a more level sleeping surface.
  • Perfect for home use or to welcome guests


  • Will have to use a smooth sheet during camping
  • Can only use inside a camp tent which has protected the bottom surface
Key Features
  • Queen size: 78 x 60 x 18 inches (dimension)
  • Double lock valve
  • Airtight System
  • Built-in powerful pump
  • Fast inflatable airbed
  • Extra heigh for a better sleeping experience
  • One year of consumer warranty
  • ComfortStrong Coil Construction

Bottom Line: If not the best, but it is one of the best cheap inflatable airbeds you can buy under a tight budget.

4. SoundAsleep Raised Twin Size Premium Air Mattress – Best Inflatable Airbed

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This SoundAsleep unit is by far the best inflatable airbed with push top and internal high capacity pump.

It is available in Twin size with the in-house patented 1-click feature for quick inflation/deflation. During our review, the priced at which you can buy this premium twin air mattress is quite impressive.

For just a price of under $100, it is one of the best cheap air mattress available in the market.

Thanks to its inflated dimension of 73″ x 38″ x 18″, this airbed is excellent to sleep guests of any size. The powerful pump will inflate the entire bed into a sleep-able condition in less than 3 minutes.

The raised height and smooth top surface also make it more comfortable for them who have never slept on an inflatable airbed.

The ergonomic design keeps your body in the right posture and prevents back pain caused by poor sleeping posture.

To make this one useable, you don’t have to prepare anything. The SureGrip technology keeps the airbed at one position and prevents unwanted sliding even when your kids jump on it.

In our review, we have given durability a very important role while rating air mattresses. With puncture-resistant Eco-Friendly PVC material, this airbed is going to last long.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Perfect twin size to sleep guests of all shapes and sizes
  • Comfort plush flocked top for a better sleeping experience
  • ComfortCoil to lock air perfectly inside the airbed for optimal relaxation
  • Eco-Friendly materials used which add value to our Green-Earth efforts
  • The anti-puncture layer will prevent it from bursting from kids jumping on it
  • The strong bottom grip also improves the durability of the airbed
  • Vacuum packed air coil
  • Best inflatable air mattress money that you can buy under $100


  • Not suitable for outdoor ground camping
  • It is the best air mattress for guests, but not built for everyday uses
Key Features
  • High built material
  • Long lasting airbed
  • Twin size: 73” x 38” x 18”
  • Raised height of 18 inch
  • Puncture resistance layer
  • Soft sleeping layer
  • Built-in pump for inflation/ deflation
  • Easy to pack backpack and storage
  • Consumer-friendly warranty

Bottom Line: With thousands of positive customer reviews, we also find it to be an amazing and best-rated air mattress for daily use. The soft blue quilt top is an added advantage which not only makes it more durable but also attractive.

5. Noble QUEEN SIZE Comfort DOUBLE HIGH Raised Air Mattress Review – Best Airbed for Camping

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If you are the one who camps a lot, then this is what you have been looking for. Noble has built this product in such a way that you can keep it inside your home and welcomes your guest or just take it out for having the holiday of your life.

The Queen size which is not big and not small is the perfect air mattress size you need for camping. It perfectly fits inside most of the tent and has the position of pump is located on the top.

Due to the top inflatable pump position, you can check the firmness of the bed by sitting on the airbed while pumping the air. It saves time and most importantly does not need too much space to prepare.

After a long day of adventure, you need a good sleep. Thanks to Air Beam Structure of this mattress you will feel relaxation while sleeping on it. It will keep your body in good posture avoiding any back injury.

This good air mattress reaches full inflation in less than 3 minutes and takes the same time for deflation. So during camping, it saves time and energy and gives you the time to enjoy your holiday.

We tend to eat and drink our food on the bed during camping, which is why it is essential for you airbed to be waterproof. The noble brand has kept this thing in mind and use waterproof material to protect your bed from getting drenched.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Has pillow like Cloud Flocking Layer for added comfort
  • Waterproof airbed that gives you good dry night sleep
  • The Noble air mattress reaches full inflation in under 3 minutes.
  • Firm Mattress Provides Good Excellent Sleeping Posture
  • Very well accepted among regular campers
  • Ultra Sueded Top keeps bedding & sheets in place
  • Sitting 18 inches off the ground to give a great experience
  • One of the top rated air mattress available in the market


  • Widely used for camping and outdoors only
  • Not good for everyday uses
  • This unit does not offer king size mattress
Key Features
  • Maintenance free and simple to use built-in pump
  • Queen size: 80″ x 58″ x 18″ (inflated size)
  • Also available in Twin size
  • Durable and thick waterproof comfort quilt top
  • 120V built-in pump
  • Soft Flocking Top
  • Puncture-resistance materials used
  • Very affordable price
  • 1 year of consumer-friendly brand warranty

Bottom Line: Top inflatable airbed with built-in pump and the waterproof surface has made this best air mattress for camping to be one of the most trusted product on market. High consumer review and extremely low return rate have made this airbed as one of the best selling airbeds.

6. Etekcity Twin Size Air Mattress Blow Up Elevated Raised Guest Durable Bed

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It comes in twin and queen sizes and definitely serves the all-nighter comfort that you are seeking from a good air mattress.

The single bed small size is very comfy and perfect to put it in your home office for quick naps.

So I’m big can it handle my weight? Thanks to durable material this Etekcity twin size air mattress can handle up to 550 pounds. So even if you want to share it with your family member or partner, you are good to go.

Strong stitching and quality material make it puncture resistance which also does not lose air after inflating.

Bottom of this air bed has a non-sliding PVC material which prevents it from moving and keep it stable. Such a non-sliding feature helps you bounce or rest without worrying about sliding around in the room.

We liked that the brand has made a cable compartment in which you can store the cable. Such add-on feature prevents clutter and unnecessary mess that wires make.

Etekcity provides a take out bag in which you can store the deflated air mattress easy. This makes it easy for you to bring this air bed to camping or any outdoor activity.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Quick and convenient set up makes it easy to use and store
  • Special inner construction keep it strong and provide the ultimate sleeping experience
  • Double layer construct for added benefits like it makes it child bounce proof
  • Eco-Friendly PVC underside the air bed prevents it from sliding
  • Puncture resistant material and stitching make it favorable outdoor air mattress
  • Suitable pressure keeps your body relaxed and maintains the firmness for longer time
  • Unique edge is little curvy and raised that prevent you from falling while sleeping
  • Does not make any squeak or creek sound due to your sleeping movement


  • Compact size can be a problem for people looking for big air beds
  • Don’t use it on a rocky surface
Key Features
  • Get desired firmness in 3-5 minutes
  • Bed dimensions are 75 x 39 x 18 inches
  • Inflated height is 18 inch
  • Weight capacity is 550 pounds
  • Spring-back built0in motor that prevents the mattress from losing its firmness
  • The skid-free base for better stability
  • Double high structure
  • 2-year company warranty and lifetime support

Bottom Line: This unit is particularly designed by keeping comfort in mind. Superior welding makes the air mattress completely air-tight with no moving noise. All in all, low price, kids friendly material and high ratings make it another best air mattress in our review.

7. Noble Twin XL Size Comfort Double HIGH Raised Air Mattress

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Have you ever wanted a pillow like bed which is bouncy and soft at the same time? If yes, then you must buy this Noble twin air mattress.

Being high raised it is perfect when you need an instant bed at the arrival of any guest. Beyond that, you can always use it for camping or put it in your kids bedroom.

It is a coil beam airbed which means that the inside of this airbed consists of multiple hollow structures which are filled by air to support your body weight.

When I said that you can take it with you on caping, I really meant it. Thanks to its built-in 120V pump and waterproof top layer, you can inflate it to its full capacity in less than 5 minutes.

Being waterproof, it does not get soaked when you spill your drink or ice-cream. With the help of a wet cloth, you can easily clean this air mattress.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Suitable air mattress for adults up to 6’4″
  • Air beam structure to support heavy uses
  • Easy to 120 V air pump for quick inflation
  • Ready to use in less than 5 minutes
  • Durable and thick waterproof top layer finishing
  • Decent clearance to make it feel like an actual bed


  • Twin size airbeds may not be suitable for adults above 6’6″

Bottom Line: This air mattress is basically designed for all purpose uses. Keep it inside your home or drag it outdoors, it an excellent air mattress for overnight guests, friends, and camping trips.

8. Active Era Premium Queen Size Air Mattress Review – Elevated Inflatable Air Bed

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Are you looking for a queen size air mattress for your home? don’ worry Active Era got your back.

Queen size bed is one of the most used bed sizes in the world. Which why we think that this unit is perfect for people looking to buy big air mattresses. It also comes with a raised pillow to support your head and back.

When buying an airbed, always look for quality materials and stitch quality. This Active Era unit comes with an extra thick and waterproof flocked top layer which protects it from liquids and keeps it intact.

How strong is this air mattress?

It has a 15 gauge puncture resistant material which can literally take on needles in a normal environment. In simple words, this airbed is puncture proof when used inside a house or in the garden. It can handle pressure applied by the rocks and pebbles which is commonly found in our backyard or garden.

Most people are concerned about their back when they think of sleeping on an airbed. However, you don’t have to worry about your back when you sleep on this ergonomic air mattress. It has 35 structured air-coils for maximum support during the night.

What we Liked/Disliked


  • Structure air coil technology for best back support
  • Built-in pillow
  • Large queen size that can accommodate 2-3 adults
  • Ergonomic bed design to support your whole body while sleeping


  • Being a queen size air mattress, not suitable for camping
  • It might take up to 10-15 minutes to deflated the unit completely

Bottom Line: It is one of the best queen air mattress available on the market. With automatic air pumps, this unit becomes ready to be used in less than 5 minutes.

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Any portable airbed should have these properties to successfully satisfy the camping needs.

  • It is should be durable enough to tackle rough terrain.
  • The firmness should be perfect enough to avoid any bad sleeping posture issues such as back pain or headache.
  • It should be puncture resistance
  • Compact size that fits into a small place or inside a tent
  • You must be able to inflate the air mattress in less than 5 minutes and vice versa
  • The brand must give a backpack to make the bed portable

Noble Inflatable Air Mattress –: Check It Out

Keeping all the factors in mind, in our air mattress review, we found that Noble QUEEN SIZE airbed is the best pick. Inflates in less than 4 minutes and can be quickly packed in a backpack.

This air mattress is cheap and of medium size. With high durability material, it is also perfect for outdoor and camping. You can perfectly fit the bed inside a medium size camping tent without any hassle.

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