Best (12×14) Gazebo To Buy in 2020 (with Pictures)

There’s something always special about nature. And we do not realize the beauty of nature until we spend time outdoors. While some days are fun, many times we need a good shade to protect ourselves from the weather. And what can be best than a spacious gazebo in the backyard? So today we’ve picked some of the best 12×14 gazeboes that will surely make your outdoor time special and comfortable.

The footprint 12×14 is obviously big or we should say very big. You get enough space to arrange a big dining table that can seat up to 12 people. Therefore, the size 12×14 ft is best to host an outdoor birthday party, family gettogether, wedding party, etc.

You’ll see most of the 12×14 ft outdoor gazebo comes in metal or wooden material. This is because as the size gets large it becomes difficult for a soft-top canopy to stay stable. Plus, it will take you hours to set up the frame even with 3-5 people. And if you’re planning for a permanent setup for your large family then a 12×14 ft gazebo is the best.

Best 12x14 Gazeboes

With hundreds of options available in the market, it becomes difficult to find the best gazebo. While some units may look good but their appearance hides the poor quality. So to ease your search, we’ve listed down some of the best 12×14 gazebos. Give your patio, deck or backyard a new look by installing the perfect product.

Best 12×14 Gazeboes

Sojag MykonosDouble Roof Hardtop12' x 14'
Yardistry Pavillion GazeboAluminum Roof12X14
Sunjoy L-GZ1171PWD-B HudsonCedar Wood Hardtop12'x14'
Yardistry Wood GazeboHard Aluminum Roof12 x 14

Here are top-rated 12×14 gazeboes that you can buy to make your outdoor time memorable.

1) Sojag 12′ x 14′ Mykonos Double Roof Hardtop Gazebo Outdoor Sun Shelter, 12′ x 14′, Black

Sojag 12' x 14' Mykonos Double Roof Hardtop Gazebo Outdoor Sun Shelter, 12' x 14', Black

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The gazebo is an outdoor product. Therefore, which means it will stay out in all weathers, be it summer or rain. So a proper circulation of air is must no matter what season it is. And a single roof gazebo cannot provide you air circulation as good as a double roof unit. So first on the list comes Sojag 12’x14′ Mykonos double roof hardtop gazebo that ensures optimal flow of air.

Its galvanized steel panels protect people below from weather outside. Be it sun, rain, wind, or snow, Sojag metal gazebo will not let weather disturb you. And when properly anchored on an even surface like of patio or deck, this unit can withstand even rough weather conditions.

Speaking of anchoring, this Sojag hardtop gazebo has holes on every foot for proper assembly. In fact, it includes an easy-to-understand instruction manual that helps with setting the product up. It will take you and your 2 friends nearly 5 hours to finish assembling the 12×14 gazebo.

To make your time under the shade more interesting, Sojag outdoor metal gazebo features hooks in the middle. Each hook can hold up to 15 lbs of weight. Therefore, you can hang a fan or heater according to weather conditions to make space comfier.

Our Observations


  • The durable aluminum frame is treated to resist rust and corrosion
  • Matching steel roof panels shield you from excessive sun and rain
  • The double roof ensures a proper flow of air beneath the shade
  • Dark grey powder-coated aluminum withstands harsh weather conditions when properly anchored to the concrete surface
  • Includes a PVC-coated polyester coating to keep bugs and pesky insects away
  • Comes with all necessary hardware for assembly
  • Gazebo meets CPAI-84 flame-resistant international safety standards
  • Small mosquito net in the center of the roof to prevent mosquitoes from entering inside


  • You will have to install a built-in gutter system separately

Note: Sojag recommends removal of snow from the gazebo roof for long-lasting performance

Key Features:

  • 9’6″ x 13’7″ footprint
  • 2-tier
  • Galvanized steel roof
  • Powder-coated aluminum frame
  • Mosquito netting
  • Two rail system
  • Weighs 370 lbs

2) Yardistry FSC Certified Cedar Wood Aluminum Roof 14′ x 12′ Outdoor Pavillion Gazebo

Yardistry 12x14 Gazebo FSC Certified Cedar Wood Aluminum Roof

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If metal gazebos are not your thing and you want material other then metal then this product is for you. Yardistry FSC certified cedar wood 12×14 gazebo is a beautiful addition to your deck or patio. It’s 4 thick wooden legs tell us a lot about the product’s durability and strength. Therefore, it is a permanent gazebo that will protect you from outdoor weather conditions all around the year.

While the frame is of cedarwood, the roof of the 12×14 gazebo is of aluminum. This Montana bronze aluminum frame adds character to any area. Besides, the large footprint creates a perfect setting for all your outdoor entertainment needs. You can host your kid’s birthday party, dinner party or a simple family get together, this wooden gazebo shades all of them.

The wood is no cheap and 100% FSC certified cedar lumbar. And to protect cedarwood from sun, rain, and snow, Yadistry 12×14 ft outdoor Pavillion gazebo is finished with a beautiful mocha brown stain. Not only does it add warmth to the place but it also protects the wood from bad weather.

Installing the wood aluminum roof gazebo will surely need people and time. But thanks to illustrated step-by-step instructions and video hints that eases assembly. It will take 4 people to set up the roof so it is better to grab your 8-foot ladder before starting with the roof for a smooth finish.

Our Observations


  • Cedarwood is pre-stained(Mocha brown) to prevent rotting and damage
  • Aluminum roof withstands rough weather conditions
  • The product comes in 3 packs
  • All hardware and metal components included for a smooth assembly
  • This Yardistry product is backed by a 1-year warranty on defect in material and workmanship and an additional 5-year warranty against rot and decay
  • Sleek curved gussets enhance the beauty of this gazebo


  • Cedarwood frame is expensive
  • You’ll need up to 4 persons and a good quality ladder to fix the roof

Key Features:

  • 100% FSC certified cedar lumber
  • Aluminum roof
  • 6″x9″ posts
  • Curved gussets
  • Pre-drilled
  • Pre-stained
  • 5-year warranty on lumbar

3) Sunjoy L-GZ1171PWD-B Hudson Cedar Wood Pavilion with Hardtop, Gazebo, 12’x14′, Natural/Brown

Sunjoy L-GZ1171PWD-B Hudson Cedar Wood Pavilion with Hardtop Gazebo 12x14

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A wooden gazebo over a wooden deck looks fabulous. And if you already have a wooden deck then install Sujoy 10×12 gazebo and enjoy a peaceful time outdoor. Similar to the above product, Sunjoy L-GZ1171PWD-B also features cedarwood. This premium cedar lumber is pre-drilled for easy installation. Therefore, you will require less time installing the frame.

As the hardtop gazebo measures 14×12 ft, you get an enormous space to place a sofa set along with a coffee table. And what we love the most about the unit is its appearance. Unlike simple wooden connectors, Sunjoy cedar wood pavilion features design on the opposite end of the roof. Apart from beautifying the look of the gazebo, the vertical wooden panels are perfect for hanging gazebo string lights.

Sturdy steel roof panels can withstand rough weather conditions. It protects people under the shade from scorching sun, rain, and snow. However, snow must be cleared off the roof regularly during snowy days. Use a plastic snow rake as it will not harm the steel and effectively remove snow.

Our Observations


  • Easy-to-assemble gazebo comes with ready to assemble kit
  • Shape and size of the unit is such that it will look beautiful no matter whether you install it on your deck or patio
  • Finished with the brown stain that looks beautiful as well as protects the wood
  • The cedar wood comes pre-drilled and pre-cut so you can finish assembly smoothly
  • 100% premium FSC certified cedar lumbar
  • A hook in the center is ideal to hang chandelier, fan or heater
  • Vertical wooden panels on 2 ends along with straight gussets are perfect for hanging string lights


  • Difficult to install mosquito netting
  • You need to buy anchors separately to install 14×12 gazebo on solid foundations such as patio concrete or wood

Key Features:

  • Cedar wood frame
  • Steel panels
  • FSC certified
  • Pre-drilled
  • 10.5 ft height
  • Weighs 793 pounds

4) Yardistry 12′ x 14′ Wood Gazebo with Aluminum Roof

Yardistry 12' x 14' Wood Gazebo with Aluminum Roof

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If your region has pleasant weather all year round with normal snow ad rainfall then there’s no need to buy a wooden frame with thick legs. These thick frame increases the cost of the unit as well as makes assembly harder. So Yardistry offers a 12×14 wood gazebo with the aluminum roof that is both sturdy and less expensive.

Built with premium cedar lumbar, the frame naturally resists decay. And this quality of cedar makes it an ideal material for the gazebo frame. Apart from rot and decay resistance, cedar brings character to any backyard space. Thus, the unit will look rich and at the same time protect you from weather conditions.

To ease your job of installing a 12×14 wooden gazebo, Yardistry includes an illustrated step-by-step instruction manual. You can easily put its parts together even if you’re assembling such a product for the first time. Besides, post mounts are included to permanently install the structure to any pre-existing, new wood, or concrete surface. So why wait long when you can get a beautiful and spacious hardtop gazebo that too with an affordable price tag.

Our Observations


  • Less costly as compared to other wooden 12×14 gazeboes having a wooden frame and metal top
  • Heavy corner gussets keep the frame steady during strong winds and snowfall
  • The hardtop metal gazebo is been tested with 36 pounds per square foot of roof loading
  • Proper anchoring of the unit on a solid surface can withstand wind gusts of 65 miles per hour
  • Includes all wood, hardware and metal components for easy assembly
  • Cedar lumber is stained with a protective coat that keeps wood from rotting and decay
  • Perfect to use all year round


  • There are a lot of screws and parts to put together
  • Have to buy mosquito netting separately

Key Features:

  • Cedar wood frame
  • Aluminum roof
  • Pre-stained lumbar
  • 86.5-inch height to beam
  • 6″x6″ posts
  • Curved gussets


A 12×14 ft gazebo is not only perfect to install on the backyard but acts as a great shade for your hot tub and grill. It provides ample space to arrange outdoor furniture to spend quality time with your friends and family. You can also check out other popular sizes such as 10×10, 10×12, 10×13, 12X16, or grill gazeboes. Decorate your gazebo with string lights and you can have fun outdoors during nighttime. A good quality 12×14 gazebo lasts for years without demanding much maintenance. So get your gazebo today and relax peacefully under the shade for many years to come.


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