Top 10 Best 2 Wheel Wheelbarrow To Buy in 2022 [Full Review]

Last Updated on February 25, 2022

Many people love to have a beautiful garden outside their home. And it takes proper planning and effort to covert your garden into a paradise. There are high chances that you might strain your back and arms with traditional transport. So to ease your work it is best to use some of the top-rated 2 wheel wheelbarrows in the market.

Wheelbarrows are designed in such a way that you can do more work in less time. Therefore, instead of lifting soil and mulch, you can keep them on 2 tire wheelbarrow. These wheels on the front of cart help you to easily transport materials from one place to another. Also, you might not need help from anyone as wheelbarrow makes it easy to carry out gardening work single-handedly.

But how to find the best wheelbarrow for gardening and yard works? Why worry about such questions when you’re at the right place. Our reviews below will definitely help with your search. Now you can work on your landscaping project without breaking your back.

Best 2 Tire Wheelbarrow Comparison Table

WheelbarrowsHauling CapacityTires TypePrice
WORX WG050 Aerocart300 lbsFlat-Free Check Price
Marathon Yard Rover300 lbsAir-filled Check Price
Best Choice Products330 lbsPneumatic Tires Check Price
Polar Trailer 8449400 lbsRubber Tires Check Price
Garden Star 70019250 lbsAir-filled Check Price
Ames True Temper300 lbsPneumatic Tires Check Price
Simplay3 Easy Haul4 Cubic ft.Flat-Free Check Price
WestWard Tools8 cu.ftPneumatic Tires Check Price
Green Thumb 700085 cu. ft.Pneumatic Wheels Check Price
Giantex 2 Tire Wheelbarrow6 cu.ft.Air-filled Check Price

1. WORX WG050 Aerocart 8-in-1 All-Purpose Two Tire Wheelbarrow

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Work smoothly on your backyard with the help of Worx 2-wheeled yard cart. Unlike ordinary units which are meant for doing a single thing, Worx WG050 is different. It is a multi-purpose wheelbarrow that can perform various tasks. Credit goes to its all-steel construction that offers great weight carrying capacity. Therefore, you can transfer heavy items such as refrigerator, storage boxes, etc with so much ease.

Turbo lift technology of Worx WG050 steel wheelbarrow is the reason behind its great lifting power. This aero cart has patented 2-wheel design that adjusts the center of gravity. As a result, heavy-weight balances properly and provides up to 4 times more strength. You’ll never break your back carrying bricks, soil or rocks with Worx aercart garden cart.

The metal body of the unit is thick and rugged to last for years. Whereas, the fold-out extension arm is perfect for carrying flower pots, small trees, mulch bags, and other heavy items. In fact, this extension arm is sturdy enough to lift rock weighing up to 80 lbs. And even though you load the cart with 200 lbs, its proper balance will make you feel as if you’re carrying 17 lbs. No wonder why it stands as the best 2 wheel wheelbarrow with more number of positive feedback.

Key Features
  • 8-in-1 multipurpose unit
  • 300 lbs weight capacity
  • Flat-free tires
  • Coverts tool-free
  • Includes different accessories
  • All-steel construction
  • Fold-out extension arm
  • Turbo lift technology
  • 3-year warranty

2. Marathon Yard Rover – 2 Tire Wheelbarrow Garden Cart

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A decent size product is enough to carry out various gardening activities in the residential area. And here we have a simple yet sturdy two-wheel wheelbarrow by Marathon Industries. It features poly tray construction instead of a metal one. And this durable poly tray is rustproof and weather-resistant. Thus, you can keep the unit outdoors during rainy season as it will not catch any rust.

The green color of poly tray blends well with a backyard. However, you also get 3 different color choices apart from green. Along with a beautiful look, it offers sturdy performance. Thanks to the balanced loop handle that allows you to carry cart easily. In fact, the grip has nice cushioning over it which allows a user to push, pull and dump contents of the yard rover smoothly. Also, you do not have to bend to down to access handle.

Assembling Marathon wheelbarrow garden cart is a breeze. All you need is a crescent wrench and a flat-head screwdriver to put all its parts together. It will hardly take 15-20 minutes to assemble the unit even if you’re doing it for the first time. Hence, lightweight, easier balancing and good hauling capacity make it an excellent wheelbarrow for gardening.

Key Features
  • 36″ long x 27.5″ wide tray
  • 300 lb hauling capacity
  • Durable poly tray
  • Air-filled tires
  • Balanced loop handle
  • Cushion-grip loop
  • Weighs only 25 pounds

3. Best Choice Products Dual Wheel Home Wheelbarrow Yard Garden Cart

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A small yard may not require a large wheelbarrow for gardening and landscaping purpose. Not only are they heavier but are hard to store because of the big size. But why to worry about space with Best Choice dual wheel wheelbarrow. This small yet sturdy cart is perfect for residential use. Also, it does not weight much which makes it easy for the elderly to maneuver unit around. Whereas, this small size wheelbarrow easily fits in your storage shed.

It is not always necessary that your yard has a smooth, flat surface. You might have to roll the unit over rough, uneven terrain. But not to worry about such rough surfaces as 13-inch rubber wheels of the product rolls smoothly without wobbling the cart too much. Thus, the contents inside will not fall out while you move cart over terrain. Such stability helps you transport loads easily from place to place.

The sturdy steel frame of dual-tire wheelbarrow lifts heavyweight up to 265 pounds. Therefore, which is enough to carry sand, mulches, rocks and heavy tools. This steel tube handles doubles as a stand that keeps the unit balanced when not in use. The best part about the product is, it is very easy to assemble. Just secure 8 bolts correctly in place to start using the unit.

Key Features
  • Dimension: 36″ x 25″ x 20″
  • 330 lbs weight capacity
  • Poly barrow
  • 13-inch pneumatic rubber tires
  • Thick padded loop handle
  • 5 cu.ft. deep cart
  • Steel stand

4. Polar Trailer 8449 Heavy-Duty Cub Cart – 2 Wide-Track Tires

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Collect firewood this winter without breaking your back by using Polar Trailer heavy duty wheelbarrow. Thanks to its great weight carrying capacity that allows you to transport heavier items with ease. Be it firewood, stones, sand or grass clippings, this sturdy unit will handle it all. The cub cart is engineered in such a way that it maintains good balance while the cart is full. This, in turn, cuts off excessive load and helps the user to push or pull the cart.

High impact polyethylene tub will not rust, rot or crack within a few years of use. In fact, withstands harsh weather conditions like rain and snow which is not possible with metal ones. While it offers huge hauling capacity, size of the unit is not too wide. This means you can easily store the unit inside a garage or in a storage shed.

All-steel frame with powder coat finish helps to maneuver 2 wheel wheelbarrow easily. Whereas, 16-inch rugged wide-track rubber tires roll smoothly over any type of surface. Also, shielded ball bearings help to maintain balance while you maneuver cart over rough terrains. While all other features are up to the mark, we did not like the absence of padding on handle. This makes pushing and pulling of the unit bit difficult.

Key Features
  • Measures 50 x 28 x 29 inches
  • 400 lbs load capacity
  • Polyethylene tub
  • 7 cu ft. load size
  • 16-inch rubber tires
  • Shielded ball bearings
  • Steel frame
  • 5-year warranty

5. Garden Star 70019 Garden Barrow Dual-Wheel Wheelbarrow

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Smaller jobs around the yard need not have to be back-breaking with Garden Star 70019. This 2 wheel wheelbarrow is perfect for completing gardening and landscaping tasks for a small to medium yard. Its sturdy tray can hold enough weight to transport heavy materials easily. Made from polyethylene material, the tray withstands weather conditions excellently. It will not rust, rot or break within a few uses.

The poly tray measures 26.75 inches long, 25.5 inches wide and 8 inches deep. With this much space, you can easily transfer dirt, few bags of mulch, gravel or sand. Two air-filled wheels ease transporting of heavy items. These tires also provide stability while you move garden cart over rough terrains. Whereas, the steel loop handle makes it easy for a user to lift, balance and maneuver the garden barrow.

In spite of providing such amazing features, you can buy it at a very reasonable price. In fact, you get a quality product with an inexpensive price tag. Therefore, this cheap 2 wheeled wheelbarrow under $50 is a perfect outdoor gift for a gardener. And if not for gifting purpose, you can use it in your own backyard.

Key Features
  • Dimensions: 37 x 25.5 x 27 inches
  • Poly tray
  • 4 cubic foot storage capacity
  • 2 tires(air-filled)
  • Steel loop handle
  • 6 bolt assembly
  • Inexpensive
  • 8-inch deep tray

6. Ames True Temper 8 Cubic Foot Poly Tray Dual Wheel Contractor Wheelbarrow

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The ergonomic design of Ames True Temper 8 cubic foot wheelbarrow delivers outstanding performance. It is perfect for everyday use. Thanks to the solid construction which makes this 2 wheel wheelbarrow perfect for residents with large backyard. Furthermore, its heavy-duty poly tub with steel front tray braces is corrosion proof. So no matter how much it rains during the rainy season, this cart is not going to rust or corrode. This quality of tray allows a user to mix and carry cement which is not possible with other products.

Undoubtedly, the poly tray will get dirty if you mix cement in it. But not to worry as this dual-wheel contractor wheelbarrow is a breeze to clean. Moreover, two 16-inch pneumatic tires with ball bearing provide excellent stability. No matter how rough the surface is, great balance between wheels and tray will not let any material fall off. And instead of having metal loop handle, True Temper features hardwood handles just like a traditional wooden wheelbarrow. Thus, which help in easy hauling and handling of materials.

Key Features
  • Measures 60 x 79.5 x 34.5 inches
  • 8 cu.ft. capacity
  • Rustproof poly cart
  • Steel front tray braces
  • 16-inch wheels with ball bearings
  • Hardwood handles
  • Ships in 3 boxes

7. Simplay3 Easy Haul 2-Wheels Plastic Wheelbarrow w/Garden Tool Storage Tray

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You might not a big unit if you’re going to work occasionally on your backyard. So here on the review list, we have Simplay3 small garden wheelbarrow that meets all need of your backyard. Unlike the above products that feature the only cart, this 2 wheel unit offers bonus storage tray. This tray present in between handle and cart is perfect for keeping garden tools, drinks, gloves, etc. Thus, you no need to go inside the home to grab a drink in between work.

The plastic construction of dual-wheel wheelbarrow is both durable is lightweight. Less weight makes maneuvering of the cart easy for elderly and people suffering from back pain. Also, the size of wheels is large as compared to the body of the unit which further eases transportation. In addition, the wheels are made from rotationally molded plastic that will never flat. So not to worry about any sharp objects on way as tires are never gonna puncture.

Key Features
  • Measures 46.2 x 31.2 x 23 inches
  • 4 cubic feet
  • 13.5-inch flat-free wheels
  • Double-wall resin construction
  • Built-in tool tray
  • Rustproof
  • 2-year warranty

8. Pneumatic Wheelbarrow Steel, 8 cu. ft. Capacity

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Spilling is common with products that do not have a good balance design. And along with bad balance, there is an absence of ball bearing. And if you do not like to waste time collecting items that felled off the cart then this product is for you. Thanks to the solid design of Westwood steel 2 wheel wheelbarrow that provides a great balance. Such full balance design prevents accidental tipping and spillage of materials inside a steel cart.

While good balance helps to keep items in place, the sturdy cart offers great hauling capacity. Be it heavy logs of wood or cement mix, this steel wheelbarrow can handle almost anything. In fact, the tray is deep enough to let you fill more load in one go. Also, quality and paint over the tray are so solid that scratches won’t get through it. And instead of having a steel loop handle it features wood handles. But it does comprise of steel back to make the 2 wheeled wheelbarrows stand properly.

Key Features
  • Dimension: 35.6 x 20 x 63 inches
  • Steel tub
  • 8 cu.ft. hauling capacity
  • Wood handles
  • Durable paint
  • 2 pneumatic tires
  • Weights 68 pounds

9. Green Thumb 70008 2 Wheel Poly Wheelbarrow

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Generally, you have to transport the same material more often with a small wheelbarrow. But now you do not have to make more trips to carry big loads with Green Thumb 70008. This 2 wheel poly wheelbarrow offers 300 lbs of load capacity. Thus, which is enough to carry heavy firewood for your backyard fire pits, landscaping rocks, soil, etc. Its all-weather poly tub is perfect for outdoor use. Plus, it will not rust or corrode due to bad weather conditions.

Size of the wheels of Green Thumb 70008 is large as compared to its overall body. This, in turn, helps to cut off the extra weight of the load. Furthermore, these pneumatic wheels easily roll over flat surface or terrain with ease. While black powdered coated steel frame with loop handle allows easy pushing, pulling and emptying of materials. However, the price of this unit is a bit high but worth every single penny. The quality construction of model 70008 will last for years.

Key Features
  • Measures 37 x 25.2 x 12.4 inches
  • Polyethylene tub
  • 5 cu.ft. poly tray
  • 300 lb load capacity
  • Dual 14-inch pneumatic wheels
  • Steel frame
  • Loop handle

10. Giantex 2 Tire Wheelbarrow – Heavy Duty Landscape Wagon for Outdoor Use

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Blisters on the palm are common if you push heavyweight without proper gloves. And sometimes you might get blisters due to the absence of padding on handle. But thanks to Giantex dual tire wheelbarrow that features cushion-grip loop handle. Such padded handles make it easy for users to move the yard cart. Moreover, the product is very easy to assemble. There are minimal parts to put together which will hardly take you 10-15 minutes.

Air-filled tires allow steering of the garden dump cart on various types of terrain. Whereas, poly tray offers to haul capacity enough to load heavy materials. However, the poly material is not much thick to carry items like bricks or big rocks. But such items are not generally found in residential backyards. The cart features good depth to load more items in one go. And the steel tube handles doubles as a stand to balance wheelbarrow when not in use. Thus, quality construction and great carrying capacity make the product worth buying.

Key Features
  • Dimension: 53.2 x 25.6 x 20 inches
  • 14-inch 2 wheels(air-filled)
  • 6 cu.ft. poly tray
  • 330 lbs weight capacity
  • Cushion-grip loop handle
  • Rustproof tray
  • Steel tube handle


Wheelbarrows are the thing that came into existence years ago. They are perfect for saving time and reducing human effort. While there were only limited options a few years back, now you get garden barrow in various size. Also, you get a tray option between metal and plastic. So why break back or waste your valuable time when you can finish work comfortably. Ease your landscaping and gardening work by getting a best 2 wheel wheelbarrow today. is reader-supported and a part of the Amazon Affiliates Program. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Read our disclosure for more information.

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