Top 3 Best 8×8 Gazebo To Buy in 2022 (with Pictures)

Best 8x8 Gazebo To Buy

Last Updated on February 25, 2022

Gazeboes is best when it comes to spending quality time outdoors. Not only do they shade us from the sun but they also maintain optimal airflow beneath the canopy. And gazebo with mosquito netting prevents the entry of itchy bugs and insects inside the shade.

While in search of the best gazebo, you come across various styles and shapes. Choosing the right size model will enhance the beauty of your outdoor. But only beauty is not important as comfort is what makes the product worth money. There’s no point in installing a unit in your backyard if you can’t spend more than 10 minutes under it.

So we’ve picked some of the best 8×8 gazeboes that offer both comfort and style. The best thing about an 8×8 ft gazebo is, they are ideal for 4-5 person use and cost less than large footprint units such as 10×10 gazebo, 10×13 gazebo, etc. Another benefit of a small gazebo is, it takes less you less time to assemble and dismantle the product.

With all such benefits in mind, let us start with the best 8×8 gazebo reviews to make your outdoor time more memorable and comfortable.

Here is 3 Best Medium-Small Gazebo 8 X 8

Coral Coast Prairie GrassCanopy Gazebo8 X 8
Check Price
The Outdoor Patio StoreSteel Hardtop8'X8'
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Sojag Outdoor DakotaHardtop Steel Roof8X8 Check Price

So here are our 3 best 8×8 gazeboes review to help you make your outdoor time more precious and enjoyable.

1) Coral Coast Prairie Grass 8 x 8 ft. Gazebo Canopy

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Easy to assemble Coral Coast Prairie 8×8 garden gazebo stands first on our review list. Everything goes together smoothly even if you’re assembling such a product for the first time. It will hardly take you and your partner 30 minutes to assemble this 8x8ft gazebo. Thus, you can enjoy the beautiful view outdoors with minimal effort and assembly time.

Durable canopy made by Sunjoy is weatherproof. Therefore, the material will not tear or fade away within a short span of time. Besides, there are grommets on the canopy that helps a lot during the rainy season. Rainwater passes easily through them and does not form a puddle.

Instead of simple straight legs, Coral Coast Prairie 8×8 soft top gazebo features patterned legs. The benefit of such a pattern is you can easily hang lights or decorate inside for a cozy atmosphere under the shade. Also, the steel frame is powder-coated for long-lasting durability.

Our Observations


  • Easy to assemble
  • Replacement tops with different colors are available on Amazon under $50 to give a new look to your old unit
  • Double tier gazebo ensures optimal airflow under the shade
  • Fire-retardant polyester canopy
  • Includes netting around the top of the canopy
  • Grommets on canopy cover prevent the formation of the water puddle
  • Holes on legs help you stake the unit down firmly to the ground


  • You need to buy enclosed netting separately if your garden has bugs

Key Features:

  • Unique scrollwork legs
  • Wind vent
  • Weatherproof top
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • 1-inch square poles
  • Weighs 55 pounds

2) The Outdoor Patio Store 8′ x 8′ Steel Frame Gazebo with High-Grade 300D Canopy

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Solid steel construction of The Outdoor Patio Store 8’x8′ gazebo withstands weather conditions. The high-grade steel material does not break or bend easily when it is windy outside. In fact, the metal frame of gazebo is powder-coated to remain unaffected of the weather outside. It is resistant to chipping, rusting and corrosion.

300 Denier polyester canopy comes in a neutral shade to blend perfectly with your patio or deck style. Besides, there are grommet holes on sides that help drain rainwater that might pool on top. And no water puddles means no bending or tearing of canopy. Also, the dual wind vent of top ensures the optimal temperature inside your 8×8 soft top gazebo. Wind vent also helps to stabilize the unit during high winds apart from maintaining airflow.

Assembling this 8×8 ft patio gazebo is a breeze. There are minimal parts to put together which reduces assembly time. These parts include side “L” panel post, top crossbar, and top crossbar with metal brackets. Whereas, hardware pack includes lawn stakes, S-hook, and 2 different size bolts. Simply follow the instructions and you’ll be able to finish assembly of 8×8 ft gazebo under 30 minutes.

Our Observations


  • 150D is a standard grade for canopies, however, The Outdoor Patio Store provides 300D polyester canopy that is 2x stronger than standard ones
  • Velcro fasteners on sides help to attach and detach canopy easily
  • Includes S-shaped hooks that are perfect for hanging gazebo string lights
  • Matte black steel frame blends well with outdoor decor
  • Grommet holes on canopy prevent pooling of rainwater
  • Weather-resistant metal frame help prevent rust and corrosion
  • Comes with a top insect net that attaches just beneath the wind vent to prevent insects and airborne debris from entering your gazebo


  • The canopy cannot be removed unless you disassemble metal parts

Key Features:

  • Steel frame
  • 9 ft height
  • Velcro fasteners
  • Wind vent
  • Top insect net
  • 300 D canopy fabric
  • Weighs 125 pounds

3) Sojag 8′ x 8′ Dakota Hardtop Gazebo Outdoor Sun Shelter, Black, Brown

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Are you tired of assembling and dismantling of product multiple times and want a permanent solution now? Then Sojag 8×8 ft hardtop gazebo is perfect for you. Unlike, a soft top that needs to be removed during high winds, downpour, and snow, hardtop of this metal gazebo can withstand rough weather conditions. Therefore, you do not need to take the top down.

Thanks to the durable galvanized steel roof that protects you from sun, rain, and wind. Whereas, the powder-coated aluminum frame of Sojag Dakota 8×8 hardtop metal gazebo resists rust and corrosion. The product is safe to keep up all year round. The galvanized steel roof is waterproof and will not change its color no matter how sunny it is outside.

8×8 footprint of hardtop gazebo gives you enough space to seat 4-6 people. You can even grill food beneath the shade keeping both the curtains open from all sides. Many people even use the Sojag 8×8 ft gazebo to cover their hot tub. However, it greatly depends on your hot tub size.

Holes on feet make the product ideal for anchoring down on the deck or patio. We do not recommend staking the metal gazebo on the ground as it will collapse down due to heavyweight of frame and rooftop.

Our Observations


  • Hardtop and sturdy frame construction makes it a best 8×8 ft gazebo to use all year round
  • Features a 2-track system for hanging and attaching mosquito net and privacy panels
  • The steel rooftop can withstand heavy rainfall and snow
  • Provides a full mosquito net that protects people inside from bugs and deadly mosquitoes
  • Comes with the hardware required for proper installation
  • The lowest point of roof measures 77 inches, thus, you will not get your head bumped while entering the gazebo
  • Safe to grill underneath with curtain and mesh screen open from all sides


  • Assembling the product will take time and patience due to all metal parts
  • Although the roof can withstand snow, it is recommended not let snow accumulate over gazebo rooftop for its long life

Key Features:

  • Galvanized steel roof
  • Powder-coated aluminum frame
  • Two-track system
  • Nylon mosquito net
  • CPAI-84 flame-resistant material
  • Wind vent
  • Square shade
  • Weighs 208 lbs

Other Sizes:


An 8×8 ft gazebo is perfect for a family of 4. They are easy to set up and occupy less space outdoors. In spite of the small footprint, they offer enough space to place patio furniture. Or you can even shed your expensive grill or hot tub. While soft top needs to be taken down during harsh weather, a metal top can withstand all weathers. In our list, we have mentioned them both so you can install the best 8×8 gazebo that checkmarks all your needs. is reader-supported and a part of the Amazon Affiliates Program. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Read our disclosure for more information.

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